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Stacia Kane
“I was thinking we could get a picture of you holding a pitchfork or something. Maybe a big wooden cross? Sound good?"(Brian)

She stared at him. He lifted his hands and leaned back in his seat, as if he was afraid she might start spitting on him. "Hey, only joking."

"Very funny."

"Oh, I do love jokes." Greyson Dante stood by her side.

"Hello, Mr. Dante. I'm afraid this is a private conversation, so you will, of course, be going now."

His grin widened. Was there no way to insult the man?”
Stacia Kane, Personal Demons

Neal Shusterman
“But Morrison put up his hands in instant surrender. "Leave me out of this," he said. "I'm not going up against Scythe Anastasia.”
Neal Shusterman, The Toll

“You're perfect exactly the way you are."
I smiled again and let my eyes fall shut. "Damn straight.”
Aimee Carter, Queen

L.A. Fiore
“Class was almost over, thankfully. Right before the bell rang a girl entered the classroom, the same chick that had cornered Greyson in the hall that first day. She hadn't really, but I rewrote that scene to one I liked better. Mr. Price had already retired to his desk. He looked exhausted.

"Alexis Owens?" I was focused on the pink paper in her hand. My flyer. This couldn't be good.


She turned the paper over. It was the LOST CAT flyer. I chuckled then realized the chick looked about ready to cry. Didn't she know you couldn't believe everything you read on a bulletin board?

"Did anyone claim him?"

Before I could answer her, her focus shifted to Greyson. My jaw might have dropped, but his chick did not walk into our class with a bogus flyer just to get a look at Greyson? By the way she was licking her lips, yes, she had. I had to give it to her; she was bold.

I glanced over at the object of her obsession only to find he was looking at me. That sweet burn moved down my spine in the most pleasant way. Maybe she wasn't so crazy walking in here to get a look at him. If I wasn't such a coward, I'd take the opportunity to talk to him but I was glued to my seat.

I watched every move he made. I wasn't much better than the chick. He headed for the door, but as he passed the girl he said, "I claimed him. Cat is a delicacy in Ireland."

Those pale eyes glanced back at me and he winked before he walked from class.”
L.A. Fiore, Our Unscripted Story