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Scott Lynch
“So that makes us robbers of robbers," said Bug, "who pretend to be robbers working for a robber of other robbers.”
Scott Lynch, The Lies of Locke Lamora

Israelmore Ayivor
“The gangs of arrogant thieves that can rob you of your success are your own doubts, fears and low self-image. Get them arrested and kept distances apart and you and your accomplishments are secured.”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

“Instead of the church in Africa to be a place for eradicating darkness by beaming out light, she has unfortunately become the den of robbers as Jesus put it.”
Sunday Adelaja

“A few years back, they jacked David Copperfield in West Palm Beach, for Chrissake. Yes, it's funny: "Yo, empty your pockets," and he pulls out a bunny rabbit. But it's also depressing. If someone who can make himself disappear isn't safe, who is?”
Colin Quinn, The Coloring Book: A Comedian Solves Race Relations in America

Ravi Ranjan Goswami
“Robbers’ Hill and its surrounding area were extremely safe for women.
In the last two decades, there had been no incident of molestation or rape in and around the village. People in the region both feared and respected Bhagatji.
There lived two eunuchs in the village. There was a fable in the village that years ago these eunuchs were men who had sexually assaulted a local woman. Bhagatji punished them. Since then they had been like this.”
Ravi Ranjan Goswami, The Robbers' Hill

“Consul’, remarked the detective, dogmatically, ‘great robbers always resemble honest folks.”
Julius Verne

Dada Bhagwan
“If you met the robbers and they robbed you, you should not cry. Think 'how will I go on [do progress] now?' You will get all the help you need. What does one gain by crying 'what will become of me?' Who is the one suffering, the robber or the one who was robbed? The fault is of the sufferer.”
Dada Bhagwan

“It's when we wear a ski mask that we are ashamed of our looks and/or our intensions.
Or it simply could be too cold!”
Anthony T.Hincks