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“I didn't drive eleven hours across the state of Texas to watch my cholesterol.”
Robb Walsh

“There are some things that don't change much. I find the smell of a dish, or the way a certain spice is crushed, or just a quick look at the way something has been put on a plate, can pull me back to another place and time. I love those memories that seem so far away, yet you can hold them and carry them with you, even forget them, and then, with a single taste or hint or a smell, be chaperoned back to a beautiful moment.”
Tessa Kiros

L.J. Martin
“Somewhere close behind air and water is the need for food.”
L.J. Martin, Cooking Wild & Wonderful

The Silver Elves
“It is important to view a recipe book as one that you use daily and what we in our family call "a living book" — a book that you use all the time, not just read once and discard on the shelf. It is in a sense a spell book, a book of magical enchantments, to be consulted, used and altered as needed.”
The Silver Elves, The Elf Folks' Book of Cookery: Recipes for a Delighted Tongue, a Healthy Body and a Magical Life

The Silver Elves
“My cooking spoon,
My magic wand,
Of this dish,
You will be fond.”
The Silver Elves, The Elf Folks' Book of Cookery: Recipes for a Delighted Tongue, a Healthy Body and a Magical Life

“Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift.

To handle yourself, use your head, To handle others, use your heart.

What would life be if we had not courage to attempt anything?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
Connie Fairbanks, Scratch That (TM) Seasonal Menus and Perfect Pairings

The Silver Elves
“Healing Magic I instill,
Far Greater this,
Than any pill!”
The Silver Elves, The Elf Folks' Book of Cookery: Recipes for a Delighted Tongue, a Healthy Body and a Magical Life

Cassandra Harrell
“All soul food is southern food, but not all southern food is soul food.”
Cassandra Harrell, Soul Food Lovers' Cookbook

Christy Bright
“She is my "Soul Dog" and I totally get it now.”
Christy Bright, Shaggy Dog Eats!: 24+ Recipes for Easy, Delicious Dog Treats

“You will find this to be a more oniony soup than the usual kind but, as the cross old lady said when a stranger told her that her slip was showing, "I like it that way.”
Margaret Yardley Potter, At Home on the Range.

Rachel Lynn Frank
“I let the food speak for itself and the food always wins...”
Rachel Lynn Frank, Delicious Vegan Breakfast

“I enjoyed the side bars with fun facts and notable sources for where to get more help. Merrin’s such a fun writer; I’d love to see her invite kids into her kitchen for cooking classes. She’d be perfect in the classroom and would entice children to try new foods. It’s the adults that might need fooling.”
Cindy Gay

“... with San Mateo food writer Merrin McGregor's irresistible recipe, you can have your French Toast -- and eat it, too. It's a glorious fruit salad with little cubes of orange-tinged French toast ... We just added a tiny maple drizzle when we served it, and felt sated and virtuous at the same time.”
Jackie Burrell

“Cookbooks are almost a substitution for a lost sense of culture. People want some other life than the one they're living, so they buy a cookbook with pictures and imagine themselves as part of that life.”
Mark Miller

Zomick's Bakery
“Cooking involves a deadline and hungry people and ingredients that expire in a week. It's stressful. Cooking happens on the stove and on the clock. Baking happens with ingredients that last for months and come to life inside a warm oven. Baking at Zomick's Bakery is slow and leisurely.”
Zomick's Bakery

Merrin McGregor
“I hope this book will inspire the kitchen con-artist in you, increase fruit and veggie consumption in your family, and motivate you to become an Accidental Cook. Pass it on!”
Merrin McGregor, Vegetables Accidentally: Healthier...But None the Wiser

Rachel Lynn Frank
“Each individual has a unique food personality. The key is finding the balance point at which you feel great and are healthy.”
Rachel Lynn Frank, Raw Energy Bar Invasion: 50 Fruit and Nut Bar Recipes

“But when we moved to the country, miles from the nearest restaurant, his hints anent his favorite dies grew so insistent that it became a question of tripe or divorce, and for a short time it was a difficult decision.”
Margaret Yardley Potter, At Home on the Range.

“...among whom the art of living well and getting the most out of life at a moderate expense has been attained to a very high degree.”
Maria Gentile, The Italian Cook Book: The Art of Eating Well

“the splendid manhood and womanhood of Italy”
Maria Gentile, The Italian Cook Book: The Art of Eating Well

Bjorn Shen
“So Artichoke was a restaurant borne out of impulse and recklessness. Four years on, it’s also a testament to how an enterprise started on such a fucked up approach can actually succeed.”
Bjorn Shen, Artichoke: Recipes & Stories from Singapore's Most Rebellious Kitchen

Bjorn Shen
“But what little we did know, we brandished wildly like cavemen’s clubs, slinging out stuff we felt tasted good. That was as intricate as our
game plan ever was—to make food that tasted good.”
Bjorn Shen, Artichoke: Recipes & Stories from Singapore's Most Rebellious Kitchen

“Then put in the interior a roasted goose and into its belly a roasted hen and in the belly of the hen a roasted pigeon and in the belly of the pigeon a roasted starling and in the belly of this a small bird, roasted or fried.”
Candida Martinelli, Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook

“I feel so much better having this book sitting on my cookbook shelf, just to help balance out the butter and cream being recommended by my array of french cookbooks!”
ChiWei Ranck

“These recipes, and my story, are old school because… they will make you feel like you are mixing a recipe with the spontaneity of the act of cooking itself.”
Alex Guarnaschelli, Old-School Comfort Food: The Way I Learned to Cook

Julia Glass
“None of this Mad Mario showmanship- orange clogs and Bermuda shorts fit for Babar, sweetbreads garnished with squash blossoms stuffed with cheese from the milk of Angora goats who live in the Pyrenees. Litchi sorbet veined with coconut milk and honey from Crete.”
Julia Glass, The Whole World Over

Stacey Ballis
“Caroline has laid out a beautiful spread, which is a combination of some of my favorite things that she has cooked, and traditional Sikh wedding dishes provided by Jag's friends. There is a whole roasted beef tenderloin, sliced up with beautiful brioche rolls for those who want to make sandwiches, crispy brussels sprouts, potato gratin, and tomato pudding from Gemma's journal. The savory pudding was one of the dishes from Martha's wedding, which gave me the idea for this insanity to begin with, so it seemed appropriate. I actually think Gemma would strongly approve of this whole thing. And she certainly would have appreciated the exoticism of the wonderful Indian vegetarian dishes, lentils, fried pakoras, and a spicy chickpea stew.
From what I can tell, Gemma was thrilled anytime she could get introduced in a completely new cuisine, whether it was the Polish stonemason introducing her to pierogi and borsht, or the Chinese laundress bringing her tender dumplings, or the German butcher sharing his recipe for sauerbraten. She loved to experiment in the kitchen, and the Rabins encouraged her, gifting her cookbooks and letting her surprise them with new delicacies. Her favorite was 'With a Saucepan Over the Sea: Quaint and Delicious Recipes from the Kitchens of Foreign Countries,' a book of recipes from around the world that Gemma seemed to refer to frequently, enjoying most when she could alter one of the recipes to better fit the palate of the Rabins. Mrs. Rabin taught her all of the traditional Jewish dishes they needed for holiday celebrations, and was, by Gemma's account, a superlative cook in her own right.
Off to the side of the buffet is a lovely dessert table, swagged with white linen and topped with a small wedding cake, surrounded by dishes of fried dough balls soaked in rosewater syrup and decorated with pistachios and rose petals, and other Indian sweets.”
Stacey Ballis, Recipe for Disaster

Allison Robicelli
“Angel food cake could never be the food legitimate angels eat, because in heaven you can eat steak and chocolate and very expensive cheese. The angels who feed on this cake are the kind that show up in Thomas Kinkade paintings or sing backup for Corey Feldman.”
Allison Robicelli

Allison Robicelli
“If it wasn't for curse words and grandoise hand gestures, I don't know if Brooklynites would even be able to communicate. In fact, I had requested that holograms of me making dramatic hand gestures be included in this book, but my publisher said it was "too expensive", which is total fucking bullshit.”
Allison Robicelli, Robicelli's a Love Story, with Cupcakes: With 50 Decidedly Grown-Up Recipes

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