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Friedrich Nietzsche
“The text has disappeared under the interpretation.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

Hannah Moskowitz
“I like books. I thought you liked books."

"Let's be honest, Rudy, books are pornography for brains. All that subtext and bullshit and hidden imagery.”
Hannah Moskowitz, Teeth

Blayne Cooper
“Do you think she was gay before or after she started watching Xena?" the male squirrel asked. "That subtext works like a nasty termite. It undermines the structure of human females from within.”
Blayne Cooper, The Story of Me

Bailey Vincent
“Despite my affection for subtext and plot and prose at its best... life, it turns out, is nothing more than the finer details.”
Bailey Vincent, The Details of How We Lived

“I really don't like art with a message, unless the message is crystal clear.
If you have a message that really needs to be said, just fuckin' say it! Don't hide it in indecipherable lyrics... a sculpture, it's a play, the subtext... just fuckin' say it, 'cause the people who need to hear messages are dumb as shit--the masses of humanity are dumb as shit, and you're really just pandering to your friends. Say what the fuck you mean, just say it! Title the song 'eat more leafy greens'. 'Give a hoot, don't pollute' is as much message and art combined, 'cause I get that, it's a poem but I'm pretty sure you're saying 'don't pollute'. But if you have something... 'ooh, I have the cure for cancer...and I've hidden it in this Rubix cube!!' -- just fuckin' say it!
- Before Turning the Gun on Himself [2012]”
Doug Stanhope

Steve Kluger
“After you've spent four years kissing somebody's perineum, the subtext talks louder than words.”
Steve Kluger, Almost Like Being in Love

Catherine Lacey
“This was a feeling I had often, the sense of a subtext.”
Catherine Lacey, The Answers

“What Zach meant to say all along, what he means to say when he speaks of potatoes with cumin is, You strip me clean. It hurts to be near you. I love you so much. Rachel, Rachel. The most. Better than anything.
Emma Richler, Be My Wolff

André Aciman
“Neither of us was quite sure what the other meant, but, as in dreams, our words could be taken in so many ways, which was fine too, because we liked thinking they had more than one meaning, one obvious, one not so obvious, one hinted at but so muddled that neither of us knew which to grasp, because each was so laced into the others that all three ultimately meant one and the same thing.”
André Aciman, Enigma Variations