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Sanober  Khan
“your hand
touching mine.
this is how
Sanober Khan

Erik Pevernagie
“When people’s parallel truth collides with their real truth, they may have a hard time in subduing all the fanciful items and characters of their invented world. (“The day the mirror was talking back”)”
Erik Pevernagie

Shelly Crane
“Only the sweetest of the sweet would bring brownies to the apocalypse.”
Shelly Crane, Collide

Shelly Crane
“You are the light in a dark place. You are the water to my drought. You are everything I never knew existed and everything I wanted all at the same time.”
Shelly Crane, Catalyst

Rebecca Serle
“But , sitting here at my desk, I realize something else. We've been on these parallel tracks, David and I. Moving constantly forward in space but never actually touching, for fear of throwing each other off course. Like if we were aligned in the same direction, we'd never have to compromise. But the thing about parallel tracks is you can be inches apart, or miles. And lately it feels like the width between David and me is extraordinary. WE just didn't notice because we were still looking at the same horizon. But it dawns on me that I want someone in my way. I want us to collide.”
Rebecca Serle, In Five Years

Shelly Crane
“If you can't get your freak on to make little Keepers, then how are there so many of you?”
Shelly Crane, Catalyst

Shelly Crane
“Oh, Lillian. Trying to make order of the chaos that is love is like trying to figure out why chocolate ice cream makes your toes curl.”
Shelly Crane, Revolution

Michael R. French
“In our ever-changing universe, lives collide, and, like runaway planets, we just keep going.”
Michael French, Once Upon a Lie

Akshay Vasu
“His reality was turned into dust the day it collided with her universe. For the first time, he wanted to get lost forever in a place that felt like a fairy tale where only she and he existed. And he never wanted to find his way back to reality anymore.”
Akshay Vasu, The Abandoned Paradise: Unraveling the beauty of untouched thoughts and dreams

“One day blacks and whites will come together like the keys of a piano, and be as beautiful as the it makes”
O. S. Hickman

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“The ‘fact’ of my actions frequently collide with the ‘fiction’ of my words. And at what point will I live what I say, so I will avoid what I do?”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Gail McHugh
“I don’t know if he’ll even look at me, because I can barely look at myself.”
Gail McHugh, Pulse

Munia Khan
“You are a cool cemetery.
You have the sinner’s grave
You have the saint’s earth
You have all the beds
narrow as a knife;
as if a rally of tombstones to defend death.
But you can’t really postpone
the inauguration of my burial,
can you?

From the poem - Few Words to Cemetery”
Munia Khan, Beyond The Vernal Mind

Barry  Webster
“Sam believes now that people repeatedly collide with each other swiftly, brutally – not to produce children but to shatter their sense of self, and be thrust into a creative space beyond reason, where anything can happen. Only through the destruction of psychological borders is freedom possible.”
Barry Webster, The Lava in My Bones

Israelmore Ayivor
“The sea may catch fire, the planets may collide in space, the sun may quench off its heat, but what we understand is that our peace is like a river in our souls; it's surface may wave about in turbulence, but it's bottom is cool and gently calm!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

“I can't think about that, or Jackson's goal. I have my own part in this charade.”
Melissa West

Sarah Pinborough
“After that, it was simple.
Two strangers colliding.
She didn’t suspect a thing.”
Sarah Pinborough