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Thomas Henry Huxley
“It was badly received by the generation to which it was first addressed, and the outpouring of angry nonsense to which it gave rise is sad to think upon. But the present generation will probably behave just as badly if another Darwin should arise, and inflict upon them that which the generality of mankind most hate—the necessity of revising their convictions. Let them, then, be charitable to us ancients; and if they behave no better than the men of my day to some new benefactor, let them recollect that, after all, our wrath did not come to much, and vented itself chiefly in the bad language of sanctimonious scolds. Let them as speedily perform a strategic right-about-face, and follow the truth wherever it leads.”
Thomas Henry Huxley

Criss Jami
“All great leaders find a sense of balance through their levels of reception. For instance, those who support a leader may soften him, those who ignore him may challenge him, and those who oppose him may stroke his ego.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Gunnar Ekelöf
“Något av det viktigaste i all konst: att överlåta en anständig del åt läsaren, betraktaren, den medverkande. Det ska finnas en tom plats vid det dukade bordet. Den är hans.”
Gunnar Ekelöf

Roger Ebert
“A depressing number of people seem to process everything literally. They are to wit as a blind man is to a forest, able to find every tree, but each one coming as a surprise.”
Roger Ebert

Dawn Hammill
“I grow more and more intrigued by this as I write: how words, even the most carefully chosen, can mean such different things from one person to another, so that others might think about what I write in ways I did not intend at all.”
Dawn Hammill, Galiene: A Twelfth-Century Tale of Love and War

Walter Benjamin
“Painting, by its nature, cannot provide an object of simultaneous collective reception... as film is able to do today... And while efforts have been made to present paintings to the masses in galleries and salons, this mode of reception gives the masses no means of organizing and regulating their response. Thus, the same public which reacts progressively to a slapstick comedy inevitably displays a backward attitude toward Surrealism.”
Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility, and Other Writings on Media

Ben Shahn
“If what any artist has to say is fundamentally human and profound the public will ultimately take his work unto itself. But if his own conceptions are limited and narrow in their human meaning it seems likely that time will erase his work.”
Ben Shahn, The Shape of Content

Israelmore Ayivor
“You will learn, but you have to act. You will be given, but you have to receive. Stretch your hands and take up your laurels by the power put in you!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

“By receiving salvation, we receive God’s love.”
Sunday Adelaja

Ludvig Holberg
“...mangt et Skuespill fortiener ikke Navn af Skuespill, endskiønt alle Logiske Regler derved ere i Agt tagne.”
Ludvig Holberg, Epistler

Bernard Kelvin Clive
“Your perception will determine your reception”
Bernard Kelvin Clive

Alberto Manguel
“Geschichten sind unser Gedächtnis, Bibliotheken die Lagerstätten für dieses Gedächtnis und Lesen das Handwerk, mit dem wir dieses Gedächtnis neu erschaffen können, indem wir es rezitieren und glossieren, es wieder in unsere eigene Erfahrung rückübersetzen und so auf dem aufbauen, was frühere Generationen für bewahrenswert hielten.”
Alberto Manguel, The City of Words

Steven Magee
“Loss of cell phone reception inside of a building generally indicates that the following two issues may be present: 1. High electromagnetic interference (EMI) environment from dirty electricity that is being generated by electronic products. 2. Shielding and Faraday cage effects from metalwork in the building.”
Steven Magee

“We did not receive this destiny by ourselves, God has chosen it for us”
Sunday Adelaja

Kate McGahan
“It is through the heart that we see, hear and feel most clearly. It is like a radio signal. When it is strong the heart is like a megaphone and I get your message loud and clear. You message echoes throughout the universe when it comes from the heart on the wings of intention and faith. It is the most direct line of communication in existence once you filter out the “interference” of worry and doubt in your head, the thoughts that don’t matter and only serve to block the reception. Your intention is the force, love is the connection and faith is the key that opens the door between you and me.”
Kate McGahan, Only Gone From Your Sight: Jack McAfghan's Little Guide to Pet Loss and Grief