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James Beard
“The only thing that will make a souffle fall is if it knows you're afraid of it.”
James Beard

Romain Gary
“(...) il fallait séparer nos souffles, s'écarter, s'espacer, se lever, se dédoubler, et c'est toujours autant de perdu. Quand on a deux corps, il vient des moments où l'on est à moitié.
- Est-ce que je suis envahissante?
- Terriblement, lorsque tu n'es pas là.”
Romain Gary, Clair de Femme

Paige Britt
“The steam was thicker than expected and surprisingly easy to scoop up. Inside her mouth it swelled twice its original size and then burst into a series of delicate favors: savory cream sauce, then toasted cheese, and finally vanilla ice cream with a tinge of hazelnut.”
Paige Britt, The Lost Track of Time

Martine Bailey
“Mon frère, Claude,' urged Florence, leading me to a youth just like herself in broad shape and countenance. He talked rapidly with Florence, all the while tending a tiny copper saucepan. Then breaking off his talk, he reached for a teaspoon, and with all the worshipfulness of a priest at an altar, Claude tasted the shining stock, his face blank to all but his sense of taste.
'Quintessence,' whispered Florence, sniffing in awe at the rising steam. 'For many days the meat is reduced to create the soul of the sauce.' Then with measured care he reached for a lemon and squeezed in four steady drops.
The name of the dish was souffle, as the French write it. I wrote the particulars down, as it was a most magical dish. Who would have guessed that egg whites fraught for a long while could make a dish rise like a cloud? Once it had risen in a hot oven, Claude dressed the souffle with a ring of honeyed quintessence. It quivered on a pretty porcelain plate like a gently steaming puffball.”
Martine Bailey, An Appetite for Violets

Penny Watson
“I made the Gruyère cheese soufflé and the grilled ham with apricot sauce. Nathan prepared the yogurt parfaits with fruit compote."
"Nathan, how'd it go with this first challenge?"
"Good. I think I managed okay." His eyes were wild and he looked slightly shell-shocked.
"Did you get a chance to taste Helene's food?"
"Yeah." He nodded vigorously. "She's good."
The other contestants laughed at the understatement.
Jenny clapped her hands together. "My favorite dish was an American specialty. Buckwheat pancakes with a trio of toppings... classic maple syrup tapped right here at the farm, a blackberry sauce with mint, and a delicious maple walnut butter. And the bacon-wrapped Brussels sprouts side was crispy and salty and delicious.”
Penny Watson, A Taste of Heaven

“He requested recipes from his mother and combed the markets for ingredients, shaping his nostalgia for her cooking into Sunday meals- pickled beets with crème fraîche, crabapple and cabbage dumplings, plum turnovers- and filling envelopes with fantasy menus addressed to Nina. Maman, we must add crepe soufflé to our desserts. You simply fold meringue into your vanilla custard, spoon it into the pancakes, fold them in half, sprinkle with sugar, and bake them. They puff into golden pillows!
Donia Bijan, The Last Days of Café Leila

What a scarily talented young lady! Now that she said it, I can't think of any greater twist for this dish! It's as if she were divinely inspired, giving us a revelation beyond mortal ken!
"The answer I sought for my dish could only be found...
... by going above and beyond that which is commonly considered "correct." And had I not seen Tadokoro's dorayaki dish, which boldly challenged such notions... it never would've occurred to me to make my soufflé."
"She named her dish Soufflé Léger de Grâce, right? Soufflé Léger just means, like, a light soufflé.
Grâce is the French word for "grace"- not necessarily in the elegant sense, though, as it also means, "blessings."
And the Japanese word for that is Megumi.”
Yuto Tsukuda, 食戟のソーマ 29 [Shokugeki no Souma 29]

Aah, I know what this is! It's a sformato! A soufflé-like Italian dish similar to a Japanese egg custard."
Thinly sliced onions sautéed to sweet tenderness in heavy cream and melted parmesan cheese...
... and a beaten egg and melted butter steamed into a fluffy soufflé. That's what the white side is- a cheese-flavored Sformato Soufflé!

Yuto Tsukuda, 食戟のソーマ 34 [Shokugeki no Souma 34]

Jon Kabat-Zinn
“Le miracle de la succession des saisons est dans notre souffle; nos parents et nos enfants sont contenus dans notre souffle; notre esprit et notre corps sont notre souffle.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn