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“I was still alive. Ha! Take that kidnappers. Still alive. Maybe it was my butt that was feeding me. I always thought it was kind of round. I bet my body was eating up all the fat stores from my butt now. Yeah. See, having a big ass is a good thing. Good, good, good. They should put that in magazines. Why diet? Why stay thin? If you ever get kidnapped and left for dead, your fat ass could save your life!”
Kate Brian, Suspicion

Cherrie Lynn
“Brian must have heard the commotion, because he came up behind her and yanked the door all the way open. "You got a f**king problem with me, James?"
James, ever the type to go off all half-cocked until things started to get serious, seemed to shrink a bit. "I've got a problem with you screwing my sister, yeah."
"I suggest you get the f**k over it.”
Cherrie Lynn, Rock Me
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Cherrie Lynn
“That was the big cure-all with these people, wasn’t it? Girl got you down? Get laid. No money? Get laid. Armageddon ensuing? Get laid a lot.”
Cherrie Lynn, Rock Me

Simone Elkeles
“I'll tell you what's real. Real is that I was in jail for the past year, rooming with drug dealers and eating crap food your dog wouldn't touch. Real is not being able to wear your own frickin' underwear and showering with twenty-five other dicks every day while guards watch. Real is my next-door neighbor who walks like she's balancing on stilts because her leg is so fucked up from the accident. Brian, your perception of reality is totally off.”
Simone Elkeles, Leaving Paradise

Cherrie Lynn
“Without a conscious thought to do so, he went down on his knees in front of her, grasping both her hands. If she wouldn’t look up at him, she could
look down at him. Her tiny, surprised intake of breath caught in the air between them. He lifted her knuckles to his lips, aching so hard to touch
some part of her. “Being away from you has been…hell. I could wax poetic and tell you it’s been like being torn away from my own soul, or missing a
shard of my heart, but in the end it’s been absolute torment. I’m missing all those things if I’m not with you.”
Cherrie Lynn

Stacia Kane
“I was thinking we could get a picture of you holding a pitchfork or something. Maybe a big wooden cross? Sound good?"(Brian)

She stared at him. He lifted his hands and leaned back in his seat, as if he was afraid she might start spitting on him. "Hey, only joking."

"Very funny."

"Oh, I do love jokes." Greyson Dante stood by her side.

"Hello, Mr. Dante. I'm afraid this is a private conversation, so you will, of course, be going now."

His grin widened. Was there no way to insult the man?”
Stacia Kane, Personal Demons

Cherrie Lynn
“You always sound like you’re coping pretty well on the phone.”
“Don’t be fooled. I have to maintain at least some shred of dignity. It’s all a front for you.”
Cherrie Lynn

Louis Nowra
“Let's go get the slug gun and shoot some cats”
Louis Nowra, Summer Of The Aliens
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Armistead Maupin
“Small world, huh?”
She grinned lewdly. “Not particularly. I’d say you’ve just run out of material.”
Armistead Maupin, Tales of the City

Lioness DeWinter
“I lift his chin and gaze into his face, so darkly beautiful, and I lower my mouth to his without a word...
Sometimes, there is no need for words.
It is not a romantic kiss, but a reassuring one.
"You need to let me go, Brian..."
"And you, I, Matthias," he says sadly, as I lift my head, and gaze into the eyes of Timothy, my husband, who has silently approached us on foot, sword drawn.
As I have just stated, sometimes words are unnecessary.
Timothy looks as if the weight of the entire world has fallen upon him. His eyes are wide and solemn, his face, gaunt. One solitary tear trickles down his cheek. His wings drag on the ground, the feathers filthy and dark with mud.
"Matthias, how could you?!" he whispers huskily. "You...of all people...betray me, with a...with a kiss?"
I open my mouth to protest, but no words emerge. Indeed, what can I say?”
Lioness DeWinter, Southern Cross

Lioness DeWinter
“Obadiah and I were married on that lanai," I tell him "--the night before Timothy was resurrected. I thought that I'd be with him forever…I thought that I was his, and that he was mine...I thought, I-I-I thought--"
"Shhhhhh," Arik reassures me. "I understand now, I do…Benediction made me feel much the same way, Ja? I felt that there was no life without him…but there is, Brian...don't you see? I forgave Beni' everything, even when he hurt me; even when he killed me. Well, not this time. Never again. It does not mean that I don't love him--I will always love him--but I love myself, too. At last, I love me. That's what I have to show you as your brother and your friend, Dear.”
Lioness DeWinter, Corinthians

Lioness DeWinter
“But what about my house in Heaven?" I asked, my tone soft and piteous. "Whatever would I do there? It's filled with my memories of Obadiah. We built it together with our own hands. We laid the marble and carved the statues. I sewed the curtains, the bedclothes and the tapestries. I even created the flowers and the landscaping which surrounded our grand mansion beside the sea…" I begin to sob, and Arik pulls me close. I rest my cheek against his chest and close my eyes. "Wh-When we first got to Heaven--me an' Obadiah--we were all each other had. Everyone else was still down on earth, mournin' us. Our physical bodies had been destroyed by Hana's guillotines. Timothy knew that his own death was comin', and he had specifically asked for the two of us to go and make a place for him in Heaven. When we arrived, Heaven was beautiful, but empty. I was suddenly able to see again, and the colors…my heart just danced, y'know? I began to create right away: houses, flowers, animals…it was glorious. I was never happier. It filled up my heart and pushed out the anguish an' guilt that I felt about leavin' all of you behind on earth to suffer. Obadiah and I were filled with so much joy then. I had never seen him so happy. An' the horses, Arik…the horses were his…beautiful, winged creatures, completely dedicated to him, but forever free...he would never have dreamed of restraining them. We would sit on the lanai and watch them...these beautiful creatures, who had nothing in their hearts but love…"
I snuggle closer as he presses my head against his chest and weeps with me.”
Lioness DeWinter, Corinthians

Lioness DeWinter
“Matty, you are crazy, cuckoo, banana-crackers!”
Lioness DeWinter, Southern Cross

Lioness DeWinter
“...But I am the most horrified at the slim young man who is upon his knees, clad in the same white trousers as I, his long, black hair framing his face like soft, shining curtains as he rests his head on his clasped, shackled hands and prays.

"Brian," I sob, my anguish causing my voice to break. "I don't want you in this place..."

He raises his head and pulls me down beside him. His sightless eyes seem to look straight into mine.

"You aren't alone anymore, Obadiah," he says gently. I weep, and take him back against me the best that I can, with my shackled wrists, and we rest against one another...two vessels ready for the last journey.

"I couldn't let you go without me, 'Baddy," he says softly. "I'd never find a love like yours again, even if I lived for a million years! There is only one you. When a person is gifted with a love like this, it should be defended at all costs..."

I weep then, for real...for this precious child, who will pay the ultimate price for loving he must love me, indeed...”
Lioness DeWinter, Southern Cross