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Elizabeth Peters
“You know how your eyes can deceive you at times--how a group of shapes and shadows can take on a certain form and then shift into another? It wasn't really like that; there was no physical change in him, he was exactly the same as he'd always been. I knew every line of his long body and every curl on his disheveled black head. I'd just never seen him before. you know what I'm trying to say, don't you? The change is in the heart.”
Elizabeth Peters, The Falcon at the Portal

Elizabeth Peters
“As Ramses did the same for his mother, he saw that her eyes were fixed on him. She had been unusually silent. She had not needed his father's tactless comment to understand the full implications of Farouk's death. As he met her unblinking gaze he was reminded of one of Nefret's more vivid descriptions. 'When she's angry, her eyes look like polished steel balls.' That's done it, he thought. She's made up her mind to get David and me out of this if she has to take on every German and Turkish agent in the Middle East.”
Elizabeth Peters, He Shall Thunder in the Sky

Elizabeth Peters
“You certainly are a repository of useless information. How do you know all that?' David asked, with more amusement than admiration.

'I have a mind like a magpie's, easily distracted by interesting odds and ends,' Ramses admitted.”
Elizabeth Peters, A River in the Sky

Jean Baudrillard
“We are fascinated by Ramses as Renaissance Christians were by the American Indians, those (human?) beings who had never known the word of Christ.”
Jean Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation

Elizabeth Peters
“Have you caught cold?'
'It would appear so.'
'You could give it to Margaret,' Ramses suggested.
His uncle turned the tinted spectacles toward him and then, unexpectedly, bust into laughter. 'What a charming idea. Will you aid and abet me when I catch her in a close embrace and breathe heavily on her?”
Elizabeth Peters, Tomb of the Golden Bird

Elizabeth Peters
“For some reason his parents had a low opinion of his common sense.”
Elizabeth Peters, A River in the Sky
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Elizabeth Peters
“Either the War Office had recruited Ramses - in which case I would have General Spencer's head on a platter - or Ramses had come across something that, in his opinion, merited investigation.... I am never guilty of idle speculation, so I kept an open mind on that. Except that once I caught up with him, I would have Ramses' head on another platter.”
Elizabeth Peters, A River in the Sky

“Dishonorable people do not honor their arrangements. A bill of sale only requires payment, a contract only requires completion, and/or a debt merely requires a payment.”
Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea, Spidersilk

Deanna Raybourn
“In a short while we drew up in front of Karnak Hall, a modest exhibition facility of some antiquity in a street just off Leicester Square. The Hall had been built in the style of its namesake temple, the edifice set with a series of recesses, each featuring a great statue of Ramses in a different pose. The rest of the façade was painted terra-cotta to resemble the walls of the temple and decorated with fanciful Egyptological friezes. We passed between the legs of one of the Ramses to enter, and I resisted the urge to look up.”
Deanna Raybourn, A Treacherous Curse

“Never ad his ancient mortal past and his immortal present collided with such clarity and force.”
Anne Rice/Christopher Rice, The Reign of Osiris
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“It had been thousands of years since he’d felt so vulnerable, so humble. So afraid.”
Anne Rice/Christopher Rice
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