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L.J. Smith
“It doesn't matter if you can't say it right now. I'll say it for both of us. And someday you'll learn.”
Lisa Jane Smith, The Awakening

L.J. Smith
“He put an arm around his brother to help him up. And then, for a moment, he just held on.”
L.J. Smith, The Fury / Dark Reunion

L.J. Smith
“You know why I don’t leave,” he said again to Damon, who wouldn’t look at him. “You can pretend you don’t care. You can fool the whole world. But I know differently.” It would have been kindest at this point to leave Damon alone, but Stefan wasn’t in a kind mood. “You know that girl you picked up, Rachael?” he added. “The hair was all right, but her eyes were the wrong color. Elena’s eyes were blue.”
L.J. Smith, Dark Reunion

L.J. Smith
“It's not wrong to hustle hustlers. It's like killing murderers, a public service. -Damon Salvatore”
L.J. Smith, Moonsong

L.J. Smith
“The poets and philosophers I once loved had it wrong. Death does not come to us all, nor does the passage of time dim our memories and reduce our bodies to dust. Because while I was considered dead, and a headstone had been engraved with my name, in truth my life was just beginning.”
L.J. Smith, Bloodlust

L.J. Smith
“I could quit the committee. But that would leave Bonnie and Meredith holding the bag. And I keep remembering what Matt said when I asked him to get Stefan to come to the dance: "You want everybody and everything revolving around Elena Gilbert."
That isn't true. Or at least, if it has been in the past, I'm not going to let it be true anymore. I want--oh, this is going to sound completely stupid, but I want to be worthy of Stefan. I know he wouldn't let the guys on the team down just to suit his own convenience. I want him to be proud of me.
I want him to love me as much as I love him.”
L.J. Smith

Patricia Briggs
“It is my place to remind you of the rules,” Stefan said, his voice even. “You, William Frost, have chosen three against three. Two fighters, with you as the captain of yours, and Marsilia as the captain of hers, with the other two participants on either side yet to be chosen. The fight is to the death of the captains.”

“Excuse me,” I said diffidently. “But both the captains are already dead.”

Everyone looked at me. The vampires with cold, unfriendly gazes, and Honey as if I were crazy. That was okay—because I was utterly crazy.”
Patricia Briggs, Frost Burned

Anne Rice
“I don't need to sleep to play. I'm crazy anyway. Being crazier still could only help.”
Anne Rice

Lara Morgan
“He took an enormous mouthful of grains, speaking around it. "You feen weddie?"
Gillian raised an eyebrow. "I don't speak moronese.”
Lara Morgan, Dark Star

John Flanagan
“I think you're wonderful too, Hal!" Stephan said, in a workmanlike approximation of Ophelia's breathless, admiring tones. The crew laughed even harder.
Lydia snorted through her nose.”
John Flanagan, Slaves of Socorro

Stefan Zweig
“იმდენი ვიოცნებე,რომ, თუ შეიძლება ასე ითქვას ოცნება გადავცვითე...”
Stefan Zweig, Brief einer Unbekannten

Pippa DaCosta
“Next time I'm taking down hellhounds for you, I'll remember to tone down the pretty.”
Pippa DaCosta, Drowning In The Dark

Amy Patrick
“Shay picked that moment to walk back to the car. Thank God. Now we could leave, and I could get away from Nox and home to the beautiful Salvatore brothers. Shoot—were they Elven, too? Probably.”
Amy Patrick, Hidden Heart

Stefan Zweig
“ვიცი,რომ ქალები,მაშინაც კი ,როცა დანებების სურვილით იწვიან,ჩვეულებრივად თავს იკანუნებენ,თითქოს შეეშინდათ ან აღშფოთდნენო,იციან,რომ ეს უარი დაძნეული იქნება მუდარით,სიცრუით, ფიცითა და დაპირებებით...”
Stefan Zweig, Brief einer Unbekannten