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Tonya Hurley
“Sometimes divulging your vulnerabilities without any kind of filter can make you more human, but then again, it can also provide material that can be used against you.”
Tonya Hurley, Lovesick

Zechariah Barrett
“Home, he murmured. It’s always the hardest to leave. ...because it gives you the biggest punch in the gut as you’re on your way off. All the memories come flooding in… and you’re left with a feeling of emptiness. You’re homesick before you’re even gone.”
Zechariah Barrett, Beyond Chivalry

Anne Brontë
“Therefore, have done with this nonsense: you have no ground for hope: dismiss, at once, these hurtful thoughts and foolish wishes from your mind, and turn to your own duty, and the dull blank life that lies before you. You might have known such happiness was not for you.”
Anne Brontë, Agnes Grey

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“He’d lapped at her ankles like a lovesick pup, and she’d been exactly what she was now, a woman born too beautiful and too rich to worry about a small thing like integrity.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Ain't She Sweet

Michael Bassey Johnson
“If you think everybody hates you, then your ignorance is beyond the limit, because there's a loving heart somewhere longing to see your face.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Tonya Hurley
“La gente espera de ti que te comportes de un modo determinado, que luzcas un aspecto determinado, que pienses de una forma determinada. De otro modo se niegan a aceptarte.”
Tonya Hurley, Lovesick

Irene Hunt
“From my window I watched the full moon—a moon that reminded me of Brett—become shadowed, little by little until there was only a deep blackness in the woods at night. I would sit there wakeful, hour after hour, and wonder if this aching around my heart, this sense of being alone, forlorn and unwanted in a world where there was gayety and love for others of my age, was going to continue for all of my days.”
Irene Hunt, Up a Road Slowly

Nina George
“And yes, being lovesick is like being in mourning. Because you die, because your future dies and you with it...There is a hurting time. It lasts for so long. But it gets better. I know that now.”
Nina George, The Little Paris Bookshop

“I write because he needs to know.”
LeAnne Mechelle, Write like no one is reading 2

“As her lips changed the geometry,
Her smile turned to poetry.”
Shashiraj Punjabi

Tonya Hurley
“Quien no arriesga no gana. Como un kamikaze, hay ocasiones que no queda más remedio que renunciar a la vida que conoces por un fin más noble. Porque lo que le reconforta a uno, en definitiva, es tener la certeza de que hay cosas por las que merece la pena hacer un sacrificio”
Tonya Hurley, Lovesick

Tonya Hurley
“Al fin y al cabo,no es el tiempo que dedicamos,sino cómo dedicamos nuestro tiempo lo que, en verdad,define nuestra historia.”
Tonya Hurley, Lovesick

Michael Bassey Johnson
“As a comedian, the more you commit the sin of stupidity, three essential things happen to your life:
~people applaud you incessantly.
~love you more than their parents.
~give you a daily bread.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

“I felt the nauseous shiver in my stomach—everything from rage to empathy to morning sickness—that I had grown used to and now thought of as being love.”
Olivia Sudjic, Sympathy

Michelle Krys
“I can't spend any more time pining after someone who doesn't belong to me.”
Michelle Krys, Dead Girls Society