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Jennifer Niven
“Because it's not a lie if it's how you feel.”
Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places

Abigail Gibbs
“Can you enter a house uninvited?"
"That would be rude.”
Abigail Gibbs, Dinner with a Vampire

Kimberly Derting
“What are you doing here?" she asked as she slowed from a jog to a walk and placed her hands on her hips. It would take her a few minutes to get her breathing back to normal. Longer if he kept smiling at her like that.
He shrugged. "I couldn't sleep. What about you?"
She opted for the obvious and filled her voice with as much sarcasm as she could. "I live here, actually”
Kimberly Derting, The Body Finder

“Girl power in my mind is to let girls be exactly what they are. Let them be angry. Let them be resentful. And rebellious. Let them be hard and soft and loving and sad and silly. Let them be wrong. Let them be right. Let them be everything. because, they are everything.”
Amy Sherman-Palladino

April Genevieve Tucholke
“You stop fearing the Devil when you're holding his hand...”
April Genevieve Tucholke, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Johannes Bobrowski
“Like some winter animal the moon licks the salt of your hand,
Yet still your hair foams violet as a lilac tree
From which a small wood-owl calls.”
Johannes Bobrowski

Kristen Ashley
“Nothing can fill you up,” she stated.
“Nope,” he agreed again.
“You won’t let it.”
“Barrel’s got a hole in the bottom, buddy, everything leaks out no matter how much you pour in.”
She was silent a moment then she whispered, “Right.”
She turned to the door and his hand gripped his bourbon so hard he had to focus everything on loosening his grip or the glass would shatter.
Before she opened it, she turned back. “You don’t know, Cal, you have no idea.
You’ve shut yourself up for so long in this fucking house with your tragic memories, you have no idea what’s about to walk out your door. Kate, Keira and me, we could have plugged that hole. We could have filled you so full, you’d be bursting. We would have loved that chance. We’d have given it everything we had, no matter the time that slid by, graduations, weddings, grandbabies, you’d have been a part of us and we’d have given everything we had to keep you
so full, you’d be bursting.”
Cal didn’t reply.
“Joe,” she whispered, “you let me walk out this door, you’ll lose your chance.”
Cal didn’t move.
Vi waited.
Cal stayed seated.”
Kristen Ashley, At Peace

Jessica Shirvington
“Maybe it’s not as clear-cut as that. Maybe it’s the very presence of one thing – light or darkness – that necessitates the existence of the other.
Think about it, people couldn’t become legendary heroes if they hadn’t first done something to combat darkness. Doctors could do no good if there
weren’t diseases for them to treat.”
jessica shirvington

Kristen Ashley
“Yeah, you lose this attitude, I can help you work that hurt out.”
Who was this man? He held onto his tragedy for seventeen fucking years, how could he stand there and tell me
he could help me work through mine?
“Really, Joe? Like you helped me work out my grief at losing Tim?” I asked sarcastically.
“That’s not what I was offerin’, buddy, but you want it like that I’ll give it to you.”
“You’re unbelievable,” I snapped.
“I’m yours.”
That socked me in the gut too, so hard it winded me and all I could do was stare up at him.
Taking advantage, his face dipped close and his hands curled around both sides of my head.
“First fuckin’ time you smiled at me in my bed, that’s when it happened,” he murmured.”
Kristen Ashley, At Peace

Kimberly Derting
“What was that all about?" Jay asked in loud whisper.
She still felt like her head was reeling. She had no idea what she was going to tell to Grady when school was out. "I think Grady just asked me to Homecoming," she announced to Jay.
He looked at her suspiciously. "The game?"
Violet cocked her head to the side and gave him a look that told him to be serious.
"No, I'm pretty sure he meant the dance," Violet clarified, exasperated by the obtuse question.”
Kimberly Derting, The Body Finder

Jennifer Niven
“You are driving me crazy. You have been driving me crazy for weeks.”
Jennifer Niven

Jessica Shirvington
Thanks for giving me a place to sleep last night,
and for the extra blanket.

-Violet's note to Lincoln”
Jessica Shirvington, Emblaze

Kimberly Derting
“They lay there like that, in a different kind of silence now, watching the lake and the stars, listening to the night, each basking in the warmth of the other.”
Kimberly Derting, Desires of the Dead

Kristi Cook
“What happened?" he asked brusquely, interrupting me.

"What do you mean, what happened?"

"I sensed your fear, heard you call out my name."

", I didn't." Stone Wall, I told myself. Great Wall of China, around my thoughts.

"The Great Wall of China isn't going to do it, Violet. Come on, tell me what happened.”
Kristi Cook, Haven

Kimberly Derting
“Jay sat down across from Chelsea and took both of her hands in his. The oversized lunchroom was buzzing with activity, and he practically had to yell to be heard.
"Chelsea, for the love of everything good and holy, please ... please stop ruining my friend."
Violet bit her lip to stop from laughing at the two of them. She knew what he was talking about before he even explained. It was the new facial hair.
Chelsea jerked her hands out of his. "Oh, relax, drama queen. He's not broken. Besides, I'm gonna fix him this weekend."
Jay seemed relieved.”
Kimberly Derting, Desires of the Dead

Jennifer E. Smith
“What are you doing a study on right now?"

"A study on the statistical probablity of love at first sight.”
Jennifer E. Smith, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Gina Chen
“If I must be a villain, I will be one of my own making.”
Gina Chen, Violet Made of Thorns

Devon Monk
“…I noticed you don’t have any self-defense training…”

“…I can handle myself just fine.”

She stared at me for a long, uncomfortable moment. Finally, “In the very short time I’ve known you, you have been chased, shot, robbed, stabbed, drugged, and attacked by magic.”

“I’m still breathing, aren’t I?”
Devon Monk, Magic in the Shadows

M.T. Anderson
“The worst stage was when one could tell she was still awake and almost alert, but she knew that nothing worked. Imprisoned. She was imprisoned. In a statue like the Sphinx. Looking out from the eyes. Her own mind, at that point, was as small and bewildered as a little fly. Behind great battlements.”
M.T. Anderson, Feed

Devon Monk
“Dad pressed against my mind. Please, Allison. Let me, just this once, hold my son.
I shouldn't. Nothing good ever came from letting my father have his way. But I could feel his love for this baby. And even if he couldn't love me, I knew that at this moment, before the baby could grow up and become a disappointment to him, he truly loved him.
I slowly stepped away from the front of my mind, letting him fill that space, letting him feel through my hands, see through my eyes.
"He's amazing," Dad said through me. "You're amazing." He looked up at Violet, and she smiled.”
Devon Monk, Magic on the Hunt

Kristy Cunning
“It’s a screwed up situation when you can’t spend your best friend’s possible last day with her because she needs to borrow your body”
Kristy Cunning, Gypsy Freak
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Gina Chen
“What are you doing?"
"Eating three slices of cake and five slices of regret, what does it look like I'm doing?”
Gina Chen, Violet Made of Thorns

Gina Chen
“We don't fit together without a fight. But body against body, we're like matches finally struck.”
Gina Chen, Violet Made of Thorns

Gina Chen
“All the tale needs is the villain, and the line between revered and reviled is as thin as an accusation.”
Gina Chen, Violet Made of Thorns

Gina Chen
“We don't realize the scope of what we don't know. What lies on the deep-sea floor or in the in-between stars? Even the heart of Fairywood, so close to us, remains uncharted.”
Gina Chen, Violet Made of Thorns

Gina Chen
“The Fates don't walk this earth - beasts and witches do. No matter what the gods know, no matter what they threaten, they aren't here.”
Gina Chen, Violet Made of Thorns

“Do not allow violet opposition distract you from the pursuit of your vision.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Ella Goode
“To my left, a sheepish Sokolov looks at the shattered glass at his feet. He extends his hands, starfishing his fingers, and says, “I don’t know my strength.”

Violet comes up and pats him on the head. “Anyone would’ve made the same mistake. Come here and let me patch you up.”

Sokolov immediately brightens. “With kisses?”
Ella Goode, Smooth Kisses

Sneha Subramanian Kanta
“Ghosts with periscope eyes,
each a mausoleum of violet lilac sent to earth in
another form.”
Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Ghost Tracks

Jessica Fellowes
“All life is a series of problems which we must try and solve, first one and then the next and the next, until at last we die.”
Jessica Fellowes, The Wit and Wisdom of Downton Abbey
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