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Nikola Tesla
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla

“The words we choose to use when we communicate with each other, carry vibrations. The word ‘war’ carries a whole different vibration than the word ‘peace’. The words we use are showing how we think and how we feel. The careful selection of words, helps to elevate our consciousness and resonate in higher frequencies.”
Grigoris Deoudis

Gordana Biernat
“Things do not happen TO you. They happen THROUGH you.
You are the co-creator of everything in your reality.”
Gordana Biernat, #KnowtheTruth: Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything

Gordana Biernat
“We do not observe reality, we observe our REACTIONS to it.

In other words:
Reality is, in essence, neutral. YOU give it meaning.”
Gordana Biernat, #KnowtheTruth: Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything

“When you close to me, my heart has created a vibration of the precise "Carrier frequency" to send all deep information about me to you”
Aditia Rinaldi

Gordana Biernat
“Every single ONE of us is a unique VIBRATION in a beautiful Symphony of Infinite CREATION.”
Gordana Biernat, #KnowtheTruth: Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything

Gordana Biernat
“You do not become outstanding by working on your weaknesses.

You become outstanding by focusing entirely on your strengths.”
Gordana Biernat, #KnowtheTruth: Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything

Tamara Rendell
“The storms inside uncoil
into sky held calm by far seeing eyes
Memories dressed in the translucent
trickery of the mind,
so as to wear life upon themselves,
give up their tired dance and run
into free frequency”
Tamara Rendell, Mystical Tides

Gordana Biernat
“You and your reality are ONE.
When YOU change, everything changes.”
Gordana Biernat, #KnowtheTruth: Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything

Gordana Biernat
“Success is not a question of how much power or money you have acquired.
It is a question of how satisfied you are with WHO YOU ARE.”
Gordana Biernat

Gordana Biernat
“When YOU choose to change, your reality must change accordingly. It simply has no other choice.”
Gordana Biernat, #KnowtheTruth: Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything

Gordana Biernat
“You cannot ‘fit yourself in’ to greatness.
This can only be done by embracing and pursuing your biggest dreams and desires.”
Gordana Biernat, #KnowtheTruth: Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything

Gordana Biernat
“Life is about peeking through the veil of forgetfulness.
What is hidden awakens the joy of revealing it.”
Gordana Biernat, #KnowtheTruth: Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything

Dan Desmarques
“When people have a low vibration they are more reactive and less able to observe and think properly. Trauma, sadness, injustice, apathy and anger, all these things bring a person down to a state from where many never get out. Then because these people can't control themselves, they are constantly reacting to the high energies they feel - pulling them down. They attack the wrong target and fear what they need the most. They literally become antagonistic to higher vibrations. It's in their nature and they can't control that. Neither do they want. They will rationalize "disbelief" and prove you wrong to make you confused before they change, even when they promise to change, because they don't want to. And why would they if they can confuse you? Confusion is a low vibration scheme, and as you go lower in this vibration of lies, you feel more lost and confused about yourself. It then happens that you are forced to abandon any group that vibrates at a low frequency because they insist on making you confused. Certainty - which is not the same as arrogance but is instead the knowing of something to be true -, is a high frequency level. And the creatures of the darkness attack precisely that certainty, by making you feel ashamed of what you know, by calling you a narcissist. You find them in all religions without exceptions. Very few people know what the light is because they have never seen their real face in a mirror when the light is on.”
Dan Desmarques

Jarod Kintz
“Calmness through osmosis. It can be achieved by petting a cat, and your body absorbs the purring and integrates that healing frequency.”
Jarod Kintz, There are Two Typos of People in This World: Those Who Can Edit and Those Who Can't

“If You Want A Blessing, You Must First Be A Blessing!”
Constance Delores Burrell

“What one man can do
The next man can too

Your only limits are those you set to yourself
Do not live your life like a book on a shelf

Experiment, research, and find out how it is done
Learn and Invest your time towards your passion.”
Ricardo Derose

Peter Tompkins
“Now Mrs. Retallack wondered how the effects of what she called "intellectual mathematically sophisticated music of both East and West" would appeal to plants. As program director for the American Guild of Organists, she chose choral preludes from Johann Sebastian Bach's Orgelbuchlein and the classical strains of the sitar, a less-com­ plicated Hindustani version of the south Indian veena, played by Ravi Shankar, the Bengali Brahmin. The plants gave positive evidence of liking Bach, since they leaned an unprecedented thirty-five degrees toward the preludes.

But even this affirmation was far exceeded by their reaction to Shankar: in their straining to reach the source of the classical Indian music they bent more than halfway to the horizontal, at angles in excess of sixty degrees, the nearest one almost embracing the speaker. In order not to be swayed by her own special taste for the classical music of both hemispheres Mrs. Retallack, at the behest of hundreds of young people, followed Bach and Shankar with trials of folk and "country-western" music. Her plants seemed to produce no more reac­tion than those in the silent chamber. Perplexed, Mrs. Retallack could only ask: "Were the plants in complete harmony with this kind of earthy music or didn't they care one way or the other?" Jazz caused her a real surprise. When her plants heard recordings as varied as Duke Ellington's "Soul Call" and two discs by Louis Arm­ strong, 5 5 percent of the plants leaned fifteen to twenty degrees toward the speaker, and growth was more abundant than in the silent chamber. Mrs. Retallack also determined that these different musical styles markedly affected the evaporation rate of distilled water inside the chambers. From full beakers, fourteen to seventeen milliliters evapo­rated over a given time period in the silent chambers, twenty to twenty­ five milliliters vaporized under the influence of Bach, Shankar, and jazz; but, with rock, the disappearance was fifty-five to fifty-nine milliliters.”
Peter Tompkins, The Secret Life of Plants: A Fascinating Account of the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Relations Between Plants and Man

“Everything is about frequencies, vibrations. “Matter” is just a special type of vibration. There is no bigger idea than that thoughts = sinusoids, and sinusoids = light, and from light we get all of matter. Meaning that everything belongs to a giant system of thought, to a self-solving cosmic intellect.”
Dr. Thomas Stark, Ontological Mathematics Versus Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity

“Another beneficial method, that I personally enjoy, is singing your affirmations out loud. Utilizing the powers of your Throat Chakra, in this manner, really carries the frequencies of your intentions to elevated levels.”
Robin S. Baker, Esotericism With an Unconventional Soul: Exploring Philosophy, Spirituality, Science, and Mysticism

J.J. DiGeronimo
“Seeking will empower you to tap into your inner wisdom by listening to your whispers, recognizing the energy that depletes you, and working on releasing your stories.”
J.J. DiGeronimo, Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work

“Reality isn't limited to limited perception”
Henry Joseph-Grant

“Conscious people with true knowledge of self don't see;

Attention as affection

Attachment as connection

Codependency as support

Disagreement as attack

Lack of boundaries as empathy

Trauma bonding as healing

Enmeshment as intimacy

External validation as internal self esteem”
Henry Joseph-Grant

“Without balance, equilibrium and knowledge of self people will always get drawn to low frequency energy, topics and themes, getting dumbed down, losing their soul bit by bit without even realising it, which means they’ll eventually hit a wall of unfulfillment, which can only be solved by looking within, not without.”
Henry Joseph-Grant

“Everything has a frequency, that's why images, smells, sounds, tastes, touch and words are spells.”
Henry Joseph-Grant

“With less ego,
You have more optionality.
Don't let that go over your head.”
Henry Joseph-Grant

“Go along get along gang are weak and not to be trusted”
Henry Joseph-Grant

“Health, Nature and Spirituality have been gentrified, manipulated and monopolised.

That’s why so many people are ignorant of truth and have been disconnected from self and look up to and trusting people who are there to mislead and profit from them.

Look within.”
Henry Joseph-Grant

“The lost copy personalities of those who are faking one, absorbing energy, unaware of what they're taking on.”
Henry Joseph-Grant

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