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Criss Jami
“A rumor is a social cancer: it is difficult to contain and it rots the brains of the masses. However, the real danger is that so many people find rumors enjoyable. That part causes the infection. And in such cases when a rumor is only partially made of truth, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the information may have gone wrong. It is passed on and on until some brave soul questions its validity; that brave soul refuses to bite the apple and let the apple eat him. Forced to start from scratch for the sake of purity and truth, that brave soul, figuratively speaking, fully amputates the information in order to protect his personal judgment. In other words, his ignorance is to be valued more than the lie believed to be true.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

C.L.R. James
“When history is written as it ought to be written, it is the moderation and long patience of the masses at which men will wonder, not their ferocity.”
C.L.R. James, The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L'Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution

Scott Westerfeld
“History would indicate that the majority of people have always been sheep.”
Scott Westerfeld, Uglies

Criss Jami
“If I were to vote, I would intentionally vote for the goofiest candidate. It is my theory that when the people can outwit the leader, the more respected their voices will be.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Pooja Agnihotri
“A wrong product will make you a part of the crowd, but the right product will set you apart.”
Pooja Agnihotri, 17 Reasons Why Businesses Fail :Unscrew Yourself From Business Failure

“Since the earliest days of our youth, we have been conditioned to accept that the direction of the herd, and authority anywhere — is always right.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Raymond Williams
“[T]here are in fact no masses, but only ways of seeing people as masses.”
Raymond Williams, Resources of Hope: Culture, Democracy, Socialism

“Pragmatically speaking, I like the fact that the masses vote, abuse drugs, believe in Jesus, follow sports, and worship a flag. They are tools of social engineering that keep the many-too-many sedate, pacified, and out of many people's hair (chiefly, my own).”
Matt Paradise, Bearing The Devil's Mark

“A conscious human is driven by their conscience, not popular opinion.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Ayn Rand
“But I still wonder how it was possible, in those graceless years of transition, long ago, that men did not see whither they were going, and went on, in blindness and cowardice”
Ayn Rand, Anthem

“Too much elite education renders a person unpractical. And tell you what? The highly educated people are further away from reality than the less educated ones. I would rather rely on the opinion of a less educated poor person who constantly deals with people, than an overly educated idiot who views this world only through an academic lens while sitting alone on his comfy couch.”
Abhaidev, The Influencer: Speed Must Have a Limit

Christina Engela
“It's not in the interests of the self-serving government to educate the masses to the point where they are smart enough to see through the bullshit - because then people will be too smart to vote for them again.”
Christina Engela

“Funny, isn’t it? We middle-class people secretly want that the poor should remain poor, as poverty is a necessary condition for an easy supply of servants. Yet out in the open, we pretend that the penury of the masses concerns us deeply. We hide who we are and wear masks. All of us.”
Abhaidev, The Influencer: Speed Must Have a Limit

“The world of conspiracy theories is one where stupid people dismiss the expertise of highly qualified people, and attribute to these experts a wicked desire to lie to and gull the masses. In other words, they portray experts as sinister enemies of the people. Conspiracy theories reflect the increasingly prevalent notion that the average, uneducated person is always right – can always see the real truth of a situation – while the educated experts are always wrong because they are deliberately lying to the people to further a conspiracy by the elite against the people. It is increasingly being perceived as a “sin”, a crime, to be smart, to be an expert. Average people do not like smart people, do not trust them, and are happy to regard them as nefarious conspirators. They are constructing a fantasy world where the idiot is always right and honest, and anyone who opposes the idiot always wrong and dishonest. A global Confederacy of Dunces is being established, whose cretinous values are transmitted by bizarre memes that crisscross the internet at a dizzying speed, and which are always accepted uncritically as the finest nuggets of truth. Woe betide anyone who challenges the Confederacy. They will be immediately trolled.”
Joe Dixon, Dumbocalypse Now: The First Dunning-Kruger President

Mehmet Murat ildan
“If a country has a fascist leader, this is a great horror for that country; but there is much greater horror: The existence of ignorant and unethical masses who support that primitive leader!”
Mehmet Murat ildan
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Steven Magee
“Many of us in the early days of COVID-19 realized there was a fool in the White House spewing lies to the masses.”
Steven Magee

“Politics is cheap if you use it wisely.”
Saminu Kanti

Samir Satam
“The trouble begins when a group of people are conditioned in different ways to believe that their heritage is superior to that of others. That is a dangerous kind of conditioning, especially in a country like ours that has a shared heritage. However, many people have convinced themselves about the supremacy of their mythologies over the ideas that their mythologies are trying to convey. So, while our epics warn us against arrogance, we embody the same arrogance to promote our religions. In a way, that is self-defeating. Many of us are stuck up in stagnancy of pride over our heritage, without taking the pain of diving deeper in ancient ideas to understand the essence of those epics. Only if we did, we would realize that in almost every country, majority of the population is brainwashed to commit the same mistake that their holy books warned them against, while ironically celebrating mythological as well as historical figures with empty hero worship.”
Samir Satam, Litost: Sliced Stories

Steven Magee
“I have dedicated my life to educating the masses about what their corrupt government does not want them to understand.”
Steven Magee

Abhijit Naskar
“Sleeping masses make a regressive democracy, whereas thinking masses make a progressive democracy.”
Abhijit Naskar, Time to End Democracy: The Meritocratic Manifesto

Gustave Le Bon
“Between the extreme limits of this series would find a place all the forms of prestige resulting from the different elements composing a civilisation -- sciences, arts, literature, &c. -- and it would be seen that prestige constitutes the fundamental element of persuasion. Consciously or not, the being, the idea, or the thing possessing prestige is immediately imitated in consequence of contagion, and forces an entire generation to adopt certain modes of feeling and of giving expression to its thought. This imitation, moreover, is, as a rule, unconscious, which accounts for the fact that it is perfect. The modern painters who copy the pale colouring and the stiff attitudes of some of the Primitives are scarcely alive to the source of their inspiration. They believe in their own sincerity, whereas, if an eminent master had not revived this form of art, people would have continued blind to all but its naïve and inferior sides. Those artists who, after the manner of another illustrious master, inundate their canvasses with violet shades do not see in nature more violet than was detected there fifty years ago; but they are influenced, "suggestioned," by the personal and special impressions of a painter who, in spite of this eccentricity, was successful in acquiring great prestige. Similar examples might be brought forward in connection with all the elements of civilisation.

It is seen from what precedes that a number of factors may be concerned in the genesis of prestige; among them success was always one of the most important.
Every successful man, every idea that forces itself into recognition, ceases, ipso facto, to be called in question. The proof that success is one of the principal stepping-stones to prestige is that the disappearance of the one is almost always followed by the disappearance of the other. The hero whom the crowd acclaimed yesterday is insulted to-day should he have been overtaken by failure. The re-action, indeed, will be the stronger in proportion as the prestige has been great. The crowd in this case considers the fallen hero as an equal, and takes its revenge for having bowed to a superiority whose existence it no longer admits.”
Gustave Le Bon, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind

Criss Jami
“Even by itself, the raw strength of deception is yet its own deception. Whereas the truth might become obscured by such, deception is limited to gaining any real power strictly through the masses, those high volumes of large numbers and subtle repetition.”
Criss Jami

Simon Brass
“Everybody knows that conspiracy theories are false flags disseminated by agents of the Deep State. They are used to distract the masses from the real events that the Government is concealing from us daily.”
Simon Brass, Lamentations on the Nothingness of Being

“There is no end to protest until there is an end to oppression”
Oluseyi Akinbami

“Yes, the Illuminati have always sought a New World Order. Humanity cries out for it. Isn’t it time to abolish the old, failed ways that have enslaved so many billions? The Illuminati have incurred the enmity of all those who prosper from the Old World Order: the rich, privileged elites, the religious leaders who deceive their flocks (of sheep), and the paranoid, ill educated idiots (all the brainwashed anti-New World Order conspiracy theory nuts who don’t see that the New World Order is their only hope of liberation).”
Michael Faust, The Hidden Masters

“Today the elite - those who think of themselves as such - would be more likely to favor the garbage than the masses would. But they think they're holding the standards up by doing so. It's the movement toward modernism, in which all the old values have been inverted.”
Andrew MacDonald, Hunter

“The taste of the masses isn't for structured music, it's for rhythm. Primitive music, Black music, has had a big influence in determining what's played on the radio, because the radio audience is more primitive in tastes than the concert audiences were.”
Andrew MacDonald, Hunter

“Many say that this agenda of theirs [the New Atheists] is wholly their own fault, especially for the leaders but to our own dismay, one cannot simply point the finger so unilaterally. You see, their avarice is not just their own, it is born of hunger unsatisfied. If they act like Uncle Screwtape, it is because of the bland tasteless spiritual foods that corporate and illiterate religion has fed the masses for so long”
L.B. Ó Ceallaigh, The Bifrost and The Ark: Examining the Cult and Religion of New Atheism

Sol Luckman
“You just need to be convincing enough to fool the public. That’s easy.”
Sol Luckman, Cali the Destroyer

Friedrich Nietzsche
“The great man of the masses. It is easy to give the recipe for what the masses call a great man. By all means, supply them with something that they find very pleasant, or, first, put the idea into their heads that this or that would be very pleasant, and then give it to them. But on no account immediately: let it rather be won with great exertion, or let it seem so. The masses must have the impression that a mighty, indeed invincible, strength of will is present; at least it must be seen to be there. Everyone admires a strong will, because no one has it, and everyone tells himself that, if he had it, there would be no more limits for him and his egoism. Now, if it appears that this strong will is producing something very unpleasant for the masses, instead of listening to its own covetous desires, then everyone admires it all the more, and congratulates himself. For the rest, let him have all the characteristics of the masses: the less they are ashamed before him, the more popular he is. So, let him be violent, envious, exploitative, scheming, fawning, grovelling, puffed up, or, according to the circumstances, all of the above.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human: A Book for Free Spirits

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