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Criss Jami
“Love may be harder to find in some people, but when they do love you know it must be something marvelous.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

José Ortega y Gasset
“To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand. This is the sport, the luxury, special to the intellectual man. The gesture characteristic of his tribe consists in looking at the world with eyes wide open in wonder. Everything in the world is strange and marvelous to well-open eyes.”
José Ortega y Gasset, The Revolt of the Masses

Cassandra Clare
“Oh no, Raphael, please don't leave me," Magnus said in a monotone. "Where would I be without the light of your sweet smile? If you go, I will throw myself upon the ground and weep."
"Will you?" asked Raphael, raising one thin eyebrow. "Because if you do, I will stay and watch the show.”
Cassandra Clare, Saving Raphael Santiago

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“There was a pause. Then she smiled and the corners of her mouth drooped and an almost imperceptible sway brought her closer to him, looking up into his eyes. A lump rose in Dexter's throat, and he waited breathless for the experiment, facing the unpredictable compound that would form mysteriously from the elements of their lips. Then he saw--she communicated her excitement to him, lavishly, deeply, with kisses that were not a promise but a fulfillment. They aroused in him not hunger demanding renewal but surfeit that would demand more surfeit . . . kisses that were like charity, creating want by holding back nothing at all.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Winter Dreams

Bryant McGill
“Don't allow others to make you feel small. You came to this world to grow and to explore and touch the miracles and marvels of life.”
Bryant McGill, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

“Supernatural fiction contains its own generic borderland: a neutral territory, which Tzvetan Todorov calls 'the fantastic,' between 'the marvelous' and 'the uncanny.' According to Todorov, 'The fantastic is that hesitation experienced by a person who knows only the laws of nature, confronting an apparently supernatural event.' Once the event is satisfactorily explained (and sometimes it is never explained), we have left the fantastic for an adjacent genre - either 'the uncanny,' where the apparently supernatural is revealed as illusory, or 'the marvelous,' where the laws of ordinary reality must be revised to incorporate the supernatural. As long as uncertainty reigns, however, we are in the ambiguous realm of the fantastic.”
Howard Kerr, The Haunted Dusk

Will Advise
“#Cats are marvelous creatures - they either adapt to circumstances, or decide to make circumstances adapt to them. Either way - they win.”
Will Advise, Nothing is here...

Charles A. Lindbergh
“Wheter outwardly or inwardly, wheter in space or time, the farther we penetrate the unknown, the vaster and more marvelous it becomes.”
Charles A. Lindbergh

Travis Thrasher
“Home should never be dark or full of shadows and secrets. It should be bright and full of open doors. It should be full of stories wanting to be told.”
Travis Thrasher, Marvelous

Kamand Kojouri
“The guilt you felt
when you were smiling
and others were suffering,
the guilt you felt
when you were petty with friends
and impatient with your parents,
when you were rude to your teachers
and didn’t stand up for strangers,
that guilt
is marvellous.
It proves that you are human,
that you want to be better.
Thank this guilt for teaching you,
for making you aware.
And now endeavour to better yourself.
It is a lifelong work to become
the person we want to be.”
Kamand Kojouri

“In any event, whether a supernatural tale remains altogether fantastic or eventually modulates to the uncanny or the marvelous, the reader is faced with disconcerting ontological and perceptual problems.

Indeed, the disorienting effect of the supernatural encounter in fiction seems to reflect some deeper disorientations in the culture at large.”
Howard Kerr, The Haunted Dusk

Kamand Kojouri
“Your omnipresence is marvellous!
I breathe and you enter me.
I exhale and enter into you.”
Kamand Kojouri

“Ophelia,' said the boy. He said it very quietly. She didn't like the way he said that at all. He sounded sad and as though he expected more from her.
'And how do you know my name anyways?' she said. 'I never told you it, not once.'
'I heard it once, a long time ago.'
He was full of mysterious sentences like that.”
Karen Foxlee, Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy

Travis Thrasher
“You can stand in the middle of a street and let the drops fall on you and feel refreshed. It's like God's little sprinkler.”
Travis Thrasher, Marvelous

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“I pray that I am sufficiently stirred by the rumor of great things to seek the God who created this single thread that I am, and to marvel at a vision magnificent enough to cause this God to weave from this single thread a tapestry most resplendent.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough, An Intimate Collision: Encounters with Life and Jesus

Travis Thrasher
“Suddenly, I can't move. I can't speak. I am set in stone, but it's a glorious chiseled sort of stone.”
Travis Thrasher, Wonder

Deyth Banger
“Everything have something overall, everything says something about something about something, like the words the new you check out this word and you must check out this word because you don't know it and then you must this and this...
The same is here, there is some kind a string, but who will find the rope??
Who will pull the rope, who will remove this invisible wall which blocks the incrediable and spectacular stuff?”
Deyth Banger

Travis Thrasher
“I think of this girl, this bright light coming from such a dark place. I know that the things she believes about God and the Bible and hope and all that are very real to her. They're not nice sayings on Twitter just to fill a box. They're the things she truly believes.

I'm not sure I'm ready to rejoice, and I'm not quite ready to pray.

The cool thing is that Marvel knows this. She knows this and doesn't seem to mind.”
Travis Thrasher, Wonder

Travis Thrasher
“So yeah, maybe this will be the rest of our lives. Pot roast and Diet Cokes and my parents making eyes at each other. As for those slaps and punches and hateful words, we'll just sweep those under the rug or wherever they can go.”
Travis Thrasher, Wonder

Travis Thrasher
“There are a thousand beautiful things behind that look. A marvelous sort of ache that only a few people know about. Some miraculous sort of sorrow she's managed to walk away from.”
Travis Thrasher, Marvelous

Israelmore Ayivor
“People who achieve marvelously in critical challenges are commended than people who achieve same things on the silver platter.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Frontpage: Leadership Insights from 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Thoughts