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Zaz | 3116 comments After having plenty of fun creating our list in 2015, we decided to do it again in 2016. During several months, we suggested topics and voted for the ones we preferred, building step by step a new 52 list for 2017. BUT! (yes, there's a but) But, many poor suggestions didn't make it (I hope you are crying right now)! One last chance is offered to them with the category #47.

So, for #47 (A past suggestion that didn't win), choose your favorite from the poor suggestions!

--- Title ---
A book with a colour in the title
A book with a pronoun in the title (I, we, our, etc)
A book with a male or female noun or pronoun in the title
A book with a number in the title
A book with a date in the title
A title that contains a palindrome (i.e. a word you can read in both ways, ex « Hannah »)
A title with an adjective
A book with a title that contains a musical term
A book with a family member word in the title (eg. wife, father, daughter, etc.)
A book with your mother or father's first name in the title or is the author's name
A book with your first name in the title, or that is the same as the author's first name
A book with a celestial body, element, or natural spectacle in the title
A book with a royal rank in the title/subtitle
A book with a season in the title
A book with a cryptic or nonsense title
A book with a title that you find funny (ideas here)
A book with an appealing title (in your opinion)

--- Cover ---
A book with your favorite color on the cover
A book with a red cover or book jacket
A book that you chose because of its cover
An illuminated novel, or a book with an illuminated cover design
A book with a map on the cover or inside
A book with liquid on the cover (water, blood, juice...)
A book with a simplistic cover

--- Reading List/Goodreads/People/Recommendations/etc ---
A book that you saw a stranger reading
A book recommended by a friend/family member
A book from your Goodread's recommendations for Science Fiction
A book suggested by your grandmother (or a person with more than 60 years)
A book chosen for you by another member of the group
Group Pick: you pick 5 books and the group chooses the specific one you read
Read something someone found so bad it was hilarious
A book that has been or is being read by a book club
A book mentioned or read by a character in a movie or tv show
A book you need to read (for work, for school, for your book club, a friend wants you to read a book, etc.)
A book with less than 1 000 ratings on Goodreads
A book with a low Goodreads average rating (i.e. below 3.6 stars)
The book on your TBR with the most pages
Reread a favourite book that you read as a child or teen
A book you’re expecting to hate
A book you read in school and hated
A book you really hesitated before you decided to read it
A book that you took with you while traveling out of town or to another person's house
Reader's Choice

--- Inside ---
x location x
A book set in your hometown
A book that takes place where you're from (define the exact area yourself)
A book about the history of where you live
A book set in a city or country you've visited
A book about a place you've been/are planning to go on vacation
A book not set on Earth (i.e. in space or another planet/universe/etc.)
A book that takes place in more than one country
A book set in a country with a population less than 1 million
A book that takes place in a rural setting
A book with a title, setting or subject having to do with a museum

x characters x
A book written in first person perspective
A book with a child as main character
A book about an immigrant or refugee (to any country or planet)
A book about a woman who disguises as a man
A book by or about a person who has a disability
A book from a nonhuman perspective (animal, alien, fictional/mythological creature, etc.)
A book with a nonhuman protagonist
An adult book told from an animal's point of view
A book with animal heroes
A book that features at least one character from a different author's book
A book with an eccentric character
A book about siblings

x time period x
A seasonal book
A book set during a celebration (i.e. New Year, Halloween, birthday, Christmas, Mother's day, etc.)
A book set during Christmas
A Christmas themed book
A book set during wartime
A book set 100 years or more in the future
A book that takes place in a period of time you would like to have lived in (past or future)
A book set amidst an intense weather situation (extreme heat, cold, hurricane, etc.)
A book with a natural disaster (fiction or nonfiction)
A book with an apocalyptic/end of the world theme
A book with the black death theme / A book with a plague theme

--- Genre / Format /Theme ---
A speculative-fiction novel
A high fantasy book
A fantasy book
A horror book
A comic or graphic novel
A Chick-lit
A script (play or TV or movie)
A fan fiction or book that started as web-based content
A nonfiction book about a subject with which you are unfamiliar
A nonfiction true crime
A true crime book
A crime story
A political thriller
A cowboy/western
A "Year in the Life" memoir, also sometimes called an annualist book
A history of women (memoir, history of fashion, women's rights, etc)
A microhistory
A book of history (non-fiction) related to food or drink
A book of themed short stories
A fantasy or scifi short read (short story or novella)
An audiobook
A satirical book
A humorous book
A self-help or how to book
A popular children's book you've never read
A children's classic
A genre fiction (romance, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mystery) written over 50 years ago
A book that can be related to more than one topic (i.e. adventures & romance, thriller & noir, sci-fi & politics, history & philosophy, etc.)

A book from a genre you don't normally read
A book you feel will take you out of your comfort zone
Something in a genre, style, or format that you don't usually read
A book from a genre/subgenre you have never heard of or read before
A genre (or sub-genre) starting with the first letter of your name (or surname)

A book based on a true story
A fiction book based on true events
A book based on a fairytale
A book with a metaphysical theme
A book about second chances or about starting a new life
A book with the theme of human vs nature
A book about Good vs. Evil
A book about royalty
A book about dreams
A book about entertainment/show business (eg Film, Music, Theatre, Media.. )
A book that has to do with music
A book about sport
A book about traveling (like a travelogue), can be about fictional or real travels
A book about a journey
A book that makes you think of water (ex. blue on the cover, with pirates in it, set on an island, etc.)
A story within a story
A book about social justice - e.g from Popular Social Justice Books (link)
A book about a difficult topic (examples: mental health, school shooting, terrorism, eating disorder, etc.)
A book with an LGBT theme
A book about gender and/or sexual orientation
A book in which family ties are important
A book about an advanced technology

--- Author / Publishing/ Length ---
A second book by an author you loved
A book by an author you feel you should have read by now
A book written by a popular author
A less well-known book by a famous author
A self-published book (Indie author)
A book by a "local" author (resides at least part time in your city/state/region)
A book by an author from Asia
A book by an author from a country other than your own
A book by an author from a Middle-East country
A book by an Eastern European (non-Russian) author
A book by an author from a mediterranean country or taking place in a mediterranean country
A book written or set in the United Kingdom, including all of Ireland. (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland.)
A book written by an author from a neighboring country
A book by the ancient Greeks
A book published by an author over the age of 40
A book by an author born the same year you were
An author with a first name starting with "J"
A book written by Stephen King
An Agatha Christie's book
A book from an author who died young or tragically
A book published posthumously
A book translated to English
A book originally written in another language than English or you mother tongue
A book published the year a significant other was born (sibling, parent, grandparent, partner, close friend)
A book published the year you were born
A book first published in your year or decade of birth
A really long book (750 pages or more)
A book published in a year/ time period you haven't read from yet
A children book published after 2010
A new to you series
The first book of a duology
The final (or most recently published) book in a series, or a standalone novel
A book you can finish in a day

--- Awards, challenges, lists, adaptations, etc ----
Read and watch a book-to-movie adaptation
A mystery nominated for the Agatha Awards (link)
A book made into a movie that the author hated
A horror book by a top 10 horror author
A Bram Stoker Award nominees or a winner
A best seller from another country

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