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R.A. Salvatore
“Sane is boring.”
R. A. Salvatore

L.J. Smith
“You know why I don’t leave,” he said again to Damon, who wouldn’t look at him. “You can pretend you don’t care. You can fool the whole world. But I know differently.” It would have been kindest at this point to leave Damon alone, but Stefan wasn’t in a kind mood. “You know that girl you picked up, Rachael?” he added. “The hair was all right, but her eyes were the wrong color. Elena’s eyes were blue.”
L.J. Smith, Dark Reunion

L.J. Smith
“It's not wrong to hustle hustlers. It's like killing murderers, a public service. -Damon Salvatore”
L.J. Smith, Moonsong

L.J. Smith
“Very touching," said a voice from the stairway. "Do you want me to imitate a violin?" - Damon”
L.J. Smith

“I have saved by grace.
My sins are forgiven.
This is my greatest gratitude.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

R.A. Salvatore
“Friendship: the word has come to mean many different things among the various races and cultures of both the Underdark and the surface of the Realms. In Menzoberranzan, friendship is generally born out of mutual profit. While both parties are better off for the union, it remains secure. But loyalty is not a tenet of drow life, and as soon as a friend believes that he will gain more without the other, the union - and likely the other's life - will come to a swift end.
I have had few friends in my life, and if I live a thousand years, I suspect that this will remain true. There is little to lament in this fact, though, for those who have called me friend have been persons of great character and have enriched my existence, given it worth. First there was Zaknafein, my father and mentor who showed me that I was not alone and that I was not incorrect in holding to my beliefs. Zaknafein saved me, from both the blade and the chaotic, evil, fanatic religion that damns my people.
Yet I was no less lost when a handless deep gnome came into my life, a svirfneblin that I had rescued from certain death, many years before, at my brother Dinin's merciless blade. My deed was repaid in full, for when the svirfneblin and I again met, this time in the clutches of his people, I would have been killed - truly would have preferred death - were it not for Belwar Dissengulp.
My time in Blingdenstone, the city of the deep gnomes, was such a short span in the measure of my years. I remember well Belwar's city and his people, and I always shall.
Theirs was the first society I came to know that was based on the strengths of community, not the paranoia of selfish individualism. Together the deep gnomes survive against the perils of the hostile Underdark, labor in their endless toils of mining the stone, and play games that are hardly distinguishable from every other aspect of their rich lives.
Greater indeed are pleasures that are shared.

- Drizzt Do'Urden”
R.A. Salvatore, Exile

Amy Patrick
“Shay picked that moment to walk back to the car. Thank God. Now we could leave, and I could get away from Nox and home to the beautiful Salvatore brothers. Shoot—were they Elven, too? Probably.”
Amy Patrick, Hidden Heart

Tessa Dawn
“The girl is an accident waiting to happen: vulnerable, impressionable, and foolish as the day is long.”
Tessa Dawn, Blood Shadows

Salvatore Basile
“Si arrese, per l'ennesima volta nella sua vita, mentendo e dicendo che andava benissimo, che non sentiva dolore e che non era ferito. Si arrese sperando che Elena andasse via prima possibile. Prima che lui cominciasse a sperare nella possibilità di un ritorno. Perché nessuno ritorna, anche se lo promette. Soprattutto se lo promette.”
Salvatore Basile, Lo strano viaggio di un oggetto smarrito

Salvatore Basile
“Lo sguardo della madre, nella penombra della sera, si perdeva dentro l'orizzonte, come se cercasse una risposta a una domanda misteriosa. E a quel punto, il bambino cercava nello sguardo di sua madre il suo orizzonte futuro.”
Salvatore Basile, Lo strano viaggio di un oggetto smarrito

Salvatore Basile
“La felicità fa paura perché la puoi perdere da un momento all'altro.”
Salvatore Basile, Lo strano viaggio di un oggetto smarrito