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Rachel Vincent
“I wanted more firsts with Tod. But all I had left was a handful of lasts.”
Rachel Vincent, If I Die

Catherynne M. Valente
“September had never been betrayed before. She did not even know what to call the feeling in her chest, so bitter and sour. Poor child. There is always a first time, and it is never the last time.”
Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There

Jenny Han
“Firsts are best because they are beginnings.”
Jenny Han, To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Megan McCafferty
“The average american spends six months of his or her life waiting for red lights to turn green. six months wasted, waiting for permission to move on.”
megan mccafferty

Pico Iyer
“The beauty of any first time is that it leads to a thousand others...”
Pico Iyer, An Innocent Abroad: Life-changing Trips from 35 Great Writers

Dean Koontz
“Perhaps this was a day of firsts. The day one dies, of course, is a first in any life.”
Dean Koontz, Saint Odd

Amy Jacobson
“That first kiss, it still has a way of making us nervous as teenagers, no matter how old we get.”
Amy Jacobson, A Ride of a Lifetime

Nenia Campbell
“It's true what they say, you know. First fuck. First love. First kill. You never forget your first.”
Nenia Campbell, Cease and Desist

Lisa Jewell
“She remembered the intensity of her desire to undress him, to be naked with him, the way she felt like she could say whatever she wanted and be fully understood and do whatever she wanted and be totally accepted. She remembered how easy it had all been, how open and bright, like being in a whitewashed room with all the windows wide open.”
Lisa Jewell, Vince and Joy

Jenny Han
“It doesn't matter that they're broken up. He was hers first, which means he's hers always.”
Jenny Han

Tyler Knott Gregson
“I care not about lost firsts, but I will fight, knuckles bloody and teeth sharpened, for your lasts.”
Tyler Knott Gregson, Wildly Into the Dark: Typewriter Poems and the Rattlings of a Curious Mind

Denton Cooley
“Of the many 'firsts' with which I have been involved at the Texas Heart Institute —including the first successful human heart transplant in the United States and the first total artificial heart transplant in the world—the achievement that may have the greatest impact on health care did not occur in the operating room or in the research laboratory. It happened on a piece of paper... when we created the first-ever packaged pricing plan for cardiovascular surgical procedures.”
Denton Cooley

Kat Lahr
“Precedence exists in humanity as it does with law.”
Kat Lahr, There Is A First For Everything

Corinne Beenfield
“She had never seen him in pain before, not the soul kind. Yet he was now, and the longer he seemed left to his thoughts, the more it drenched him. Helen felt as if she didn’t know how to reach him, just knew she must try.

Her hand trembled as she raised it, and lowered it on top of his. It was not a careless touch—are they ever? But first touches hold an energy of their own, and Helen felt it surging from her. Giving, she hoped, some relief. Giving and not taking. That’s what she told herself. But when he pulled his hand back from under hers, she knew it hadn’t all been a gift. She had wanted something in return.”
Corinne Beenfield, The Ocean's Daughter

Neil Bartlett
“Imagine your body becoming that of a stranger. Imagine the sensation of it being not yours, as you discover what it feels like to do this, or to have this happen to you, for the very first time. Imagine it happening with sickening slowness, or with shocking speed, that discovery.

And then imagine knowing it has come too late.”
Neil Bartlett, Skin Lane

“Most of life’s big steps require a certain muddling through, a trusting that no one really knows the magical formula for the big firsts in life [Cram, Cusi, "‘One Life to Live’ and 14 Beautiful Boys to Kiss," Cafe, January 14, 2015].”
Cusi Cram

“Like first love — or heartbreak — the first government you learn to know stays with you.”
Alex Woloch, Or Orwell

Mark Buchanan
“O My Gawd was a single black diamond.

It took me close to an hour to negotiate my descent. It was a slap-stick of pratfalls, body sprawls, flailing arms, wild careening swoops. I can still see myself as I must have looked to anyone watching - a small boy overdressed against the cold, with a parka that made him look swaddled in pillows, hollering as he came, an object of terror and humor, a spectacle of mayhem and folly, a vaudeville act of bungling and antics.

Anyhow, I survived it, in case you are wondering.”
Mark Buchanan, Spiritual Rhythm: Being with Jesus Every Season of Your Soul

Madeline Miller
“The feeling of warmth dawning from deep within, for someone's first glance, their attention, first touch; the feeling of desire, missing and craving them; the feeling of being accustomed and too familiar to them and their idea; the feeling of indifference and apathy when it seemed impossible in the beginning; the feeling of heart-break, detachment, and hatred, and the shock of having these feelings; the feeling of new spark in pitch dark life - the course of life. And though so many have walked upon it, we think it's different for us somehow... - Blaz.
"When we are young, we think ourselves the first to have each feeling in the world.”
Madeline Miller, Circe

Corinne Beenfield
“The sky was clear and the beat of the waves was almost hypnotic as Helen hung clothes on the line, watching Lyric through the flutters of dresses and blouses. In the child’s outfit of purple, she stood out against the churning waves. Each day, Lyric played in the ocean as if it was her first and last. As though she’d never seen water before, or as though tomorrow it would die and be gone. Its wonder never wore on her and Helen marveled at that, at how many things in this world would leave us utterly astounded if we weren’t so terribly used to them. Fire. Soap. Flavor in food. Though Lyric hadn’t smiled since that first day in the waves, Helen could see the child’s awe whenever she was shown something new. Her eyes would widen, and she’d give a quick gasp. Without a word, the girl had shown Helen how everything was a miracle, everything was sacred.”
Corinne Beenfield, The Ocean's Daughter