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Soman Chainani
“Only once you destroy who you think you are can you embrace who you truly are.”
Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil

Soman Chainani
“Hold on to me!” Tedros yelled, hacking briars with his training sword.Dazed, Agatha clung to his chest as he withstood thorn lashes with moans of pain. Soon he had the upper hand and pulled Agatha from the Woods towards the spiked gates, which glowed in recognition and pulled apart, cleaving a narrow path for the two Evers. As the gates speared shut behind them,Agatha looked up at limping Tedros, crisscrossed with bloody scratches, blue shirt shredded away.
“Had a feeling Sophie was getting in through the Woods,” he panted, hauling her up into slashed arms before she could protest. “So Professor Dovey gave me permission to take some fairies and stakeout the outer gates. Should have known you’d be here trying to catch her yourself.”
Agatha gaped at him dumbly.
“Stupid idea for a princess to take on witches alone,” Tedros said, dripping sweat on her pink dress.
“Where is she?” Agatha croaked. “Is she safe?”
“Not a good idea for princesses to worry about witches either,” Tedros said, hands gripping her waist. Her stomach exploded with butterflies.
“Put me down,” she sputtered—
“More bad ideas from the princess.”
“Put me down!”Tedros obeyed and Agatha pulled away.
“I’m not a princess!” she snapped, fixing her collar.
“If you say so,” the prince said, eyes drifting downward.Agatha followed them to her gashed legs, waterfalls of brilliant blood. She saw blood blurring— Tedros smiled.
“One . . . two . . . three . . .”She fainted in his arms.
“Definitely a princess,” he said.”
Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil

Soman Chainani
“Agatha: "If you say anything smug or stuck-up or shallow, I'll have Reaper follow you home."
Sophie: "But then I can't talk!”
Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil

Soman Chainani
“Sophie and Agatha locked eyes one last time but neither screamed for the other.

Once true loves, the two girls now pulled apart like strangers, each in the arms of a boy, Good with
Good, Evil with Evil...

Both of their wishes granted.”
Soman Chainani, A World Without Princes

Soman Chainani
“Of all the tales in all the kingdoms in all the Woods, you had to walk into mine.”
Soman Chainani, The Last Ever After

Soman Chainani
“Everytime you do a Good Deed with true intention, your soul grows purer.”
Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil

Soman Chainani
“It wasn't goodbye forever. Only goodbye for now. And if ever the distance was too much to bear, she would just look inside her heart, for Agatha was already there.”
Soman Chainani, The Last Ever After

Agatha Christie
“Sensationalism dies quickly, fear is long-lived.”
Agatha Christie, Death in the Clouds

Agatha Christie
“...إن الرجل الطيب قد يهلكه حبه لامرأة سيئة - والعكس صحيح أيضا- فالرجل الشرير قد يهلكه حبه لامرأة طيبة”
Agatha Christie, The Mystery of the Blue Train

Gail Carriger
“The redhead looked back and forth between them with dread in her eyes. "Oh, dear, scheming. I was afraid this would happen if we got chummy again.”
Gail Carriger, Curtsies & Conspiracies

Victoria Schwab
“Knowledge is power," she finishes, and I open my eyes to find her rounding the chair, "but ignorance can be a blessing.”
Victoria Schwab, The Archived

Agatha Christie
“Diez negritos se fueron a cenar;
uno se asfixió y quedaron nueve.

Nueve negritos estuvieron despiertos hasta muy tarde;
uno se quedó dormido y entonces quedaron ocho.

Ocho negritos viajaron por Devon;
uno dijo que se quedaría allí y quedaron siete.

Siete negritos cortaron leña;
uno se cortó en dos y quedaron seis.

Seis negritos jugaron con una colmena;
una abeja picó a uno de ellos y quedaron cinco.

Cinco negritos estudiaron Derecho;
uno se hizo magistrado y quedaron cuatro.

Cuatro negritos fueron al mar;
un arenque rojo se tragó a uno y quedaron tres.

Tres negritos pasearon por el zoo;
un gran oso atacó a uno y quedaron dos.

Dos negritos se sentaron al sol;
uno de ellos se tostó y sólo quedó uno.

Un negrito quedó sólo;
se ahorcó y no quedó… ¡ninguno!”
Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None

Jen Turano
“I say, you look smashing this evening," Zayne strode over to her, took her arm, and began helping her up the walk, "That is a lovely gown, and what is the color of the hair you're currently sporting?”
Jen Turano, A Most Peculiar Circumstance

Soman Chainani
“But you are my queen. No one but you. And I like seeing you wear it. Because as long as you do, I know you still love me. And given our history of miscommunication, physical cues are helpful.”
Soman Chainani, The Last Ever After

Soman Chainani
“I've been beautiful all along.”
Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil

Soman Chainani
“Sophie bristled. “About to die with your beloved prince and still thinking about me. My story will go on without you, Agatha. I don’t need you anymore or your pity, like one of your decrepit cats. I’m no longer your Good Deed.”

“But I’m still yours,” said Agatha. “Because without your love, I’d never have become who I really am. So even if I die, I’ll always be your Good Deed, Sophie. And no Evil in the world will ever erase that.”
Soman Chainani, The Last Ever After

Soman Chainani
“Agatha wondered whether in this room of heroes young and old, Hester was the greatest hero of all.”
Soman Chainani, The Last Ever After