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Marie Lu
“Clouds suit my mood just fine.”
Marie Lu, Champion

Karen Marie Moning
“Dubh is do?" I was incredulous. It was no wonder I hadn't been able to find the stupid word. "Should I be
calling pubs poos?"
"Dubh is Gaelic, Ms. Lane. Pub is not.”
Karen Marie Moning, Darkfever

“Stars are everything and nothing that we think they are.
They are their own world, but through an act of will we make them part of ours. They are the diamonds of the gods, the lights at a stadium where angels play a midnight game of baseball.
They’re fairy farts that have been set ablaze! Mostly, they’re just an untouchable beauty that’s so far away, it’s the only place safe enough to store our secret hopes and dreams. When we see a shooting start, we all make a wish. But what nobody admits is how afraid they are of actually catching something that fell from heaven. I’m not afraid to burn.
J.M. Evans

Jack Gilbert
“It is foolish for Rubens to show her simpering. They were clearly guilty and did her much sorrow.”
Jack Gilbert, Collected Poems