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Sophie Jordan
“His hand glides down my arm, folds over my hand. His fingers lace with mine, palms kissing. I can feel the fast thud of his heart through this single touch.”
Sophie Jordan, Firelight

Shannon A. Thompson
“Among my stillness was a pounding heart.”
Shannon A. Thompson, Seconds Before Sunrise

Criss Jami
“I would rather have strong enemies than a world of passive individualists. In a world of passive individualists nothing seems worth anything simply because nobody stands for anything. That world has no convictions, no victories, no unions, no heroism, no absolutes, no heartbeat. That world has rigor mortis.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Veronica Roth
“His eyes search the crowd until they find my face. My heartbeat lives in my throat; lives in my cheeks.
"I still don't understand," he says softly, "how she knew that it would work.”
Veronica Roth, Insurgent

Sharon Creech
“And what did I think
when I was small
and why did I forget?

And what else will I forget
when I grow older?

And if you forget
is it as if
it never happened?

Will none of the things
you saw or thought or dreamed
Sharon Creech, Heartbeat

Nina LaCour
“Ingrid's skin was the smoothest texture, so pale that it was transparent. I could see the blue veins that ran down her arms, and they made her seem fragile somehow. the way Eric Daniels, my first boyfriend, seemed fragile when I laid my head on his chest and heart his heart beating and thought, Oh. People don't always remember about the blood and the heartbeat. But whenever I looked at Ingrid, I was reminded of the things that kept her alive.”
Nina LaCour, Hold Still

Carmen DeSousa
“A great book increases my heartbeat as if I’m prey, melts my insides in anticipation of a first kiss, immerses me in its depths.”
Carmen DeSousa

Jessica Verday
“I'm your other half. (...) I'll carry your heartbeat in mine.”
Jessica Verday, The Haunted

Jan-Philipp Sendker
“Who are you? What’s your name?”
“Mi Mi.”
“Do you hear that thumping noise?”
“It must be here somewhere.” Tin Win knelt down. Now it was nearly next to his ear. “I hear it more and more distinctly. A soft pulsing. You really don’t hear it?”
“Close your eyes.”
Mi Mi closed her eyes. “Nothing,” she said, and laughed. Tin Win leaned over and felt her breath on his face. “I think it’s coming from you.” He crept closer to her and held his head just in front of her chest.
There it was. Her heartbeat.”
Jan-Philipp Sendker, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

“Oh you gotta fire and it's burnin' in the rain.
Thought that it went out, but it's burnin' just the same.
And you don't look back, not for anything.
'Cause love someone, love them all the same.
If you LOVE someone, love them all the same.”
The Fray

Lisa Wingate
“But the love of sisters needs no words. It does not depend on memories, or mementos, or proof. It runs as deep as a heartbeat. It is as ever present a s a pulse.”
Lisa Wingate, Before We Were Yours

Suzy  Davies
“A book is a living thing. It is a bird; it has a voice. The pages of a book are wings. Books have heartbeats. When readers read they feel them; they listen.”
Suzy Davies

“Nothing travels in a straight line when it comes to the heartbeat and the karma”
Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

Soroosh Shahrivar
“This little pumpkin pie,
beauty she personify,
had my heart beat like the wings on a dragonfly I won't deny —
The girl was breathtaking!
Had me bob my head against a wall like I'm praying.”
Soroosh Shahrivar, Letter 19

Beth Goobie
“The silence stretched out, heartbeat after heartbeat – taut, excruciating. And then, finally, came the first sound: a slow, deliberate clapping. Startled, Maddy opened her eyes to see Harvir leaning back in his desk, his dark gaze steady on her as his hands came together, unhurried, almost leisurely, announcing his approval. A second later, from across the room, Kara joined in, followed by August, and Paul and Jeremy and Theresa. Ms. Mousumi got to her feet with a broad smile on her face, then Rhonda began to applaud, and Nikki. Not everyone followed suit – Ken continued to sit stonefaced, as did Julie and her retinue. David, too, remained motionless, staring at his desktop. Elliot gazed out the classroom windows; Sheng played with a pen. Still, the heartbeat clapping continued on, and Maddy realized she would never forget the gift of it. If it didn’t include everyone, it was enough. She had her soul back.”
Beth Goobie, The Pain Eater

Leslie K. Barry
“With the card, there’s a photo of us from the day Yael taught me to box. The selfie in the mirror. I gulp at the image of our bodies together. My heart feels like its pumping tar through my veins. I wish I had the power to free my hands and shape my own life. But I don’t.”
Leslie K. Barry, Newark Minutemen

Corinne Beenfield
“She lifted her hand and placed it on his chest, the exquisite little heartbeat radiating through her touch. Helen smiled, realizing she had found in this soft bundle something strong—unconquerable, even.

Something greater than any obstacle they might face as they made their way through the dark night. It was his soul, the unspoken words inside him that he wasn’t quite ready to tell her, but oh, they were there.”
Corinne Beenfield, The Ocean's Daughter

“When we sing together, our hearts start to beat together.”
Thomas Stark, The Book of Mind: Seeking Gnosis

Laura Treacy Bentley
“Poem after poem after poem is the heartbeat of the human race.”
Laura Treacy Bentley

“To create a piece of art, match your heartbeat with your peace of mind.”
Efrat Cybulkiewicz

“Moments 'in time' are the real heartbeat of all living things.”
Khalid Masood

Ocean Vuong
“Although the women cannot read it, she knows it signals a name, something given by a mother or father, something weightless yet carried forever, like a heartbeat.”
Ocean Vuong, On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous

“Time is the heartbeat of the universe.”
Khalid Masood

Sara Raasch
“I stop, staring into the teardrop-shaped room, my heartbeat an alive and determined creature trying to claw its way out of my throat.”
Sara Raasch, Ice Like Fire

Aspen Matis
“My chest drummed, and at the top of a sweetgrass hill speckled with orange-gold California poppies, I danced like a little kid, adrenaline rushing. A sense of great possibility charmed me. A wicked white jolt, wonderful and wrong.”
Aspen Matis, Your Blue Is Not My Blue: A Missing Person Memoir

“Strike could hear his own heart beating with ominous force, like a kettle drum deep inside a cave. Red-hot threads of panic and dread darted through him.”
Robert Galbraith, Troubled Blood

“Control is an illusion.
We don’t even have control over the next heart beat!”
Jim Borna

Corinne Beenfield
“I never thought it would be hard to leave. People say it is, but to me it seemed that it was the waiting that was most difficult, the trying to keep alive something precious inside me buried so deep. Staying was killing it off for sure, no matter how hard I tried to keep it beating.”
Corinne Beenfield, Where Green Meets Blue

Namrata Gupta
“He not only held her hand, but could also capture the increasing pace of her heartbeat
through her pulse. He knew when her heart rate was increasing and when it almost stopped.”
Namrata Gupta, The Full Circle

Eric Overby
“My heart beats with you,
Love runs red throughout my veins,
Making me alive

SA Node - Haiku”
Eric Overby, Legacy

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