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Lauren Kate
“I don't understand what you're still doing here."
She blinked and nodded miserably, then began to turn away.
"No!" He pulled her back. "Don't leave. It's just that you've never—we've never... gotten this far." He closed his eyes. "Will you say it again?" he asked, almost shyly. "Will you tell me ... what I am?"
"You're an angel," she repeated slowly, surprised to see Daniel close his eyes and moan in pleasure, almost as if they were kissing. "I'm in love with an angel.”
Lauren Kate, Fallen

Lauren Kate
“He's not-" Daniel started to say. He watched a red-tailed hawk land in an oak tree over their heads. "He's not good enough for you."
Luce had heard people say that line a thousand times before. It was what everyone always said. Not good enough. But when the words passed Daniel's lips, they sounded important, even somehow true and relevant, not vague and dismissive the way the phrase had always sounded to her in the past.
"Well, then," she said in a quiet voice, "who is?"
Daniel put his hands on his hips. He laughed to himself for a long time. "I don't know," he said finally. "That's a terrific question."
Not exactly the answer Luce was looking for. "It's not like it's that hard," she said, stuffing her hands into her pockets because she wanted to reach out for him. "To be good enough for me."
Daniel's eyes looked like they were falling, all the violet that had been in them a moment before turned a deep, dark gray. "Yes," he said. "Yes, it is.”
Lauren Kate

Colleen Hoover
“You're my best friend and I love you. I'm not ashamed to admit that I love a guy. I love you, Holder. Daniel Weasley loves Dean Holder. Always and forever."
"Daniel, go make out with your girlfriend," he says, waving me off.
I shake my head. "Not until you tell me you love me, too."
His head falls back against Sky's headboard. "I fucking love you, now GO AWAY!"
I grin. "I love you more.”
Colleen Hoover, Finding Cinderella

Colleen Hoover
“You talk to him about the fact that we haven't had sex?" Six says, completely embarrassed.

My father shakes his head. "No, he doesn't have to. I know because every night he comes home he goes straight to his bedroom and takes a thirty-minute shower. I was eighteen once."

Six covers her face with her hands. "Oh, my God." She peeks through her hands at my dad. "I guess I know who Daniel gets his personality from."

My father nods. "Tell me about it. His mother is terribly inappropriate.”
Colleen Hoover, Finding Cinderella

Lauren Kate
“I know he would die if you died, Luce”
Lauren Kate, Torment

Marie Lu
“Clouds suit my mood just fine.”
Marie Lu, Champion

Lauren Kate
“When he turned to face her, the drawn look on his face was one of absolute agony as if Luce had just ripped his heart out”
Lauren Kate, Torment

Lauren Kate
“No” Daniel cried “ No, no, no”
Luce’s heart ached as he tore at his hair, spun in circle and let his wings bloom out to their full size.”
Lauren Kate, Torment

Kelley Armstrong
“Got your text,” he said when I climbed out. “How much did it hurt?”
“Not at all,” I said. “Apparently, I can’t get a tattoo because I’m a witch.”
“I could have told them-” He stopped. “Oh, you said witch.”
Kelley Armstrong, The Gathering

Lauren Kate
“I cannot be other than what I am, and I am the choices of all my days.”
Lauren Kate, Passion

Bree Despain
“Jude was good. But he let his fear and jealousy get to him." Daniel shrugged. "'Fear leads to
anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to the dark side.”
Bree Despain, The Dark Divine

Colleen Hoover
“She takes a step toward me and slides her hands between my folded arms, pushing against them until they unlock. “Daniel Wesley you owe me a do-over since you made me kiss you in a crowded restaurant right next to a dirty diaper.”
“It wasn’t crowded,” I interject.
She glares at me. “Put your hands on my face and push me against this wall and slip me some tongue! Now!”
Before she can laugh at herself, my hands are casing her face and her back is pressed against the wall of her house and my mouth is on hers.”
Colleen Hoover, Finding Cinderella

Colleen Hoover
“I slowly lean in toward her when her lips part into a smile.
“Are you planning on using tongue this time?” she whispers.
I squeeze my eyes shut and take a step back, completely thrown off by her comment. I rub my palms down my face and groan.
“Dammit, Six. I was already feeling inadequate. Now you’ve just put expectations on it.”
She’s smiling when I look at her again. “Oh, there are definitely expectations,” she says teasingly. “I expect this to be the most mind-blowing thing I’ve ever experienced, so you better deliver.”
Colleen Hoover, Finding Cinderella

Kelley Armstrong
“About Daniel: Two, he hates Clay
Five, he really hates Clay.
Nine, he really, really, REALLY hates Clay.”
Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

Lauren Kate
“LUCE: You really beleive this? That someday I'll live through this?
DANIEL: With all my heart and soul, I will wait for you as long as it takes. I will love you every moment across time.

-Daniel & Luce, PASSION”
Lauren Kate, Passion

Lauren Kate
“Oh yes, we're going to brawl, baby. Over you. Again.”
Lauren Kate

Lauren Kate
“One day, our love will conquer this dark circle. That's worth everything to me”
Lauren Kate

Lani Wendt Young
“You don't love someone because they're a dream of perfection. You love them because of the way they meet their challenges, how they struggle to overcome. You love them because together, you bring out the best in each other.”
Lani Wendt Young, Telesa: The Covenant Keeper

Julia Quinn
“He said he loved me,” she whispered.

Daniel swallowed, and he had the strangest sensation, almost a premonition of what it must like to be a parent.

Someday, God willing, he’d have a daughter, and that daughter would look like the woman standing in front of him, and if ever she looked at him with that bewildered expression, whispering, “He said he loved me . . .”

Nothing short of murder would be an acceptable response.”
Julia Quinn, A Night Like This

Jeyn Roberts
“You don't strike me as the princess type."
"What's that suppose to mean?"
Daniel Smiled. "It means that I'd still go out of my way to rescue you, but you'd probably smack me across the head and try to slay the dragon yourself.”
Jeyn Roberts, Dark Inside

Zathyn Priest
“What do you put in that coffee? Two teaspoons of bitch powder?”
Zathyn Priest, The Slayer's Apprentice

Lauren Kate
“The voice sank through luce's skin and straight into her heart. Daniel's voice. He was calling to her. He wanted her. Needed her. Luce moved towards the sound”
Lauren Kate

Kelley Armstrong
“Once, when I'd needed to meet Daniel to deliver a warning from Jeremy, I'd worn two-inch heels and had quite enjoyed the sensation of talking down to Daniel, until he told me how sexy I looked. Since then he'd never seen me in anything but my oldest, grubbiest sneakers.”
Kelley Armstrong, Bitten

Emma Raveling
“Our dreams are fluid, just as we are. They change as we change.”
Emma Raveling, Breaker

Julia Quinn
“Have you seen Frances?”

He tilted his head to the right. “I believe she’s off rooting about in the bushes.”

Anne followed his gaze uneasily.


“She told me she was practicing for the next play.”

Anne blinked at him, not following.

“For when she gets to be a unicorn.”

“Oh, of course.” She chuckled. “She is rather tenacious, that one.”
Julia Quinn, A Night Like This

Julia Quinn
“Then, with a cheeky quirk of his brows, he leaned forward and murmured, “Would it be improper of me to admit that I am inordinately flattered by your attention to
the details of my face?”
Anne snorted out a laugh. “Improper and ludicrous.”
“It is true that I have never felt quite so colorful,” he said, with a clearly feigned sigh.
“You are a veritable rainbow,” she agreed. “I see red and . . . well, no orange and yellow, but certainly green and blue and violet.”
“You forgot indigo.”
“I did not,” she said, with her very best governess voice. “I have always found it to be a foolish addition to the spectrum. Have you ever actually seen a rainbow?”
“Once or twice,” he replied, looking rather amused by her rant.”
Julia Quinn, A Night Like This

Lexie Xu
“Karena dia salah satu temanku yang paling berharga.”
Lexie Xu, Tujuh Lukisan Horor

Laura Lee Guhrke
“She averted her eyes from his naked chest and reached up to close her window. He lifted his arms, curling his hands around the sash of his own window. Between his upraised arms, he stared at her, and his smile widened. "What's wrong, Lily? Are you shutting your window because you're afraid I'll breathe the same air you do?"
She met his gaze across the short distance that separated them. "I didn't know leeches could breathe." He didn't get angry at the insult. Instead, he laughed. "You're a worthy opponent. I don't think I've ever met a woman with a quicker wit than you. If you'd been a man, there's no telling what you might have accomplished."
"If I'd been a man, I'd have called you out in the fine old Southern tradition five years ago and shot you. That would have been a fine accomplishment." She slammed the window shut and closed the curtains. Daniel was right, of course. Within minutes, the room became suffocatingly hot.
She desperately wanted to open the window again, but she didn't want to give him any victory, no matter how small. So, she waited in the dark as her bedroom became an oven, listening to the clock on her dressing table tick away the minutes. When the clock chimed the quarter hour twice, she got out of bed and walked to the window. He was sure to be asleep by now. She slipped the curtains open, and as quietly as possible, she raised the sash.
"Told you so," a sleepy male voice murmured.
Lord, she hated him.”
Laura Lee Guhrke, Breathless

Julia Quinn
“Finally, he reached his street. It was quiet, blessedly so, and the only sound was his own groan as he lifted his foot to the first stone step at the entrance to Winstead House. The only sound, that was, until someone whispered his name.
He froze. “Anne?”
A figure stepped out of the shadows, trembling in the night. “Daniel,” she said again, and if she said anything more, he did not hear it. He was down the stairs in an instant, and she was in his arms, and for the first time in nearly a week, the world felt steady on its axis.”
Julia Quinn, A Night Like This

S.L.J. Shortt
“So that’s why vampires are so pissed off all the time? Because their junk’s gone rusty?”
S.L.J. Shortt, Blood Heavy

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