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Brandon Sanderson
“I needed to say something. Something romantic! Something to sweep her off her feet.
"You’re like a potato!" I shouted after her. "In a minefield."
She froze in place. Then she spun on me, her face lit by a half-grown fruit. “A potato,” she said flatly. “That’s the best you can do? Seriously?”
“It makes sense,” I said. “Listen. You’re strolling through a minefield, worried about getting blown up. And then you step on something, and you think, ‘I’m dead.’ But it’s just a potato. And you’re so relieved to find something so wonderful when you expected something so awful. That’s what you are. To me.”
“A potato.”
“Sure. French fries? Mashed potatoes? Who doesn’t like potatoes?”
“Plenty of people. Why can’t I be something sweet, like a cake?”
“Because cake wouldn’t grow in a minefield. Obviously.”
She stared down the hallway at me for a few moments, then sat on an overgrown set of roots.
Sparks. She seemed to be crying. Idiot! I thought at myself, scrambling through the foliage. Romantic. You were supposed to be romantic, you slontze! Potatoes weren’t romantic. I should have gone with a carrot.”
Brandon Sanderson, Firefight

Emma Hart
“We all have to get our hope from somewhere, and if getting lost between the pages of a deep book gives me hope, then I'll keep on getting lost, all the while hoping that one day I'll have a real love I can get lost in. Because it will happen, to each of us. One day we'll get so lost in love that we won't be able to find our way back out.”
Emma Hart, The Love Game

Megan McCafferty
“The average american spends six months of his or her life waiting for red lights to turn green. six months wasted, waiting for permission to move on.”
megan mccafferty

Rachel Hawthorne
“This was insane!

Yes, he was hot, but so was Nick. Yes, he was nice, but so was Nick. Yes, he sent shivers of anticipation through me. But so did Nick. Okay, so they weren't this strong. But they were

Parker terrified me. Nick didn't.

Nick was safe, like a carousel.
Parker was the tallest, fastest, scariest thrill ride imaginable.”
Rachel Hawthorne, Thrill Ride

“Evan stopped completely. He was staring at her with those intense eyes. Staring right into her. Just like he had in those couple of moments when she had thought for a split second, that he wanted to kiss her.”
Kate Brian, Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys

Julie Kagawa
“Ash!” I called, squinting through the rain and darkness, through the glow of the streetlamps that made it impossible to see more than a few feet. “Ash, I’m here! Where are you?”
“You’ll wake everyone up if you keep shouting like that.”
I whirled around. He stood where the portal had been, hands in his pockets, the rain drumming his shoulders and making his hair run into his eyes. Lamplight fell around him, shining off his slick coat, surrounding him with a faint nimbus of light. But to me, he’d never looked so real.
“You came after me,” he murmured, sounding awed, incredulous, and relieved at the same time. I walked up to him, smiling through my tears.
“You didn’t think I’d let you go off alone, did you?”
“I was hoping.” Ash stepped forward and hugged me, pulling me close with desperate relief. I slid my arms beneath his coat and held him tight, closing my eyes. The rain pounded us, and a lone car passed us on the road, spraying us with gutter water, but I felt no urge to move. As long as Ash held me, I could stay here forever.”
Julie Kagawa, The Iron Daughter
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Bella Andre
She'd never been a big beliver in things like that, had always believed that solid decisions and hard work were what paid off. And they had.
But, really, it was getting to the point where it felt like the universe was screaming at her to pay attention!”
Bella Andre, Can't Help Falling in Love

Megan Maxwell
“-En mis ojos, fuiste mía desde el momento en el que te vi en el Starbucks con tu amiga. En mi mente, eres mía desde que trabajas en las cocinas y te vi sonreír. En mi cabeza, eres mía desde que probé la nata que tenías en la boca aquel día que te caíste. En mi corazón, eres mía desde que, como una leona, me hiciste el amor en el almacén. Y en mi vida, eres mía desde que hoy te he tenido para mí y me he dado cuenta de que eres mi mujer.”
Megan Maxwell

E. Van Lowe
“Don't look at me like that," said Guy.
"How am I looking at you?" I asked.
"Like I'm the Grinch who stole Christmas.”
E. Van Lowe, Earth Angel

Megan Maxwell
“Seguramente tiene razón. Soy una caprichosa. Pero caprichosa de él.
De nuestro tiempo juntos. De nuestra sexualidad loca y salvaje.”
Megan Maxwell, Adivina quién soy esta noche

Stacia Kane
“I was thinking we could get a picture of you holding a pitchfork or something. Maybe a big wooden cross? Sound good?"(Brian)

She stared at him. He lifted his hands and leaned back in his seat, as if he was afraid she might start spitting on him. "Hey, only joking."

"Very funny."

"Oh, I do love jokes." Greyson Dante stood by her side.

"Hello, Mr. Dante. I'm afraid this is a private conversation, so you will, of course, be going now."

His grin widened. Was there no way to insult the man?”
Stacia Kane, Personal Demons

Elizabeth Chandler
“Megan, I love you,. I will always love you."
I swallowed hard.
"Scared?" He asked.
"Yeah. How about you?"
"Even more than the first time," He said. "I know what it feels like to lose you."
Then he bent his head and kissed me.”
Elizabeth Chandler, Dark Secrets 1

Brandon Sanderson
“I couldn’t help grinning at the sight of her. Megan, in turn, raised a nine-millimeter square at my chest.
Well, that was familiar, at least.”
Brandon Sanderson, Firefight

“Her desires are mine. Her wishes are mine. Should even the world stand against her, my blade will be at her side. And should it fail to protect her, let my own existence be forfeit." - Ash”
Julie Kagawae Kagawa

Stacia Kane
“ everyone knows they get to see Dr. Demon Slayer on a regular basis."

Megan almost choked on her steak. "The who?"

"The demon slayer. That's what the station specified we were to call you.”
Stacia Kane, Personal Demons

Laura Kaye
“Sans clothing, Owen climbed over her and settled into the middle of the mattress. Like he was a magnet - or her North Star - Megan's body turned to press into the nook along the side of his tall frame. His bareness managed to be soft and hard at the same time - the skin soft and smooth, the muscles hard and ridged. She inhaled deeply, taking his crisp, clean scent into her, and let out a long exhale that relaxed her into him further. Now. Now she could be content to never move again.”
Laura Kaye, North of Need

Amanda Giasson
“I refused to believe that someone who had a voice that angelic could be bad. I knew it was illogical to think that way, but I had to believe in something good.”
Amanda Giasson, Love at First Plight

Emily Wibberley
“You can’t expect anything to happen if you don’t make a move.”
Emily Wibberley, Always Never Yours

Stacia Kane
“Welcome back to Personal Demons." Megan said into the microphone. "Our next caller is Regina. Hi, Regina, how can I slay your personal demons?"

The words tasted like shame.”
Stacia Kane, Personal Demons

E. Van Lowe
“I want to get ready, I really do, but I have a bad feeling about today," I said, lowering my voice for dramatic effect.
Maudrina stopped what she was doing and gave me a long stare. "You have a bad feeling every time I try to get you to do something social."
"No, I don't," I said, my voice rising in false protest.”
E. Van Lowe, Heaven Sent

Jeri Smith-Ready
“Maybe you should stay. You've found where you belong. Most people never get that lucky their whole lives.”
Jeri Smith-Ready, Shine
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Laura Kaye
“Got nothing to say now, huh? Figures." She snorted. Hearing voices was one thing, but talking back to them probably hiked her up to a whole new level of psychosis. Awesome.”
Laura Kaye, North of Need

Laura Kaye
“Peeking into the living room through the bathroom's connecting door, she called out, "You gonna be okay out there, Owen?"
He was lying on his back, long flannel-pajama-clad legs crossed at the ankle and arm up over hi head. Cover off to the side. No shirt. Jeez, his chest was broad and defined, stomach cut with ridges of muscles. He turned a lazy gaze from the fire to where she stood in the doorway.
"I'm god. Thank you, for everything."
Good, indeed. She'd never look at that couch the same way again. She hugged herself. "Okay, well, give a shout if yuo need anything, or just help yourself. G'night.”
Laura Kaye, North of Need

Laura Kaye
“Restraining a smile, Owen came around her and laid his hand on the snow's surface. With a silent command, he reworked the internal chemistry of the layers.
Megan nearly fell on her face when the saw sliced right through to the ground. She whooped out a cheer. "Woot! I did it! I did it! Take that, snow”
Laura Kaye, North of Need

Laura Kaye
“Stupid, all-knowing god.”
Laura Kaye, North of Need

Laura Kaye
“Shuffled footsteps caught her attention. "Hey," Owen said. She took in the sight of him, dressed in a new borrowed outfit - a long sleeved navy T-shirt and a pair of khakis that had been too long for John. The shirt highlighted the difference in his eyes.
Well, okay, there was the reason she hadn't been thinking about the real world.”
Laura Kaye, North of Need

Jeri Smith-Ready
“My fellow Americans, good evening. My name is Becca Goldman and I weep with all of you."
I texted one word to Megan, 'Gag'
She wrote back: 'My name is Becca Goldman, and I sleep with all of you”
Jeri Smith-Ready, Shine

Laura Hunsaker
“The strange unfamiliar feeling she’d had increased as they approached. She nervously twisted the amethyst ring on her middle finger. Aunt Gilly’s ring. It felt hot against her skin.”
Laura Hunsaker, Amethyst Heat

Brandon Sanderson
“Megan looked at me and blushed. A blush looked really good on her. Of course, so would soup, mud, or elephant earwax. Megan on a bad day outshined anyone else I’d ever known.”
Brandon Sanderson, Firefight

Paula Brackston
“He had had to be father and mother to her, and he had taken to his tasks with determination, seeking perfection in everything he did. Now, as an adult, she realized how hard her mother's death had been for him, understood the enormity of his loss. The love that her parents had shared had been a beacon of light for her in a dark and dangerous world. She wondered if she would ever have the chance to find such a love herself. As her father talked excitedly about the latest young horse he had bred, Megan saw the years fall away from his face and the lingering sadness lift a little. She owed him everything- her resourcefulness, her skills as a horsewoman, her knowledge of medicinal herbs, as well as her undeniable stubbornness.”
Paula Brackston, Lamp Black, Wolf Grey

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