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Shannon L. Alder
“The hardest part of letting go is the "uncertainty"--when you are afraid that the moment you let go of someone you will hate yourself when you find out how close you were to winning their affection. Every time you give yourself hope you steal away a part of your time, happiness and future. However, once in a while you wake up to this realization and you have to hold on tightly to this truth because your heart will tear away the foundation of your logic, by making excuses for why this person doesn't try as much as you. The truth is this: Real love is simple. We are the ones that make it complicated. A part of disconnecting is recognizing the difference between being desired and being valued. When someone loves you they will never keep you waiting, give their attention and affection away to others, allow you to continue hurting, or ignore what you have gone through for them. On the other hand, a person that desires you can't see your pain, only what they can get from you with minimal effort in return. They let you risk everything, while they guard their heart and reap the benefits of your feelings. We make so many excuses for the people we fall in love with and they make up even more to remain one foot in the door. However, the truth is God didn't create you to be treated as an option or to be disrespected repeatedly. He wants you to close the door. If someone loves you and wants to be in your life no obstacle will keep them from you. Remember, you are royalty, not a beggar.”
Shannon L. Alder

Kate McGahan
“You think the final act of love is setting them free to Rainbow Bridge? That is not the final act of love. The final act of love is releasing them from your leash of grief so they can be free in the heaven on the other side of the Bridge. Until you resolve your grief, you bind them to you in the land between Heaven and Earth while they wait, suspended between the worlds, for you to heal. When you are free of your grief, they are free of your grief.”
Kate McGahan, JACK McAFGHAN: Reflections on Life with my Master

Brooks Atkinson
“Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.”
Brooks Atkinson
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Irvine Welsh
“But here, just at this point: this is limbo. There is the sense that if you stay at this point for too long, stop at this point of oblivion for a certain amount of time, you will just cease to exist. And we cannot move.”
Irvine Welsh, Filth

Emma Richler
“How one can never truly leave. And never quite return. Do you understand?”
Emma Richler, Be My Wolff

Lang Leav

When you wait for a man to make up his mind about you, your life cannot move forward. You can't put your whole heart in anything else if you're betting on something that may not come through. You can build the life of your dreams without him. You can start today. But first, you need to take your heart off the table. You have a few precious years to do what you need to do. Don't waste them on him.”
Lang Leav, September Love

Bill Joy
“Well, limbo is not a good place to be.”
Bill Joy
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“Have you ever wondered what language they speak in Limbo?”
Lee T. Gallup

Brynn Myers
“Live your life. The reset button has been pushed.”
Brynn Myers, The Echoed Life of Jorja Graham

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Sometimes chaos is the very thing that deliberately shakes up our neatly ordered world’s in order to get us out of the neatly ordered ruts that have kept us stuck.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Iris Murdoch
“There is a time limit to how long a spirited young person can be kept in cold storage.”
Iris Murdoch, A Severed Head

Dorothea Lasky
“I will go back and forth and never be”
Dorothea Lasky, Rome: Poems

Anna Seghers
“For the first time back then, I thought about everything seriously. The past and the future, both equally unknowable, and also this ongoing situation that the consulates call "transitory" but that we know in everyday language as "the present.”
Anna Seghers, Transit

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“The step that we are on is only a step to the next place, and no step regardless of how massive is ever a destination.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Deborah Landau
“How long can I sit here not doing the thing
I want to do.”
Deborah Landau, The Last Usable Hour

Carmen Maria Machado
“Please don't shut me out. Or if you're going to, just tell me, tell me so that I'm not dangling in this in-between space.”
Carmen Maria Machado, In the Dream House

“When the release never comes, it turns into torture. There is nothing worse than to be perpetually on the verge of heaven, while trapped always in hell.”
Mark Romel, The Mistletoe Murders: A Nietzschean Murder Mystery

Natalie M. Esparza
“I thought graduation was going to be the start of my life, but I felt in limbo. When was it going to be my turn? I’d fought my depression-like hell to get to graduation, someone moved the goalpost.”
Natalie M. Esparza, Spectacle: Discover a Vibrant Life through the Lens of Curiosity

Amy Andrews
“A woman could do a lot of crazy things for a pair of fine-looking dimples.”
Amy Andrews, Limbo

“Pye turned his paw over and chewed his claws. “Humph. What you think of me is none of my business.”
“You don’t know, do you?”
“Know more than you . . . Know what?”
“You are dead.”
Pye patted his paws. “No, I’m not.” He rolled on his back and stretched, enjoying the warmth of the fire.
“I’ve been here since 1665.”
Pye chuckled. “You are, if I may so, in remarkably good condition.” Apart from the hole in your head, missing tail, and pulmonic plague cough.
“I’ve seen them come. Seen them go. Seem them hang around in limbo. That’s what it’s called when beings don’t leave this Earth.”
“I am responsible for many deaths,” Rita said.
“They couldn’t build the graves fast enough to bury the bodies.”
“I don’t understand how a mere stump-tailed fur ball could endanger life.”
“If I were you I'd think that.” A silence followed before Rita said, “I did not work alone.”
Fusty Luggs, Heaven Won't Wait

Aleksandar Ilić
“Kad se čovek izloguje, kao da je umro. Oflajn je čist limb: prokleta i diskonektovana duša tumara večnim vatrama čistilišta u potrazi za vajerlesom
i notifikacijama.”
Aleksandar Ilić, PR

Rich Shapero
“Dorner leaned back in his chair, imagining what might have happened if he hadn’t injected himself. The limbo of sleep, dark and secret— Drowning in the sea of voices. Not waking, not fighting. Letting them storm him without resisting.”
Rich Shapero, Rin, Tongue and Dorner

“In Dante’s Inferno, Dante and his guide Virgil visited the Castle of Limbo, in the center of which was an idyllic green meadow. This was where the great pagan souls, the virtuous pagans, spent eternity. Limbo was a place of calm contemplation and tranquility. Its denizens were not tormented and tortured but left to their own devices. They could converse with one another among green fields and scenic towers. The most illustrious of them radiated an inner light, reflecting their genius. Even the Abrahamic God was dazzled by the enlightened pagans, the great heroes of philosophy, art, poetry, science and mathematics. No one can quench their light, and no one can remove their joy.”
Thomas Stark, Castalia: The Citadel of Reason

A.D. Aliwat
“The nineties wouldn’t be such a bad place to be stuck.”
A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo

A.D. Aliwat
“Demons can exist in purgatory or limbo, just as they exist on Earth, but they are there to test the soul of the sinner.”
A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo

J.S. Mason
“When the defense attorney finished her opening statement, which included a lot of body movement due to the fact that the bar exam that she passed only included limbo references”
J.S. Mason, A Dragon, A Pig, and a Rabbi Walk into a Bar...and other Rambunctious Bites

Middle School is such a perfect name for middle school. If I were told that there was a commission for nationwide title submissions for the grades between elementary and high and a committee was appointed to boil down the entries in search of a name that was simple, public friendly, easy to spell, syllabically chantable (Mid-dle-school! Mid-dle-school!) devoid of possible copyright infringement, and most importantly, evocative of the emotion of being In Limbo, and Middle School was the out and out winner, I would believe that.”
Ani Baker, Handsome Vanilla

“Now its clear
My life is not my own”
Loraine Masiya Mponela

“My debut poetry book "I was not born a sad poet"- was born as a result of me trying to live, understand myself, understand where life was taking me to and the environment I existed in. I was not in control of my life. I was in a state of limbo. For many years
Writing became my outlet for every emotion that showed up. Writing became my survival kit.”
Loraine Masiya Mponela

Ljupka Cvetanova
“We would walk away from the past, if we had a future.”
Ljupka Cvetanova, Yet Another New Land

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