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Anne Lamott
“Thirty years ago my older brother, who was ten years old at the time, was trying to get a report written on birds that he'd had three months to write, which was due the next day. We were out at our family cabin in Bolinas, and he was at the kitchen table close to tears, surrounded by binder paper and pencils and unopened books about birds, immobilized by the hugeness of the task ahead. Then my father sat down beside him put his arm around my brother's shoulder, and said, "Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.”
Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

J.K. Rowling
“Wonder what it’s like to have a peaceful life,” Ron sighed, as evening after evening they struggled through all the extra homework they were getting.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

“He's given me enough homework to last ten years. I'm gonna die of nerdism.”
Mark A. Cooper, Absolutely Nothing

Henry Jenkins
“The worst thing a kid can say about homework is that it is too hard. The worst thing a kid can say about a game is it's too easy.”
Henry Jenkins

J.K. Rowling
“Harry moved the tip of his eagle-feather quill down the page, frowning as he looked for something that would help him write his essay, “Witch Burning in the Fourteenth Century Was Completely Pointless — discuss.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

B.J. Novak
“It is an inside joke of history that all its most exciting adventures inevitably end their careers as homework. Beheadings, rebellions, thousand-year wars, incest on the royal throne, electricity, art, opera, dogs in outer space.”
B.J. Novak, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

J.K. Rowling
“Okay, write that down," Hermoine said to Ron, pushing his essay and a sheet covered in her own writing back to Ron, "and then copy out this conclusion that I've written for you."

"Hermoine, you are honestly the most wonderful person I've ever met," said Ron weakly, "and if I'm ever rude to you again --"

"-- I'll know you're back to normal," said Hermoine.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Hilary McKay
“Is this your holiday homework?" asked Sarah. "Don't do it, Rose! And Eve will write you a note to say it's iniquitous to give eight-year-olds homework. You will, won't you, Eve?"
"I could never spell 'iniquitous,' Sarah darling!"
"Hot concrete," said Rose mournfully, prodding her porridge.
"Write this," ordered Saffron. "'The ancient Egyptians are all dead. Their days are very quiet.' Porridge is meant to look like hot concrete. Eat it up.... Read the next question!"...
"What would you say if you bumped into Tutankhamen in the street?"
"'Sorry!'" said Sarah at once. "Put that."
"We have to answer in proper sentences."
"'Sorry, but it was your fault! You were walking sideways!”
Hilary McKay, Indigo's Star

Jim Benton
“Homework strongly indicates that the teachers are not doing their jobs well enough during the school day. It's not like they'll let you bring your home stuff to school and work on it there. You can't say, 'I didn't finish sleeping at home, so I have to work on finishing my sleep here.”
Jim Benton, Nobody's Perfect. I'm as Close as It Gets

John Green
“I do my precalc homework, and then when I'm done I actually sit with the textbook for like three hours and try to understand what I just did. That's the kind of weekend it is--the kind where you have so much time you go past the answers and start looking into the ideas.”
John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Travis Thrasher
“I've got a lot of homework to do, and none of it has anything to do with school.”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary

Molly Ringle
“Eventually the real world intruded again, and Sophie had to return to campus—woefully behind on homework, but incandescently in love.”
Molly Ringle, Persephone's Orchard

Александър Секулов
“Съдбата е неуморен отличник и никога не оставя домашното си за утре.”
Александър Секулов, Островът

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“With homework, school prepares students for overtime. With reports, it prepares them for payday.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“Why has it been accepted as gospel for so long that homework is necessary? The answer, I think, lies not in the perceive virtues of homework but rather in the clear deficiencies of what happens in the classroom. Homework becomes necessary because not enough learning happens during the school day... The broadcast, one-pace-fits-all lecture... turns out to be a highly inefficient way to teach and learn.”
Salman Khan, The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined

Nenia Campbell
“Hello, Mrs. Tran...I have David's homework. And if you ever want to see it again, you'll pay me the two million dollars I asked for.”
Nenia Campbell, Touched with Sight

“I love having to attend the one class that is being taught by a professor who feels that their class is the only class being taught at the University and gives nothing but busy work.”
Heather Chapple, Write like no one is reading

Mary H.K. Choi
“It's piles and piles of emotional homework forever if you ever want to qualify as a grown-up”
Mary H.K. Choi, Emergency Contact

“The hardest work begins in dry dock.”
Sam Wineburg

Francis Picabia
“Cubism is a Cathedral of shit.”
Francis Picabia

Hank Bracker
“My mother worked as a saleslady at the well-known Five Corner bakery in Journal Square during the day. Her orders were that I do at least one page of homework for every one of my subjects before she came home. It didn’t matter what my teachers would assign, those were her rules and I didn’t dare to violate them! However, I usually allowed others to make the rules and then decide whether I would follow them. Turning on our small Bakelite radio, I would ignore my mother’s rules and listen to my favorite adventure shows.
“Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy, Superman, who could leap tall buildings in a single bound, and Tom Mix were my favorite daily half-hour radio programs during the week. Tom Mix was forever solving some mystery that I could help him with, since I had a decoder badge that cost only 10 cents, along with a box top from a Ralston Purina’s “Wheat Chex” cereal box. Since it tasted like straw, wanting to get a decoder badge was the only way I would eat this blah cereal for breakfast.
The radio shows were way too exciting, and my homework always took second place. When my mother finally came home and saw that I had not done my work, she would get quite upset and make me do twice as much, seated at the kitchen table where she could keep her eye on me. Being under her direct supervision wasn’t much fun, but I would sit there until she was satisfied that I had finished my assignments. My mother showed no mercy! If my father found out about my being lax, there would be hell to pay! For whatever reason, I never seemed to learn….
Oh, woe is me, woe is me…. I was in trouble again… No, I was still in trouble!”
Hank Bracker

Rick Riordan
“I never joke about calculus homework." - Sam al-Abbas”
Rick Riordan, The Sword of Summer

Kamand Kojouri
“I remember our childhood days
when life was easy
and math problems hard.
Mom would help us with our homework
and dad was not at home
but at work.
After our chores,
we’d go to the old fort museum
with clips in our hair and pure joy in our hearts.
You, sister, wore the bangles
you, brother, got as a prize from the Dentist.
“Why the bangles?” the Dentist asked,
for boys picked the stickers of cars instead.
“They’re for my sisters,” you said.
Mom would treat us to a bottle of Coke,
a few sips each. Then,
we’d buy the sweet smelling bread
from the same white van
and hand-in-hand,
we’d walk to our small flat
above the restaurant.
I remember our childhood days.
Do you remember them too?”
Kamand Kojouri

Criss Jami
“I do not much trust the man who cares solely to inspire - he does not really inspire me - only the man who cares mostly to tell the truth, whatever that may do. For when the man who cares to tell the truth happens to inspire, I, in addition, find it easier to believe that he in fact does his homework on how and when one should truly inspire.”
Criss Jami, Healology

Fannie Flagg
“Our car would've burned up too, but Michael, who is only twelve, got in it and backed it away. I climbed in with him and noticed some of my school books in the car, so I took them out and threw them in the fire. I figured it would save me from doing a lot of homework, but unfortunately under the headline in the paper the next day that said HARPER'S MALT SHOP BURNS TO THE GROUND IN TRAGIC FIRE it also said that seen throwing her school books into the fire was little Daisy Fay Harper. Rat's foot! No wonder Hollywood stars hate reporters, and after all that some busybody do-gooder has already bought me a new set of books.”
Fannie Flagg

“You all don't like homework, and you want to meet up with your friends”
Ophelia T. Starks, Nightfall Academy

Amit Abraham
“On a lighter but serious side I believe that homework was meant for parents to take a keen interest in the studies of children rather than leave it completely for the teacher. This way the parent child communication also developed. However with the passage of time the world become more mechanical and commercial. Quality time suffixed for quantity time and homework became a means of earning for many an educated unemployed teachers. How sad we sure have progressed but yet in many ways have lost our basic values, ethics and morality. It’s time to wake up and DO OUR HOMEWORK.”
Amit Abraham

Hank Bracker
“My parents must have seen something in me that I missed. My teachers insisted that I didn’t apply myself… I know that I didn’t like doing the additional homework my parents gave me, so instead of being a scholar I became the class clown. Ouch! My grades, although passing, didn’t come near reflecting my potential. It was suggested that I was a bright child who just didn’t apply himself. Most of the time I received only “C” grades, although they should have been at least “B+” and perhaps by showing just a bit more effort I could have been an “A” student or better. Lazy, was the term they used, and for this reason they gave me lower grades. But nothing fazed me as long as I passed and was promoted with my class. Punishing me also didn’t work, and boxing my ears only made me more rebellious. It must have seemed futile to my parents, but they continued doing what they thought was right. Being defiant, I insisted that if they didn’t give me so much additional work, I would have more time for what was assigned. However, that was not to be.”
Hank Bracker

Greg Pincus
“For the first time in his life, he decided to focus on his math homework.”
Greg Pincus, The 14 Fibs of Gregory K.

“Homework is a best work,but if human hate it its a worst work.”
Vidhya Vijay

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