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John Gardner
“They watch on, evil, incredibly stupid, enjoying my destruction.

'Poor Grendel's had an accident,' I whisper. 'So may you all.”
John Champlin Gardner, Grendel

“God, there must be a meaning. Fiercely he was certain that there must be a meaning.
Surely, while we live we are not lost.
Oh Janos, Janos my brother!
Surely we are not lost--while we live.”
John Hepworth

Richard  Adams
“Underground, the story continued.”
Richard Adams, Watership Down

Peter Matthiessen
“This world is painted on a wild dark metal”
Peter Matthiessen, Shadow Country

Roald Dahl
“Give us strength, oh Lord, to let our children starve.”
Roald Dahl, The Great Automatic Grammatizator And Other Stories

Diana Wynne Jones
“Polaris often remarks to Sol that Sirius loses his temper much less often these days. But the one sure way to send him into a flaming rage is to suggest that he finds a new Companion. Sirius will not hear of it. The small white sphere circling his goes untenanted, because he hopes that what Miss Smith said is true.”
Diana Wynne Jones, Dogsbody

Sarah Weeks
“And I walked across the room past all that was missing, through the door, and into the light that shone like a sweet wide smile over all that was actually there.”
Sarah Weeks, So B. It

James Baldwin
“The morning weighs on my shoulders with the dreadful weight of hope and I take the blue envelope which Jacques has sent me and tear it slowly into many pieces, watching them dance in the wind, watching the wind carry them away. Yet, as I turn and begin walking toward the waiting people, the wind blows some of them back on me.”
James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

Ashley Weaver
“In the meantime, the porter's gone. How much time until we reach our next stop?'

I glanced at my wristwatch, an absurd fluttery feeling in my stomach. 'Nearly an hour.'

'Excellent,' he said, lowering his mouth again to mine. 'Let's make the most of it.'

And so we did.”
Ashley Weaver, Murder at the Brightwell

“He had a talismanic obsession with final pages. At school he would near a book's conclusion, whether it was pulp science fiction or The Return of the Native, with one hand firmly clamped over the ultimate paragraph, in case his eye lit on a single word which might rob the entire story of its point, spoil the answer to the riddle of why he was reading it. When he shared this with Genevieve, she admitted to him that she always started a book by reading its final page, that she still did, but she wasn't sure why.”
Luke Kennard, The Transition

“We're almost a whole shadow now from far away.”
Emily Skaja, Brute: Poems

Dorothea Lasky
“It is as if I had made you believe
In me once again
It is as if you knew I was your true love
It was as if I didn't have to know

In this life
All you were to me
Was that flower”
Dorothea Lasky, Rome: Poems

“I'm a nice guy, I swear to fucking God.”
Kristen Roupenian, You Know You Want This

J.L. Carr
“We can ask and ask but we can't have again what once seemed ours forever—the way things looked, that church alone in the fields, a bed on a belfry floor, a remembered voice, the touch of a hand, a loved face. They've gone and you can only wait for the pain to pass.

All this happened so long ago. And I never returned, never wrote, never met anyone who might have given me news of Oxgody. So, in memory, it stays as I left it, a sealed room furnished by the past, airless, still, ink long dry on a put-down pen.

But this was something I knew nothing of as I closed the gate and set off across the meadow.”
J.L. Carr, A Month in the Country

Iris Murdoch
“My God, that bloody casket has fallen on the floor! Some people were hammering in the next flat and it fell off its bracket. The lid has come off and whatever was inside it has certainly got out. Upon the demon-ridden pilgrimage of human life, what next I wonder?”
Iris Murdoch, The Sea, The Sea

Ashley Weaver
“Life is an adventure to be certain," Milo replied. "Especially if one has a nose for trouble. Isn't that right, my perceptive darling?"

Sometimes one could have too much adventure. I was suddenly very weary of this holiday. It would be nice to get back to England, to rest at Thornecrest and enjoy our London flat. I was ready to go home.

"Can we go back to London at once?" I asked Milo.

"Very well, darling." He came to me and pulled me into his arms. "But let's not start packing just yet."

I looked up at him smiling. "You don't mind us going home? I know how much you love your nights spent running wild in Paris."

"Je n'aime que toi, ma chérie," he murmured, leaning to kiss me.

Emile seemed to appreciate the sentiment for he screeched loudly, clapping his paws together with approval and smacking his lips.

Milo glanced at the monkey with an annoyed sigh.

"That will do, Emile. You've been most helpful, but I'm afraid I've had enough of your interference for one day."

And then he swept me up into his arms and carried me to the bedroom, kicking the door firmly closed behind us.”
Ashley Weaver, The Essence of Malice

Kevin Kwan
“You're right, it's all going to be perfection," Kitty said, gazing out the window as the workmen began rehanging The Palace of Eighteen Perfections on her drawing-room wall.”
Kevin Kwan, China Rich Girlfriend

Iris Murdoch
“Look Moy, see the chimneys, they've lit all the fires, they must have known we were going to try to drown ourselves. And Anax is running on ahead to bring the news.”
Iris Murdoch, The Green Knight

Alexander    Watson
“The struggle had been a people's war. The suffering and sacrifice had been immense. Those who survived the ordeal were left with the question of what it had all been for.”
Alexander Watson, Ring Of Steel: Germany and Austria-Hungary in World War I

Helen Oyeyemi
“I almost forgot to mention another fox I know of—a very wicked fox indeed. But you are tired of hearing about foxes now, so I won't go on.”
Helen Oyeyemi, Mr. Fox

Helen Oyeyemi
“Three creaks. She stepped three times.

What is the meaning of it? Three creaks, three weeks? If she comes back for her shoes in three days, then I only need to empty them another three times. If it really is three weeks that were meant, what then. If three months, what then. Three years. That's why I had to write it down now. By then I may no longer believe I heard anything in Miri's room.”
Helen Oyeyemi, White is for Witching

Deanna Raybourn
“Of course, I did not realize it at the time, but it was to be nothing like a year before I came home again. I did not know when I would see Brisbane again, but I knew that I would. Someday.

And indeed I did. That is when we found the body in the chapel. But that is a tale for another time.”
deanna raybourn, Silent in the Grave

Danielle  Paige
“No matter how long it took - no matter who I had to destroy first - Dorothy was going to die.”
Danielle Paige, Dorothy Must Die

Terry Pratchett
“The magic was already there”
Terry Pratchett, The Shepherd's Crown

Iris Murdoch
“Art is not cosy and it is not mocked. Art tells the only truth that ultimately matters. It is the light by which human things can be mended. And after art there is, let me assure you all, nothing.”
Iris Murdoch, The Black Prince

Franny Choi
“stimulus: relevant cry
(if then therefore)
say: cry.

knife o knife o knife
Franny Choi, Soft Science

Ashley Weaver
“This was the last thing we needed. I was sure we made quite a pair, me in my evening gown and Milo in his bloodstained shirt. 'Let's hurry to the car, Milo.' I made a move to descend the front steps, ready to push my way through the crowd, but Milo stopped me with a hand on my arm.

'Just a moment, darling.'

'What is it?'

'Let's give them something to put in the gossip columns first, shall we?' And he pulled me to him and kissed me thoroughly in the blinding glare of the flashbulbs.”
Ashley Weaver, Death Wears a Mask

L.P. Hartley
“Her face was wet with tears.

A foreigner in the world of the emotions, ignorant of their language but compelled to listen to it, I turned into the street. With every step I marvelled more at the extent of Marian's self-deception. Why then was I moved by what she had said? Why did I half wish that I could see it all as she did? And why should I go on this preposterous errand? I hadn't promised to and I wasn't a child, to be ordered about. My car was standing by the public call-box; nothing easier than to ring up Ted's grandson and make my excuses. . . .

But I didn't, and hardly had I turned in at the lodge gates, wondering how I should say what I had come to say, when the south-west prospect of the Hall, long hidden from my memory, sprang into view.”
L.P. Hartley, The Go-Between

Bohumil Hrabal
“I have a habit, before leaving my flat in Prague, of checking three times to make sure I’ve shut off the gas stove, that I’ve turned off the lights in the bathroom and the water closet, and that I’ve locked the door, and then I go back once more to check on everything a fourth time, and so now, though I knew that nothing but my swan could possibly be lying there under the snow, I still brushed the snow away with trembling hands and saw the curve of her wing, and I went on brushing the snow away and yes, there was her neck, then I elbowed my way back like a sloth, and now nothing ached anymore but my heart, and so I crawled back from the riverbank to the swan again, and then again, trying to brush away more and more snow from that beautiful snowbound creature who, perhaps for my sake alone, had arranged herself in my sight so that I cried out into the dark morning and realized, bitterly, that the king of Czech comedians could go to claim his advance for this story, not to the Writers’ Publishing House, but to the very center, not of death, but of hell itself, where I will suffer pangs of guilt and remorse and shame that will pursue me into eternity, into the very heart of incalculable consequences.”
Bohumil Hrabal, All My Cats

“And the door, what of

the hinge, little cry that won't uncry itself.”
Marianne Boruch, Cadaver, Speak

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