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The Beatles
“He's a real nowhere man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody.

Doesn't have a point of view,
Knows not where he's going to,
Isn't he a bit like you and me?”
The Beatles, Revolver, Vocal Score

Kate Klimo
“What good would learning be if we concentrated on what we already knew? It is only by learning those things that come to us with difficulty that we truly gain wisdom.”
Kate Klimo, Daughter of the Centaurs

Kristen Reed
“Friendship is just love that has yet to sprout wings and take flight.”
Kristen Reed, The Kings' Council

“The best boyfriends are the ones in books.”
Leah Blundell

Leo Tolstoy
“Pure, perfect sorrow is as impossible as pure and perfect joy.”
Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

“What's a horse doing on a spaceship"
"What's pre-revolutionary France doing on a spaceship? Mickey, get a little perspective!"

Dr. Who "The Girl In The Fireplace”
Stephen Moffat

“Someone once told there's nothing wrong with fairy tales everyone ends up happily ever after in the end.”
Peyton Sawyer

John Zunski
“Why do we insist on being the carpenters of our own crosses?”
John Zunski , Cemetery Street

Marti Melville
“The characters tell their story - I am merely the tool used to record it”
Marti Melville, Silver Moon Deja Vu

Amanda Hamm
“Angry people scared me. Angry people who thought I was in charge scared me even more.”
Amanda Hamm, The 4th Floor Lounge

“It's not about what you say, its about what you do. You don't like the person you've become then do something about it, because no one's gonna do it for you”
Peyton Sawyer

“I have a tendency to break rules and shake things up. I would say that with me people never know what is real and what is fiction. And I like that because reality is relative.”
Nuno Roque

Stacy Hawkins Adams
“She was returning home to be the wife of, mother of, First Lady of, but what did that really mean?”
Stacy Hawkins Adams, Lead Me Home

David H. Millar
“Exquisitely embroidered tapestries lined the walls of Medb’s bedroom, but their impact was somewhat reduced by the room’s ambience. A musky odor with pungent accents of stale piss.”
David H. Millar, Conall: The Place of Blood - Rinn-Iru

Stacy Hawkins Adams
“No matter how much restitution she paid with every word and deed, her blood-stained hands could never really be clean, even if no one else knew they were dirty.”
Stacy Hawkins Adams, Lead Me Home

“Outside the snow piled up like insulation, and he took her hand. Her breath made little clouds that merged with the little clouds of his breath." (Visible Wounds)”
Lisa C.Taylor

Johnny Rich
“His suffering was no more real than he was.”
Johnny Rich, The Human Script

S. Elizabeth Dover
“But I assure you, a government that is willing to put their own children in danger, their own future, just to see their potential, is twisted. We do not grab babies, newborns, and throw them out of windows just to see if they sprout wings.”
S. Elizabeth Dover

Heidi Schulz
“I am Captain James Hook! I am no victim; I create them! I do not have bad dreams; I inspire them!”
Heidi Schulz, Hook's Revenge

Kristen Reed
“Living in that castle was like being condemned to Hell before I’d even had the opportunity to sin.”
Kristen Reed, The Kings' Council

“She was so plain. Would it kill you to wear skirts more, he had said to her. Would it really hurt you? He was thinking of how he would like to see her when she was alone with him. He knew she could dress when she had to, but this was what he was saying. He was saying something about their private life. He was saying something about his needs as a man.

He imagines America’s anger at this. It would be the women, mainly. Their eager faces had watched: Amelia boarding the plane for her first transatlantic flight; Amelia waving to the crowd in the ticker tape parade; Amelia leaving luncheons and concert halls. Some had been housewives and some, girls with dreams of loops and spins and dives, of hugging the curvature of the earth through a thin sheet of aluminum.

-- After Amelia”
Meg Sefton, black shatter stories and fictions