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Jodi Picoult
“I imagine the touch of someone who loves you so much, he cannot bear to watch you sleep; and so you wake up with his hand on your heart.”
Jodi Picoult, Change of Heart

Christopher Paolini
“They enveloped each other within the folds of their thoughts, holding each other with an intimacy no physical embrace could replicate, allowing their identities to merge once again. Their greatest comfort was a simple one: they were no longer alone. To know that you were with the one who cared for you, and who understood every fiber of your being, and who would not abandon you even in the most desperate of circumstances, that was the most precious relationship a person could have, and they both cherished it. ”
Christopher Paolini, Brisingr

Markus Zusak
“She closes the door completely, and I crouch there. I allow myself to fall forward and rest my head on the door frame. My breath bleeds. My heartbeat drowns my ears.”
Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger

Paul Hoffman
“Force is as pitiless to the man who possesses it as it is to its victims—the second it crushes, the first it intoxicates.”
Paul Hoffman, The Left Hand of God

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Possession is not only when the devil plays hide and seek in your brain or poison your medula oblongata with negativity, but it is also when you are under the influence of the same specie as you!”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Virginia Alison
“Some souls are just ...There.
They are a constant in your world. You know, no matter what, they will remain. Intrinsically woven into the fabric of your life, inexplicably connected, you are drawn to their intoxicating essence and it is there you will find your reflection staring back at you.
Such is love between soul mates...”
Virginia Alison

Kassandra Cross
“The air between them was electric, the scent of his aftershave was intoxicating and she could feel the testosterone bouncing off him. She could immediately tell he was a powerful man.”
Kassandra Cross, Sex with the CEO: A Billionaire Romance

John Mark Green
“I want to kiss you so thoroughly that you lose your ability to stand.”
John Mark Green

Kamand Kojouri
“Having drunk the dregs of Your Love,
I am intoxicated beyond recognition.
Now, I only pray for the nearness of You
so I may advance in my annihilation.”
Kamand Kojouri

Steven Millhauser
“He sank back into his black-and-white world, his immobile world of inanimate drawings that had been granted the secret of motion, his death-world with its hidden gift of life. But that life was a deeply ambiguous life, a conjurer's trick, a crafty illusion based on an accidental property of the retina, which retained an image for a fraction of a second after the image was no longer present. On this frail fact was erected the entire structure of the cinema, that colossal confidence game. The animated cartoon was a far more honest expression of the cinematic illusion than the so-called realistic film, because the cartoon reveled in its own illusory nature, exulted in the impossible--indeed it claimed the impossible as its own, exalted it as its own highest end, found in impossibility, in the negation of the actual, its profoundest reason for being. The animated cartoon was nothing but the poetry of the impossible--therein lay its exhilaration and its secret melancholy. For this willful violation of the actual, while it was an intoxicating release from the constriction of things, was at the same time nothing but a delusion, an attempt to outwit mortality. As such it was doomed to failure. And yet it was desperately important to smash through the constriction of the actual, to unhinge the universe and let the impossible stream in, because otherwise--well, otherwise the world was nothing but an editorial cartoon.”
Steven Millhauser, Little Kingdoms

Virginia Alison
“I want your scent to intoxicate my passions to the point where lust is merely a word, dancing upon our flames of desire...”
Virginia Alison

“Sweat can both be masculine, and feminine.
It can also be a scent which is both intoxicating, and repulsive at the same time.”
Anthony T.Hincks

Carlos Wallace
“Confidence is a powerful incentive, it’s deliriously intoxicating.”
Carlos Wallace, Life Is Not Complicated-You Are: Turning Your Biggest Disappointments into Your Greatest Blessings