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Margaret Stohl
“Aunt Mercy put down her tiles, one at a time. I-T-C-H-I-N.
Aunt Grace leaned closer to the board, squinting. "Mercy Lynne, you're cheatin' again! What kinda word is that? Use it in a sentence."
"I'm itchin' ta have some a that white cake."
"That's not how you spell it." At least one of them could spell. Aunt Grace pulled one of the tiles off the board. "There's no T in itchin'." Or not.”
Margaret Stohl, Beautiful Creatures

Bill Watterson
“[Calvin and Hobbes are playing Scrabble.]
Calvin: Ha! I've got a great word and it's on a "Double word score" box!
Hobbes: "ZQFMGB" isn't a word! It doesn't even have a vowel!
Calvin: It is so a word! It's a worm found in New Guinea! Everyone knows that!
Hobbes: I'm looking it up.
Calvin: You do, and I'll look up that 12-letter word you played with all the Xs and Js!
Hobbes: What's your score for ZQFMGB?
Calvin: 957.”
Bill Watterson, Scientific Progress Goes "Boink": A Calvin and Hobbes Collection

Richelle Mead
“Wait,” he said. “That’s not a word.”

I looked down to where, in a moment of desperation, I’d played zixic on a triple-word-score space.

“Uh, sure it is.”

“What’s it mean?”

“It’s sort of like…quixotic, but with more…”


I laughed out loud. I’d never heard him swear before.

“More zeal. Hence the z.”

“Uh-huh. Use it in a sentence.”

“Um…’You are a zixic writer.’“

“I don’t believe this.”

“That you’re zixic?”

“That you’re trying to cheat at Scrabble.” He leaned back against my couch, shaking his head. “I mean, I was ready to accept the whole evil thing, but this is kind of extreme.”
Richelle Mead, Succubus on Top

Cassandra Clare
“Magnus Bane,” said Magnus. “High Warlock of Brooklyn and Scrabble champion.”
Cassandra Clare, What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything

Joe Hill
“Everyone lives in two worlds,” Maggie said, speaking in an absentminded sort of way while she studied her letters. “There’s the real world, with all its annoying facts and rules. In the real world, there are things that are true and things that aren’t. Mostly the real world s-s-s-suh-sucks. But everyone also lives in the world inside their own head. An inscape, a world of thought. In a world made of thought—in an inscape—every idea is a fact. Emotions are as real as gravity. Dreams are as powerful as history. Creative people, like writers, and Henry Rollins, spend a lot of their time hanging out in their thoughtworld. S-s-strong creatives, though, can use a knife to cut the stitches between the two worlds, can bring them together. Your bike. My tiles. Those are our knives.”
Joe Hill, NOS4A2

“Scrabble was invented by Nazis to piss off kids with dyslexia.”
Eddie Izzard

Kelly Link
“Remember, when you don’t know what to do, it never hurts to play Scrabble. It’s like reading the I Ching or tea leaves.”
Kelly Link

Jasper Fforde
“Palindrome as well. My sister's name is Hannah. Father liked word games. He was fourteen times World Scrabble Champion. When he died, we buried him at Queenzieburn to make use of the triple word score.”
Jasper Fforde, The Big Over Easy

Douglas Adams
“I think he probably wants you to play Scrabble with him again,' said Ford, 'he's pointing to the letters.'
'Probably spelt crzjgrdwldiwdc again, I keep on telling him there's only one g in crzjgrdwldiwdc.”
Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Bennett Madison
“Jeff is the annoying kind of Scrabble player who plays a lot of obscure two-letter words that shouldn't count but for whatever reason are considered legitimate. My father is the annoying kind of Scrabble player who takes hours with his turn and then plays deliberately misspelled words that no one has the heart to call him out on. I am the perfect Scrabble player, both serious and considerate. Obviously I lost by a lot.”
Bennett Madison, September Girls

Artie Lange
“You haven’t lived till you’ve played Scrabble in a psych ward.”
Artie Lange

Frank Herbert
“On Caladan, we ruled with sea and air power," the Duke said. "Here, we must scrabble for desert power. This is your inheritance, Paul.”
Frank Herbert, Dune

Pawan Mishra
“Sometimes fate just plays a strange game of Scrabble with you.”
Pawan Mishra, Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

David Nicholls
“No Scrabble. More and more of his friends were playing it now, in a knowing ironic way, triple-word-score-craving freaks, but it seemed to him like a game designed expressly to make him feel stupid and bored.”
David Nicholls, One Day

“ is weaker than life - in the end I have a bag of letters to scrabble into order - rune tiles to cast my fate...”
John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

Sarah Mayberry
“(Rude Scrabble)
You played this game with your parents?" he asked skeptically.
Yep. And Mom always won, the dirty bitch. I guess being older she'd been around more than me and Carrie," Sophie said, extracting replacement tiles from the box. "Although I don't know what Dad's excuse was. lack of imagination, I guess. Your turn.”
Sarah Mayberry, Burning Up

Richard D. Ekstrom
“About 35-40% of the time, a player wants to create a word ending in a specific letter. This, however, is not the way we traditionally think, and, not to mention, this is not the way dictionaries are sorted. In other words, in many situations, conventional dictionaries are not arranged in an easy to use manner. This dictionary solves that problem by sorting on the last letter of the word.”
Richard D. Ekstrom, The Backwords Dictionary: A Word Ending Dictionary

Shannon Stacey
“Elizabeth Sarah Kowalski!"
"Whoa," Evan said in a low voice. "How bad does a word have to be to get you middle-named during dirty Scrabble?”
Shannon Stacey, Love a Little Sideways

Dhaval Rathod
“She challenged me for a game of Scrabble. I did not refuse. How could I? It was like she was telling me – I want to have a word with you.”
Dhaval Rathod, Unleash That River