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Stephen King
“The old sleep poorly. Perhaps they stand watch.”
Stephen King, Pet Sematary

“Birds were created to record everything. They were not designed just to be beautiful jewels in the sky, but to serve as the eyes of heaven.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Ami Blackwelder
“Her caramel skin and curly beach sand hair spreads in wavy chops like the choppy storm waves on the ocean. Her fluffy rose colored lips glisten with eyes emerald green and almond shaped set deep into her face and yet when she looks at you with those same deep set eyes, it feels like they jump out, speaking to you.”
Ami Blackwelder

Lisa Kessler
“She kissed his chest. "Thanks for letting me into your heart."
He tucked her hair behind her ear. "You walked in like you had a key.”
Lisa Kessler, Lure of Obsession

Dejan Stojanovic
“The world is a fairy tale; we are its guardians.”
Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

Lisa Kessler
“The Order of the Titans had agreed with his assessment. This generation, the Order would be successful where previous generations had failed, because this time they would steal mankind's inspiration. They would kill the muses for the greater good....
For the good of mankind.”
Lisa Kessler, Lure of Obsession

Lisa Kessler
“He gripped her hips tightly. "I need you," he whispered, and her heart pounded in answer.
She rose up over him and slowly settled onto his erection, moaning as each inch of him filled her, enjoying every second.
"Made for me," he growled beneath her.”
Lisa Kessler, Lure of Obsession

Shelly Crane
“If you can't get your freak on to make little Keepers, then how are there so many of you?”
Shelly Crane, Catalyst

Brian K. Vaughan
“Ask a child's guardians what it takes to be good at their jobs, and most will answer with a single word...

Parents give up so much: time, sleep, freedom, money, intimacy...

pretty much everything but complaining how much they sacrifice.”
Brian K. Vaughan, Saga, Vol. 5

Andrea Cremer
“I don't know how you drink this straight. You're badass."
"That's why I am your boss-”
Andrea Cremer, Nightshade

Andrea Cremer
“Don't knock gossip." I pinched his hand. "It makes the world go round.”
Andrea Cremer, Nightshade

Mladen Đorđević
“All paths are seen, through the prism of fate”
Mladen Đorđević, Svetioničar - Vesnici oluje

Andrea Cremer
Bellator silvae servi. Warrior of the forest, I, the alpha, call on thee to serve in this time of need.”
Andrea Cremer, Nightshade

Lisa Kessler
“You're not crazy." She was serious, no hint of a smile.
He cocked a brow. "And how do you know that?"
"I cut hair for a living." Her dark eyes glinted with playfulness, easing some of his jacked-up nerve. "I see crazy all the time. You're not it.”
Lisa Kessler, Light of the Spirit

Mladen Đorđević
“Our light shall burn the pathway to the stars”
Mladen Đorđević, Svetioničar - Vesnici oluje

Mladen Đorđević
“We are the eyes in the darkness”
Mladen Đorđević, Svetioničar - Vesnici oluje

Misty Daniel
“You are my star in this dark, dark world that we inhabit.”
Misty Daniel, The Angel Chronicles: The Fallen: In Search of Souls

Dianne Duvall
“She was the only thing that kept him sane.”
Dianne Duvall, Awaken the Darkness

Feather Stone
“Sidney, our tomorrows are shaped by the choices we make today. The Dark place we saw may never come to pass if humanity chooses to embrace the Light. As Guardians, it’s our desire to help humanity return to the sacred truths. When you’re old enough, you may choose to cultivate a path of Light for others to follow. It will be dangerous, and you may fail. The choice will be yours.”
Feather Stone, The Guardian's Wildchild

M.F. Moonzajer
“More than half of our history is lost, not because they were not documented, but they had no guardians and protectors.”
M.F. Moonzajer

Dimitri Zaik
“Is it not strange how humans will resort to the most inhumane of actions as the first plausible solution? Why are we such a feral bloodthirsty species when we are supposedly the enlightened ones? Are we guardians... or just mindless butchers?”
Dimitri Zaik, Ink Bleeder

Shaine Lake
“The next song is Yuuki, meaning courage. Dedicated to our everyday and occasional heroes out there. Fighting for love, for better life, for advancement, to survive, to protect, to help. Most importantly, to attend our concert … lastly, those fighting to save the world.…”
Shaine Lake, The Twelve Guardians

Lisa Kessler
“He had the body of a god and a Southern drawl that made her toes curl.”
Lisa Kessler, Devoted to Destiny

“You mean I’m a frigging Werewolf! You have got to be kidding me, apart from a little, ok a lot of PMS, I don’t howl at the moon!’ This was too much, I’d been poisoned, and now I find I might go hairy and eat people once a month!
‘No. child. You are descended from the first brave women who said ‘no’, who raised their children without the curse of the Lycanthrope. Your bloodlines enable you to tolerate the line and draw on its power. Now listen to the rest of the tale while I make you some more tea’.”
E M Kernow

“We've heard that you don't need a near-death experience to see Guardians. Just be more wide awake when you dream.”
Stefanie Samek, Purring in the Light: Near-Death Experiences of Cats

Marie  Johnston
“She walked confidently next to him. Her black hair was slicked down and tucked behind her ear. "To better fight Guardians with, my pretty," she had told him earlier that morning.”
Marie Johnston, Pure Claim

Enock Maregesi
“Mfundishe mtoto wako maadili mema kwa miaka kumi na tatu, katika umri wa miaka kumi na tatu fikra za mtoto huanza kuwa na maono na utambuzi wa vitu mbalimbali na watoto katika umri huo wanao uwezo wa kuchambua dhana kadha wa kadha za kinadharia na hali kadhalika wanao uwezo wa kuchambua nadharia tata zisizokuwa na hakika na hata zile zenye hakika zisizokuwa tata, kabla hujamkabidhi kwa dunia. Ukimkabidhi mtoto wako kwa dunia kabla ya umri wa miaka kumi na tatu, kama vile kumpeleka katika shule ya bweni au kumpeleka akalelewe na watu wengine ambao si wazazi wake, yale ambayo hukumfundisha atafundishwa na ulimwengu. Mpeleke mtoto wako katika shule ya bweni au kuishi na watu wengine akiwa amefundishwa maadili mema. Kinyume cha hapo atafundishwa na shule au watu wengine kwa kudharauliwa, kuchukiwa na kuadabishwa.”
Enock Maregesi

Elizabeth Lim
“Mei reached into her pocket and took out another steamed egg cake, this one topped with a dark red date. "How about a treat for the loyal guardian?"
ShiShi's fur bristled, and his tail became stiff and straight. "Absolutely not. I won't be fooled into accepting food from you."
"Fine, your loss." Mei took a bite. "Mmm. So delicious. I always thought guardians had a weakness for sweets."
"Or spirits." Liwei snickered. "Where do you think all those gourds of rice wine go when you leave them for your ancestors at the altar?”
Elizabeth Lim, Reflection

Holli Kenley
“I matter to my children. My children depend on me for their basic needs. My children need my love and nurturance. My attitudes, behaviors, and words influence and impact their lives.”
Holli Kenley, Pilates for Parenting: Stretch Yourself and Strengthen Your Family