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Erich Maria Remarque
“I am young, I am twenty years old; yet I know nothing of life but despair, death, fear, and fatuous superficiality cast over an abyss of sorrow. I see how peoples are set against one another, and in silence, unknowingly, foolishly, obediently, innocently slay one another.”
Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front
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Laurence Binyon
“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.”
Laurence Binyon

Erich Maria Remarque
“Our knowledge of life is limited to death”
Enrich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

James Connolly
“It would be well to realize that the talk of ‘humane methods of warfare’, of the ‘rules of civilized warfare’, and all such homage to the finer sentiments of the race are hypocritical and unreal, and only intended for the consumption of stay-at-homes. There are no humane methods of warfare, there is no such thing as civilized warfare; all warfare is inhuman, all warfare is barbaric; the first blast of the bugles of war ever sounds for the time being the funeral knell of human progress… What lover of humanity can view with anything but horror the prospect of this ruthless destruction of human life. Yet this is war: war for which all the jingoes are howling, war to which all the hopes of the world are being sacrificed, war to which a mad ruling class would plunge a mad world.”
James Connolly

Elizabeth Peters
“As Ramses did the same for his mother, he saw that her eyes were fixed on him. She had been unusually silent. She had not needed his father's tactless comment to understand the full implications of Farouk's death. As he met her unblinking gaze he was reminded of one of Nefret's more vivid descriptions. 'When she's angry, her eyes look like polished steel balls.' That's done it, he thought. She's made up her mind to get David and me out of this if she has to take on every German and Turkish agent in the Middle East.”
Elizabeth Peters, He Shall Thunder in the Sky

Elizabeth Peters
“Emerson abandoned irony for blunt and passionate speech.
'This war has been a monumental blunder from the start! Britain is not solely responsible, but by God, gentlemen, she must share the blame, and she will pay a heavy price: the best of her young men, future scholars and scientists and statesmen, and ordinary, decent men who might have led ordinary, decent lives. And how will it end, when you tire of your game of soldiers? A few boundaries redrawn, a few transitory political advantages, in exchange for an entire continent laid waste and a million graves! What I do may be of minor importance in the total accumulation of knowledge, but at least I don't have blood on my hands.”
Elizabeth Peters, Lord of the Silent
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“Like most things unwanted, the end of the artillery barrage came without consideration or introduction; the seconds after its cessation were like hours. The silence was debilitating for the men, as it signilled the beginning of the real battle—the fight with enemy soldiers.”
Michael J Murphy, Beneath the Willow

“I crawled in a spirit-haunted place
Made wild by souls that moan and mourn;
And Death leered by with mangled face -
Ah God! I prayed, I prayed for dawn.”
Arthur Newberry 1893- Choyce, Memory Poems of War and Love

Sally Nicholls
“When they writes up the history of this war,’ said Nell’s mother. ‘I hope they tells about the wives and the children starving to death!’.
‘They won’t,’ said Nell, gloomy socialist. ‘It’ll be all “Our Boys”, and everyone enlisting and people doing without chauffeurs to help the war effort.”
Sally Nicholls, Things a Bright Girl Can Do

“I have lived now for over a century, yet I can still say with complete confidence that no one can claim to have plumbed the depths of human misery who has not shared the fore-ends of a submarine with a camel.”
John Biggins, A Sailor of Austria: In Which, Without Really Intending to, Otto Prohaska Becomes Official War Hero No. 27 of the Habsburg Empire

Siegfried Sassoon
“I have always been considerably addicted to my own company.”
Siegfried Sassoon, Memoirs of an Infantry Officer

Siegfried Sassoon
“In 1917 I was only beginning to learn that life, for the majority of the population, is an unlovely struggle against unfair odds, culminating in a cheap funeral.”
Siegfried Sassoon, Memoirs of an Infantry Officer
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Noel Marie Fletcher
“No lack of time, strength or money shall prevent me from doing anything that I want to do,” was Sarah Macnaughtan’s lifelong motto, first uttered in her younger years. A compassionate and daring woman ahead of her time who stood barely over 5 feet tall, Sarah let no obstacles become roadblocks in her life.”
Noel Marie Fletcher, The Strange Side of War: A Woman’s WWI Diary

Noel Marie Fletcher
“Her unique observations are about how the war
impacted people—from the thrill-seekers going to battlefields for fun, to the nurses working among the wounded in darkness, and London society women venturing into foreign lands to work near dangerous enemy lines.”
Noel Marie Fletcher, The Strange Side of War: A Woman's WWI Diary

Theresa Breslin
“If you are not a Conchie, what are you man?' demanded the Major.
After some moments' thought, Francis said, 'I am a human being who does not believe in killing my fellow man for insufficient reason.”
Theresa Breslin, Remembrance

Peter Hart
“This is what is called dying for your country, but it is actually selling your soul to a few profiteers for a shilling, and being massacred to satisfy their selfish purposes. And they call it WAR--and a legitimate thing at that.

-Private Arthur Wrench, Headquarters, 154th Brigade, 51st Division”
Peter Hart, The Somme: The Darkest Hour on the Western Front
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“If war was once a chivalrous duel, it is now a dastardly slaughter.”
Artur von Bolfras

Simon Tolkien
“You can't win because of the guns," said Adam with a sigh. "Machine guns, mortars, field guns, howitzers: it doesn't matter how much courage soldiers have, how much will; flesh and blood can't pass through bullets and shells, or at least not in sufficient numbers to have any effect. The guns win in the end and they always will. Not us, not the Germans - the guns.”
Simon Tolkien, No Man's Land
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Pat Barker
“I had him in my cab once.

Who? Neville asked

Rupert Brooke. He was good, him. "There's some corner of a foreign field/ That is forever England".

That would be the bit with my nose under it; just fucking drive, will you?”
Pat Barker, Toby's Room

Dan Carlin
“His jaw is on the floor. Here is someone who doesn't think that anybody does anything better than America and he is getting a lesson in what the best army in the world looks like.”
Dan Carlin, Blueprint for Armageddon

“They went chasing round and round. Round and round the mulberry bush. The Hun could fly. This must be one of Richthofen's young men.”
V.W. Yeates
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Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
“Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom .... These are the beginnings of sorrows.”
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, Goodbye Piccadilly
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A.H. Septimius
“It is not enough to say, simply, the motherland called and we fought; woe to the dead, and to the living goes their glory.”
A.H. Septimius

D. Dauphinee
“It doesn't matter now that they lived and died, but rather did they make a difference?”
D. Dauphinee, Highlanders Without Kilts

Roseanna M. White
“They'd said that whatever drug they'd slipped into his veins would make the journey comfortable. They'd said that he wouldn't even be aware of the trip, that he'd wake up in London and be on the mend. They'd said that rest was all he needed.
They'd lied.”
Roseanna M. White, The Number of Love

David Malouf
“This new lot...they too would go down. They were 'troops' who were about to be 'thrown in,' 'men' in some general's larger plan, 're-enforcements ' and would soon be 'casualties'. They were also Spud, Snow, Skeeter, Blue, Tommo.”
David Malouf

“I felt bad for them and smiled.”
Ira Campbell, Mein Gustav
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F. Scott Fitzgerald
“It was a time of youth and war, and there was never so much love around.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Rich Boy

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“I was entirely unconvinced about anything, except that some people were strong and attractive and could do what they wanted, and others were caught and disgraced.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Vera Brittain
“And as I went up to him and took his hands, I felt that I had made no mistakes; and although I knew that, in a sense which could never be true of him, I was linked with the past that I had yielded up, inextricably and for ever, I found it not inappropriate that the years of frustration and grief and loss, of work and conflict and painful resurrection, should have led me through their dark and devious ways to this new beginning.”
Vera Brittain, Testament of Youth

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