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Judith Martin
“There are three possible parts to a date, of which at least two must be offered: entertainment, food, and affection. It is customary to begin a series of dates with a great deal of entertainment, a moderate amount of food, and the merest suggestion of affection. As the amount of affection increases, the entertainment can be reduced proportionately. When the affection IS the entertainment, we no longer call it dating. Under no circumstances can the food be omitted.”
Judith Martin

Michael Bassey Johnson
“To be of good quality, you have to excuse yourself from the presence of shallow and callow minded individuals.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Edith Wharton
“In reality they all lived in a kind of hieroglyphic world, where the real thing was never said or done or even thought, but only represented by a set of arbitrary signs.”
Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence

William Arthur Ward
“God gave you a gift of 84,600 seconds today. Have you used one of them to say thank you?”
William Arthur Ward

Kathy Griffin
“I was raised right — I talk about people behind their backs. It's called manners.”
Kathy Griffin

Stephen King
“Reading at meals is considered rude in polite society, but if you expect to succeed as a writer, rudeness should be the second-to-least of your concerns. The least of all should be polite society and what it expects.”
Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Franklin D. Roosevelt
“Be sincere, Be brief, Be seated.”
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Judith Martin
“If you can't be kind, at least be vague.”
Judith Martin

Bob Hope
“People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy.”
Bob Hope

Astrid Lindgren
“You understand Teacher, don't you, that when you have a mother who's an angel and a father who is a cannibal king, and when you have sailed on the ocean all your whole life, then you don't know just how to behave in school with all the apples and ibexes.”
Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking

Amy Vanderbilt
“Good manners have much to do with the emotions. To make them ring true, one must feel them, not merely exhibit them.”
Amy Vanderbilt

Kathy Griffin
“So yes, I say things I regret constantly, and I just can't help it.”
Kathy Griffin

Jodi Meadows
Try to be polite."
"I'm always polite."
"You're always eyeing people's valuables. That's hardly polite.”
Jodi Meadows, The Orphan Queen

Ilona Andrews
“The first rule of etiquette a boy learns when he's about to enter
society is that civility is due to all women. No provocation, no
matter how unjust and rudely delivered, can validate a man who fails
to treat a woman with anything less than utmost courtesy."

The boys hung on his every word. He glanced in her direction.

"I have met some incredibly unpleasant women, and I have never failed
in this duty. But I must admit: your sister may prove my undoing.”
Ilona Andrews, On the Edge

P.J. O'Rourke
“A hat should be taken off when greeting a lady, and left off the rest of your life. Nothing looks more stupid than a hat.”
P.J. O'Rourke, Modern Manners: An Etiquette Book for Rude People

Tina  Brown
“Manners are the ability to put someone else at their turning any answer into another question.”
Tina Brown

John Patrick Hickey
“When you know you can do something, and you feel good about yourself, you do not have to devalue others.”
John Patrick Hickey, Oops! Did I Really Post That

Beverly Cleary
“The humiliation that Jane had felt turned to something else--grief perhaps, or regret. Regret that she had not known how to act with a boy, regret that she had not been wiser.”
Beverly Cleary, Fifteen

Vera Nazarian
“Gift giving is a true art.

1. You need to understand the person to whom you intend to give the gift.

2. You need to know what they truly want.

3. You must be able to give it to them.

Anything less is a symptom of varying degrees, on your part, of ignorance, distance, or insult.

But if you cannot afford the right gift, telling the person what you would do if you could, justifies everything—as you present that not-so-perfect substitute.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Rose Macaulay
“So they left the subject and played croquet, which is a very good game for people who are annoyed with one another, giving many opportunities for venting rancor.”
Rose Macaulay

Neil Gaiman
“It's harder to pick and choose when you're dead. It's like a photograph, you know. It doesn't matter as much.”
Neil Gaiman, American Gods

John Patrick Hickey
“Be a person that others will look for your posts daily because they know you will encourage them. Be the positive one and help others to have a great day and you will find that not only they like you but you will like you too.”
John Patrick Hickey, Oops! Did I Really Post That

Kathleen Rooney
“If there are to be rules, they must be articulable and defensible, like etiquette. I do not do anything simply because my family did it. I do things because they make sense, and because they are elegant.”
Kathleen Rooney, Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk

Susanna Clarke
“In peacetime some sort of introduction is generally required to make a person's acquaintance; in war a small eatable will perform the same office.”
Susanna Clarke, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Sheri Cobb South
“Miss Grantham ordered me to my room and told me no man would ever wish to marry me if I did not learn to behave like a lady. But Miss Grantham always behaves like a lady, and no man has ever wished to marry her, either, so if it really makes no difference in the end, I don’t see why I shouldn’t at least have fun!”
Sheri Cobb South, A Dead Bore

A.O. Storm
“Why would you turn right on a red light when we can all just sit here behind you waiting to die... #AHOLE”
Andy Ostrom, An A-Hole Goes To Work

Paul Babicki
“There are no secrets on the Internet”
Paul Babicki

David Chiles
“Let your internet engagement show your inner beauty through online actions with Netiquette.”
David Chiles

“It's not polite to have a point.”
John Alejandro King a.k.a. The Covert Comic

Abhijit Naskar
“The civilized human stands firm on their conviction and says, I don't obey no etiquette, I don't obey no norm - whatever is civilized is born of me, whatever is human is born of me.”
Abhijit Naskar, Solo Standing on Guard: Life Before Law

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