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Rainer Maria Rilke
“Destiny itself is like a wonderful wide tapestry in which every thread is guided by an unspeakable tender hand, placed beside another thread and held and carried by a hundred others.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

China Miéville
“Its substance was known to me. The crawling infinity of colours, the chaos of textures that went into each strand of that eternally complex tapestry…each one resonated under the step of the dancing mad god, vibrating and sending little echoes of bravery, or hunger, or architecture, or argument, or cabbage or murder or concrete across the aether. The weft of starlings’ motivations connected to the thick, sticky strand of a young thief’s laugh. The fibres stretched taut and glued themselves solidly to a third line, its silk made from the angles of seven flying buttresses to a cathedral roof. The plait disappeared into the enormity of possible spaces.

Every intention, interaction, motivation, every colour, every body, every action and reaction, every piece of physical reality and the thoughts that it engendered, every connection made, every nuanced moment of history and potentiality, every toothache and flagstone, every emotion and birth and banknote, every possible thing ever is woven into that limitless, sprawling web.

It is without beginning or end. It is complex to a degree that humbles the mind. It is a work of such beauty that my soul wept...

..I have danced with the spider. I have cut a caper with the dancing mad god.”
China Miéville, Perdido Street Station

A.J. Darkholme
“Trust is not a gasoline-soaked blanket that succumbs to the matches of betrayal, never able to be used for its warmth again; it’s a tapestry that wears thin in places, but can be patched over if you have the right materials, circumstances, and patience to repair it. If you don’t, you’re always the one who feels the coldest when winter comes.”
A.J. Darkholme, Rise of the Morningstar

Maria Augusta von Trapp
“It will be very interesting one day to follow the pattern of our life as it is spread out like a beautiful tapestry. As long as we live here we see only the reverse side of the weaving, and very often the pattern, with its threads running wildly, doesn't seem to make sense. Some day, however, we shall understand.
In looking back over the years we can discover how a red thread goes through the pattern of our life: the Will of God.”
Maria von Trapp

Alexis  Hall
“The tapestry of my life was a ruin of unravelling threads. The brightest parts were a nonsensical madman's weaving. And now every day was a grey stitch, laid down with an outpatient's patience, one following the next following the next, a story in lines, like a railway track to nowhere, telling absolutely nothing.”
Alexis Hall, Glitterland

Francine Rivers
“We're each single threads woven together in a tapestry God has created. Only he sees the full picture, but not even a sparrow falls without his knowing.”
Francine Rivers, A Voice in the Wind

Tracy Chevalier
“Warp threads are thicker than the weft, and made of a coarser wool as well. I think of them as like wives. Their work is not obvious - all you can see are the ridges they make under the colorful weft threads. But if they weren't there, there would be no tapestry. Georges would unravel without me.”
Tracy Chevalier, The Lady and the Unicorn

Michele Jennae
“On the great canvas of time
We all create our own masterpiece.

Choreographing our steps across minutes and hours
Dancing over the days
Painting pictures over months and
Writing our stories on the years.
Singing our songs that echo across eons.

We are all a thread in the talent tapestry.
A snapshot in the cosmic, collective collage.”
Michele Jennae

Courtney M. Privett
“Our lives were a complex tapestry, and our woven strands were only meant to intersect at a small number of points in the time-conceived whole. An embroidered starburst, a missed warp, a complicated notion on the loom of time. We were always together, but meant to live our majorities apart, two golden threads wandering through a haunted textile life.”
Courtney M. Privett, Mayfly Requiem

Shilpa Agarwal
“If only certain things had been preventable, his life would have unfurled in front of him as intended, like a lush Oriental carpet. No surprises, no detours. Just a thick tapestry of days and nights that at the end of his time on earth, he could roll up and proudly claim as his own.”
Shilpa Agarwal, Haunting Bombay

Sheldon L. Glashow
“Tapestries are made by many artisans working together. The contributions of separate workers cannot be discerned in the completed work, and the loose and false threads have been covered over. So it is in our picture of particle physics.”
Sheldon L. Glashow

Ashim Shanker
“Human freedom brings with it the burden of choice and of its consequences. As humankind is akin to claim for its own special privilege a certain unique destiny not afforded with equal measure to other organisms, so must it further—if paradoxically so—entertain the assumption that, in spite of this glorious determinism, there persists nonetheless a thread of free will—or, at the very least, some vague delusion thereof—woven seamlessly into the tapestry of collective experience. Of course, this conception that destiny is to be forged by one’s own hands more often engenders greater restriction than it does greater extension to the potential of human happiness.”
Ashim Shanker, Sinew of the Social Species

Dean Koontz
“Not everything that happens during the day is an open portending a good or evil development in the future, but everything has meaning to one degree or another, for the world is an ever-weaving tapestry from which no thread can be pulled without destroying the integrity of the cloth.”
Dean Koontz, Deeply Odd

Eve O. Schaub
“As I worked I continued to be a bit terrified in the back of my mind that it would be awful in the end, a big mishmash of nothing in particular, and there I would be, having wasted a whole week of my life destroying things I wanted to keep.

But I should have trusted the long history of women who've come before me making rag rugs from everything that wasn't nailed down because it wasn't like that at all. Instead it was like a big, incredible tapestry that just happened to--if you could decipher it--tell a million little stories from my life. I could look at it and see my old lace slip and the girls' party dresses and my high school rainbow tie-dyes, the Irish kilt and the Halloween clown pants and so many, many other things. It was all in there somewhere.

I felt like the miller's daughter in the fairy tale, the one who stays up all night spinning straw into gold. But who needs yellow metal, anyway? The was way better.”
Eve O. Schaub, Year of No Clutter

Elizabeth Camden
“God has created a huge, complex tapestry with our lives. It's got shadows and darkness shot through with highlights of gold. We can never go back and undo those threads and weave them into something else.”
Elizabeth Camden, A Gilded Lady

“Time unfolds beauty, wonder, and mystery to reveal the auspicious tapestry of life.”
A.D. Posey

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
“Now is the time to enliven, ennoble and enrich your life's tapestry.”
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Karen Witemeyer
“His gaze slid toward the back of the sanctuary and collided with Joanna, standing silently in the doorway. You...Crockett's voice tapered off.
For a moment, all he could do was stare. Her rapt attention, the tiny smile that brought into relief the freckles dusting her cheekbones, the way the light passed through the doorway behind her to see her hair ablaze beneath the prim straw bonnet she wore. Yet it was her inner light that captured him the most. The serenity of her features. The glow in her blue eyes. This was a woman of authentic spirituality. No wonder the Master Weaver had chosen her to be the central thread to anchor his new tapestry.”
Karen Witemeyer, Stealing the Preacher

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“I pray that I am sufficiently stirred by the rumor of great things to seek the God who created this single thread that I am, and to marvel at a vision magnificent enough to cause this God to weave from this single thread a tapestry most resplendent.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough, An Intimate Collision: Encounters with Life and Jesus

“Beauty is a wonderful tapestry embroidered by the many single threads woven together by the unspeakable tender hand of God.”
Joseph Jacson K.

“As I look at my life from the back side of the tapestry, I can see from the canvas of time that each single threads of my life was necessary.
It's these threads woven together that soar to repair an older and tattered pieces of mine into a beautiful design.”
Joseph Jacson K.

Kate Forsyth
“I did not really listen, fixing my eyes on the nearest tapestry, which showed a white unicorn sitting with its front hooves in the lap of a fair-haired maiden in a gorgeous medieval gown. The embroidered grass was studded with flowers, and the two overarching trees were hung with pomegranates. Small beasts- rabbits and squirrels and badgers- watched from the shelter of the forest, not noticing the hunters creeping closer with their dogs and spears. I stared at this tapestry for an hour every day and still I found new things in it- a nest of baby birds, a hunter who looked sad, a ladybird on a leaf.”
Kate Forsyth, Bitter Greens

“Now is our time to enliven, ennoble and unfold the auspicious flair of our youth.”
Joseph Jacson K.

“As I look at my life from the back side of the tapestry, I can see from the canvas of time that each single threads of my life was necessary. It's these threads woven together that soar to repair an older and tattered piece of me into a beautiful design.”
Joseph Jacson K.

Rebecca Mezoff
“At its simplest, weaving involves two sets of threads: weft threads and warp threads. The warp threads are held tightly by a device called a loom. The process of weaving involves passing a weft thread over and under successive warp threads. This is the basic procedure to weave most kinds of cloth. In tapestry weaving, the warps are spaced widely enough that the weft slides down over them and completely hides the warp. Because the warp is hidden and the image we see is created by the weft alone, the weaving is called weft-faced.”
Rebecca Mezoff, The Art of Tapestry Weaving: A Complete Guide to Mastering the Techniques for Making Images with Yarn

Michael Vito Tosto
“I sometimes think the entire human species is just a fucked-up tapestry woven out of little particles of prolonged sadness, living next to one another in sustained dissonance, reacting to each other and to the bitter truths of the Universe, replicating themselves and their sorrow on and on and on, with no end in sight save for the virus that finally wipes us and our grotesque dysfunction from the surface of the planet once and for all.”
Michael Vito Tosto, Elsewhere and Otherwise: Essays