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Shannon L. Alder
“It is better to stay single and wait for the one that makes sense then to marry someone that makes absolutely no sense. The moment you settle is when the one person that makes all the sense in the world shows up and Satan sits back and enjoys your spiritual meltdown.”
Shannon L. Alder

Waseem Latif
“Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day.
Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.”
Muhammad Waseem

Kelly Moran
“I don’t just want you to come. I want you to come undone”
Kelly Moran, Redemption

Mother Teresa
“Am I ever angry or frustrated? I only feel angry sometimes when I see waste, when things that we waste are what people need, things that would save them from dying. Frustrated? No, never.”
Mother Teresa, The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living

Beverly Engel
“If you live your life to please everyone else, you will continue to feel frustrated and powerless. This is because what others want may not be good for you. You are not being mean when you say NO to unreasonable demands or when you express your ideas, feelings, and opinions, even if they differ from those of others.”
Beverly Engel, The Nice Girl Syndrome: Stop Being Manipulated and Abused -- And Start Standing Up for Yourself

Sam Owen
“Everyone feels depressed, angry or frustrated at times; it’s a crossroads not a dead end.”
Sam Owen, 500 Relationships And Life Quotes: Bite-Sized Advice For Busy People

Dan Brown
“He had been haunted his whole life by a mild
case of claustrophobia—the vestige of a childhood incident he had never quite overcome.
Langdon’s aversion to closed spaces was by no means debilitating, but it had always frustrated him.
It manifested itself in subtle ways. He avoided enclosed sports like racquetball or squash, and he had
gladly paid a small fortune for his airy, high-ceilinged Victorian home even though economical faculty
housing was readily available. Langdon had often suspected his attraction to the art world as a young
boy sprang from his love of museums’ wide open spaces.”
Dan Brown, Angels & Demons

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“It’s really a rather simple thing to bring balance to my anger. All I need to do is remember that the ‘hand of cards’ that have been dealt to me pale in comparison to the ‘deck of cards’ that I’ve thrown at others.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Mary E. DeMuth
“When we think of other people as our center and fulfillment, we live frustrated lives.”
Mary E. DeMuth, Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus

Paige Harbison
“I felt determined and strong, but sick and weak all at once.”
Paige Harbison, New Girl

Israelmore Ayivor
“The word "frustration" is defined as the unfortunate tendency of lessening one's destiny. Rise up and take all frustrations away! Stop squeezing your dreams into a small size... You were not created to settle for less!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Usman Aman
“Looking at politics of the world, all I may say is I have noticed that everyone who is for abortion, has already been born!”
Usman Aman

Sam Owen
“When you walk around feeling quietly upset, frustrated, angry or some other negative emotion, people around you will detect it to some degree or another, even if only subconsciously.”
Sam Owen, 500 Relationships And Life Quotes: Bite-Sized Advice For Busy People

“Never in my life had I wished so hard for a thousand-foot-wide asteroid to change its course to hit someone directly in the face. Granted, it would have wiped out the entire country and possibly caused an impact winter on Earth in the process, but the greater good of mankind was worth some modicum of sacrifice.”
Camilla Monk, Spotless

Sinclair Ross
“It’s an immense night out there, wheeling and windy. The lights on the street and in the houses against the black wetness, little unilluminating glints that might be painted on it. The town seems huddled together, cowering on a high tiny perch, afraid to move lest it topple into the wind.”
Sinclair Ross, As for Me and My House

Joyce Rachelle
“Frustration often steers you to the right path.”
Joyce Rachelle

Pawan Mishra
“Am I here to play ‘pass the parcel’ with my balls?”
Pawan Mishra, Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

“Frustration of mind can be revel through writing something even if it will be never read.”
Kartik Mehta

Virginia Alison
“When frustrated and weary take time to accept that there is no such thing as an insurmountable mountain...You merely have to find the right path...”
Virginia Alison

Sheryl Campbell
“If you stay focused on one task or thought at a time you will less likely become frustrated.”
Sheryl Campbell

“When men and women who God has created to make a difference in the world, abandon the mandate for their lives and instead, begin to pursue all nonentities of life, God cannot but be frustrated”
Sunday Adelaja

Alex Rosa
“I almost feel bad for declining, but I feel more terrible that I can’t stop looking at how his chest rises and falls with each of his frustrated breaths.”
Alex Rosa, Tryst

“If children are taught how to handle their anger, the world shall be safe.”
Vineet Raj Kapoor

Katherine McIntyre
“The Pay Per View porn sessions that were Discord’s Desire shows left her frustrated, and ever since she’d joined, she’d been on a dry spell.”
Katherine McIntyre, Captivating Melody