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“As Hamlet said to Ophelia, ”God has given you one face, and you make yourself another." The battle between these two halves of identity...Who we are and who we pretend to be, is unwinnable. "Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to every person. One that we reveal to the world and another we keep hidden inside. A duality governed by the balance of light and darkness, within each of us is the capacity for both good and evil. But those who are able to blur the moral dividing line hold the true power.”
Emily Thorne

William Shakespeare
“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember; and there is pansies, that’s for thoughts...
There’s fennel for you, and columbines; there’s rue for you, and here’s some for me; we may call it herb of grace o’ Sundays. O, you must wear your rue with a difference. There’s a daisy. I would give you some violets, but they wither’d all when my father died. They say he made a good end,— [Sings.]
“For bonny sweet Robin is all my joy.”
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

William Shakespeare
“Tis in my memory lock'd,
And you yourself shall keep the key of it.”
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Lisa Mantchev
“I always walked the ragged edge.”
Lisa Mantchev, Eyes Like Stars

William Shakespeare
“When down her weedy trophies and herself
Fell in the weeping brook. Her clothes spread wide;
And, mermaid-like, awhile they bore her up:
Which time she chanted snatches of old tunes;
As one incapable of her own distress,
Or like a creature native and indued
Unto that element: but long it could not be
Till that her garments, heavy with their drink,
Pull’d the poor wretch from her melodious lay
To muddy death.

William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Arthur Rimbaud

On the calm black water where the stars are sleeping
White Ophelia floats like a great lily;
Floats very slowly, lying in her long veils...
- In the far-off woods you can hear them sound the mort.

For more than a thousand years sad Ophelia
Has passed, a white phantom, down the long black river.
For more than a thousand years her sweet madness
Has murmured its ballad to the evening breeze.

The wind kisses her breasts and unfolds in a wreath
Her great veils rising and falling with the waters;
The shivering willows weep on her shoulder,
The rushes lean over her wide, dreaming brow.

The ruffled water-lilies are sighing around her;
At times she rouses, in a slumbering alder,
Some nest from which escapes a small rustle of wings;
- A mysterious anthem falls from the golden stars.


O pale Ophelia! beautiful as snow!
Yes child, you died, carried off by a river!
- It was the winds descending from the great mountains of Norway
That spoke to you in low voices of better freedom.

It was a breath of wind, that, twisting your great hair,
Brought strange rumors to your dreaming mind;
It was your heart listening to the song of Nature
In the groans of the tree and the sighs of the nights;

It was the voice of mad seas, the great roar,
That shattered your child's heart, too human and too soft;
It was a handsome pale knight, a poor madman
Who one April morning sate mute at your knees!

Heaven! Love! Freedom! What a dream, oh poor crazed Girl!
You melted to him as snow does to a fire;
Your great visions strangled your words
- And fearful Infinity terrified your blue eye!


- And the poet says that by starlight
You come seeking, in the night, the flowers that you picked
And that he has seen on the water, lying in her long veils
White Ophelia floating, like a great lily.”
Arthur Rimbaud, A Season in Hell and The Drunken Boat

Eugene O'Neill
“The Mad Scene. Enter Ophelia!”
Eugene O'Neill, Long Day's Journey into Night

William Shakespeare
“You speak like a green girl / unsifted in such perilous circumstances.”
William Shakespeare

Georges Rodenbach
“She sinks. She sinks in holy sadness. Like an Ophelia in tears she sinks”
Georges Rodenbach

William Shakespeare
“...O, woe is me, To have seen what I have seen, see what I see!”
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Abbi Glines
“It’s about finding your own twisted perfection, letting yourself fall too far and
taking a chance. If you’ve done all that. You have no reason to give up. Not now.”
Abbi Glines, Because of Lila

William Shakespeare
“[...] we know what we are, but know not
what we may be.”
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Nenia Campbell
“She had killed and she had liked it, and he surely would have delighted to see her as she was now. Half-mad and fading fast, every inch the Gothic heroine that he’d envisioned. Ophelia, floating dead in the water and haunted by ghosts. Lilith, crafted from the earth instead of as a subjugate of the flesh, drawn to the fiercely blazing beauty of an angel only to find that the brilliant light singed as cruelly as the fires of hell. A fallen woman, drawn to her Lucifer. A cautionary tale to those who refused to bend to the natural order and fell in love with the wrong kind of man.”
Nenia Campbell, Escape

Don Winslow
“He feels
adrift in his life. Purposeless, perhaps because
—dig a well in the Sudan and thejanjaweed come in and shoot the people anyway
—buy mosquito nets and the boys
you save grow up to
—rape women
—set up cottage industries in Myanmar and the army
—steals them and uses the women as slaves and
Ben is starting to be afraid that he is starting to share Chon’s opinion of the human species
that people are basically
Don Winslow

William Shakespeare
“She speaks much of her father; says she hears
There’s tricks i’ the world; and hems, and beats her heart;
Spurns enviously at straws; speaks things in doubt,
That carry but half sense.

William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Don Winslow
“The boys quiet until Ben looks across the table at Chon, holds his thumb and index finger a millimeter apart, and says, “We’re that close to being gay.”
They laugh for half an hour.
Collective dicks”
Don Winslow

Don Winslow
“In his mind’s eye, though, he sees—
moving like scorpions across a similar landscape
his own caravan blown to shit
blood streaming from buddies
Now I’m one of them
He sights in again.
No time for
Lack of PTSD
He only hopes that
Gentle Ben
Increase-the-Peace Ben
is one of them, too, now.
Now, Ben.
Find your inner Taliban.”
Don Winslow

Karen Foxlee
“Ophelia,' said the boy. He said it very quietly. She didn't like the way he said that at all. He sounded sad and as though he expected more from her.
'And how do you know my name anyways?' she said. 'I never told you it, not once.'
'I heard it once, a long time ago.'
He was full of mysterious sentences like that.”
Karen Foxlee, Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy

Phar West Nagle
“They think thee mad? I'll show thou mad, my lord.”
Phar West Nagle

Christelle Dabos
“She kissed his scars, first the one cutting through his eyebrow, then the one cutting into his cheek, and finally the one cutting across his temple. With each contact, Thorn's eyes widened. His muscles, conversely, tightened.
"Fifty-six." He cleared his throat to make his voice less hoarse. Ophelia had never seen him so intimidated, despite his efforts not to show it.
"Thats the number of my scars."
She closed and then reopened her eyes. She felt it again, even more violently, this urgent call from inside her. "Show them to me.”
Christelle Dabos, La Mémoire de Babel

Karl Jaspers
“Even truth can be deceptive, whatever its appearance.”
Karl Jaspers, Tragedy Is Not Enough

Agatha Christie
“Clotilde, Miss Marple thought, was certainly no Ophelia, but she would have made a magnificent Clytemnestra---she could have stabbed a husband in his bath with exultation. But since she had never had a husband, that solution wouldn’t do. Miss Marple could not see her murdering anyone else but a husband---and there had been no
Agamemnon in this house.”
Agatha Christie, Nemesis

Emine Sevgi Özdamar
“Hamlet ist besoffen und kriegt seine gespielten Orgasmen, Ophelia sagt zu ihm: "Hamlet, tue nicht so - gib dir nicht Mühe, ich weiß, du willst gerade an dein Morgen, wo du dir dein Begräbnis vorstellst, denken - aber du denkst, daß du bei der Sparkasse vorbeigehen sollst und vom Delikatessenladen den Espresso-Cafe holen sollst, weil du denkst - warum nicht, wenn ich es mir leisten kann, dann willst du mit deiner Mama telephonieren, weil sie jemand kennt, der die Adresse weiß von einer Dreizimmerwohnung, und du willst deinen Lieblingskäse holen, bevor du mit deiner Mutter telephonierst.”
Emine Sevgi Özdamar

“Othello, Ophelia and Timon have not committed suicide. Iago, Hamlet, Polonius, Laertes and the society respectively drive them mad and ultimately murder them by using ‘words’ only!”
Md. Ziaul Haque

“The ‘words’ have the power to kill! They are similar to destructive weapons such as, knives, pistols, bombs and so on.”
Md. Ziaul Haque

“The ‘words’ are so powerful that anyone can drive others mad by using them cunningly. If someone commits suicide after being so hurt by someone else’s words, then it does not remain ‘suicide’ and turns into a ‘murder’!”
Md. Ziaul Haque