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J.R. Ward
“Vengeance was one hell of a roommate.”
J.R. Ward, Dark Lover

J.R. Ward
“Sometimes in life, from out of a myriad of prosaic decisions like what to eat and where to sleep and how to dress, a true crossroads is revealed. In these moments, when the fog of relative irrelevancy lifts and fate rolls out a demand for free will, there is only left or right – no option of four-by-fouring into the underbrush between two paths, no negotiating with the choice that has been presented. You must answer the call and pick your way. And there is no reverse. ”
J.R. Ward, Lover Avenged

“He drew the dagger and laid it on the table between them; a length of dragonbone and Valyrian steel, as sharp as the difference between right and wrong, between true and false, between life and death.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Pete Wentz
“He sharpened his flaws and disappointments into daggers.”
Pete Wentz, The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

Sabaa Tahir
“We match each other stroke for stroke until I get a hit on her right arm.

She tries to switch sword arms, but I jab my scim at her wrist faster than she can parry. Her scim goes flying, and I tackle her. Her white-blonde hair tumbles free of her bun.

“Surrender!” I pin her down at the wrists, but she trashes and rips one arm free, scrabbling for a dagger at her waist. Steel stabs at my ribs, and seconds later, I am on my back with a blade at my throat.

“Ha!” She leans down, her hair falling around us like a shimmering silver curtain.”
Sabaa Tahir, An Ember in the Ashes

Marie Rutkoski
“A dagger wants flesh, her father would say. Find it.”
Marie Rutkoski, The Winner's Kiss

J.R. Ward
“Fear of change was a weakness”
J.R. Ward, Lover at Last

Alexander Cockburn
“The weapon of the advocate is the sword of the soldier, not the dagger of the assassin.”
Alexander Cockburn

J.R. Ward
“Assail: We keep this up and I'll talk to you more than I speak with my own mahmen.

Vishous: Isn't she dead?

Assail: Yes.

Vishous: Some bastards have all the luck.”
J.R. Ward, The Beast

Sulari Gentill
“What could you possibly write at Gates of Hades?” Cadmus asked.

“Keep your spirits up.” Lycon sheathed the dagger he’d used to chisel the trunk.

Cadmus shook his head. “Idiot.”
Sulari Gentill, Chasing Odysseus

Terry Pratchett
“Is this a dagger I see before me?' he mumbled.

'Um. No, my lord. It's my handkerchief, you see. You can sort of tell the difference if you look closely. It doesn't have as many sharp edges.”
Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters

Eoin Colfer
“He had seen bigger men than he with mummy's handkerchief clutched in on hand and a bloody dagger in the other.”
Eoin Colfer, Airman

Dylan Farrow
“My mind refuses to focus on the one thing I know is true: Ma. Sprawled on the floor, soaked in blood, a dagger driven through her chest. 'What have you done, Shae?”
Dylan Farrow, Hush

J.R. Ward
“Assail: Tell me, is your Dom reputation just talk, or are you truly that perverted?

Vishous: Waste my time with gossip and I'll answer that firsthand.

Assail: Kinky.”
J.R. Ward

Noor Al-Shanti
“A small, decorative dagger was embedded in her stomach. She was doomed. Even still, Hawk could not leave her.”
Noor Al-Shanti, Children of the Dead City

“The Shadow Spokeswoman for Unbelievable Lies steps out of the circling assassins. She is Casca, she is Cassius, and she is Marcus Brutus. She channels them all. She is carrying a long glinting dagger, as sharp as a razor fabricated from the steel callousness of a woman whose lies have destroyed the life of her former lover. She is a silent cat climbing steps of air to a platform of the purest hate. She is a Death’s Head butterfly emerging from an encircling teardrop of one of her victims. Her eyes are fixed in an impassive stare. She has come from William Blake’s House of Death. She is a stone heart. She is a machine. A rain of blood falls on her, on her alone. She is horror.”
Ranty McRanterson, Regatta De Mort: The Mad God