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Bertrand Russell
“I do not pretend to be able to prove that there is no God. I equally cannot prove that Satan is a fiction. The Christian god may exist; so may the gods of Olympus, or of ancient Egypt, or of Babylon. But no one of these hypotheses is more probable than any other: they lie outside the region of even probable knowledge, and therefore there is no reason to consider any of them.”
Bertrand Russell, Why I Am Not a Christian and Other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects

Vera Nazarian
“Once upon a time there were two countries, at war with each other. In order to make peace after many years of conflict, they decided to build a bridge across the ocean.

But because they never learned each other’s language properly, they could never agree on the details, so the two halves of the bridge they started to build never met.

To this day the bridge extends far into the ocean from both sides, and simply ends half way, miles in the wrong direction from the meeting point.

And the two countries are still at war.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

George S. Clason
“The sun that shines today is the sun that shone when thy father was born, and
will still be shining when thy last grandchild shall pass into the darkness.”
George S. Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon

“When Anu the Sublime, King of the Anunnaki, and Bel, the lord of Heaven and earth, who decreed the fate of the land assigned to Marduk, the over-ruling son of Ea, God of righteousness, dominion over earthly man, and made him great among the Igigi, they called Babylon by his illustrious name, made it great on earth, and founded an everlasting kingdom in it, whose foundations are laid so solidly as those of heaven and earth; then Anu and Bel called by name me, Hammurabi, the exalted prince, who feared God, to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil-doers; so that the strong should not harm the weak, so that I should rule over the black-headed people like Shamash and enlighten the land, to further the well-being of mankind.

...When Marduk sent me to rule over men, to give the protection of right to the land, I did right and righteousness in . . . , and brought about the well-being of the oppressed.

[The oldest known written code of laws from around 1772 BCE]”
Hammurabi, The Code of Hammurabi

Christopher Hitchens
“The fervor and single-mindedness of this deification probably have no precedent in history. It's not like Duvalier or Assad passing the torch to the son and heir. It surpasses anything I have read about the Roman or Babylonian or even Pharaonic excesses. An estimated $2.68 billion was spent on ceremonies and monuments in the aftermath of Kim Il Sung's death. The concept is not that his son is his successor, but that his son is his reincarnation. North Korea has an equivalent of Mount Fuji—a mountain sacred to all Koreans. It's called Mount Paekdu, a beautiful peak with a deep blue lake, on the Chinese border. Here, according to the new mythology, Kim Jong Il was born on February 16, 1942. His birth was attended by a double rainbow and by songs of praise (in human voice) uttered by the local birds. In fact, in February 1942 his father and mother were hiding under Stalin's protection in the dank Russian city of Khabarovsk, but as with all miraculous births it's considered best not to allow the facts to get in the way of a good story.”
Christopher Hitchens, Love, Poverty, and War: Journeys and Essays

Peter Lerangis
“Whoa, don't assume, dude," Marco said. "My mom always said, when you assume you make an ass of u and me--”
Peter Lerangis, Lost in Babylon

“Welcome to Irkalla, the Land of the Dead,” the woman said. “I am Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld.”
Alan Kinross, Longinus The Vampire: Babylon

Dean Cavanagh
“The mother tongue of politicians is that of ancient Babylon: a language designed to severely limit discourse within a tower of praise to elitism, a language carried on breath's reeking of the fecal matter from their paymasters”
Dean Cavanagh

“Whether or not the fame of Gilgamesh of Uruk had reached the Aegean – and the idea is attractive – there can be no doubt that it was as great as that of any other hero. In time his name became so much a household word that jokes and forgeries were fathered onto it, as in a popular fraud that survives on eighth-century B.C. tablets which perhaps themselves copy an older text. This is a letter supposed to be written by Gilgamesh to some other king, with commands that he should send improbable quantities of livestock and metals, along with gold and precious stones for an amulet for Enkidu, which would weigh no less that thirty pounds. The joke must have been well received, for it survives in four copies, all from Sultantepe.”
N.K. Sandars, The Epic of Gilgamesh

“Not so many moons ago, he had been able to run to the summit of the temple without losing a single breath; however, now he felt like an old camel that laboured under a load of corn. Years pass so quickly, and the dreams of youth are lost forever.”
Alan Kinross, Longinus The Vampire: Babylon

“...Alas, Babylon was to be among the first to give a public voice to the fears and anxieties associated with a nuclear attack and with threats of atomic radiation. And unlike others in the genre, he offered unmitigated hope. Randy Bragg and company not only survive the devastation that leaves vast Contaminated Zones throughout the United States, but they also apply the best in themselves to begin the re-establishment of life within a civil society. All of the atomic fears of the 1950s (and later) are there, but Frank's 'message' seems to be that we can survive even the worst catastrophe with everyday, secularized applications of faith, hope, and charity.”
Hal Hager

Jean-Christophe Valtat
“... Paris was no more Babylon than it was New Jerusalem. All cities worthy of that name were both: they were one because they were the other...”
Jean-Christophe Valtat, Luminous Chaos

Toba Beta
“The contest of world's tallest skyscraper is a childish thing.
Whereas with similar budget, they could construct flying building.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Enock Maregesi
“Wachawi wanamwabudu Shetani. Lakini Shetani wanayemwabudu si Shetani Ibilisi aliyeumbwa na Mwenyezi Mungu kuja kuudanganya ulimwengu wote. Ni Shetani roho ya mabadiliko, mabadiliko ya kweli, ya ufahamu kamilia ulimwengu huu ambamo sisi sote tunaishi. Wachawi, kwa maneno mengine, wanaabudu miungu – kama vile Inanna wa Mesopotamia, Isis wa Misri, Asherah wa Kaanani au Belus wa Assyria ambaye ndiye mungu wa kwanza kuabuadiwa kama sanamu duniani – iliyotwaliwa na Shetani tangu misingi ya ulimwengu huu kusimikwa. Dhambi aliyotenda Shetani mbinguni ni ndogo kuliko dhambi wanazotenda wachawi duniani, ijapokuwa dhambi aliyotenda Shetani haitaweza kusamehewa na ndiyo maana Shetani hataweza kuwasamehe wanadamu. Ni jukumu letu kuwaita wachawi wote kutoka Babeli na kuwaleta katika ukweli kama kweli wanayemwabudu ni Shetani Ibilisi, Shetani Beelzebub, Shetani Asmodeus, Shetani Leviathan, Shetani Mammon, Shetani Amon au Shetani Belphegor ambao ni mabingwa wa kiburi, uroho, zinaa, wivu, fedha, hasira na uvivu duniani. Wachawi hawajui, na usipojua waweza kufa bila kujua.”
Enock Maregesi

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“GOD is The Author of Life.He is The Author and Finisher of Our Faith. GOD is not the author of confusion. Satan the devil is the author of confusion. the Pope does not speak for GOD. The Pope does not speak for Bible Believing Christians.
The Babylonian System of Religion is a system that is based on the web of lies from the pits of hell. The Pope is part of that system.”
Errol Anthony Smythe.

Graham Hancock
“Berossos compiled his History from the temple archives of Babylon (reputed to have contained "public records" that had been preserved for "over 150,000 years"). He has passed on to us a description of Oannes as a "monster," or a "creature." However, what Berossos has to say is surely more suggestive of a man wearing some sort of fish-costume--in short, some sort of disguise. The monster, Berossos tells us: "had the whole body of a fish, but underneath and attached to the head of the fish there was another head, human, and joined to the tail of the fish, feet like those of a man, and it had a human voice ... At the end of the day, this monster, Oannes, went back to the sea and spent the night. It was amphibious, able to live both on land and in the sea ... Later, other monsters similar to Oannes appeared."
Bearing in mind that the curious containers carried by Oannes and the Apkallu sages are also depicted on one of the megalithic pillars at Göbekli Tepe (and [...] as far afield as ancient Mexico as well), what are we to make of all this? The mystery deepends when we follow the Mesopotamian traditions further. In summary, Oannes and the brotherhood of Apkallu sages are depicted as tutoring mankind for many thousands of years. It is during this long passage of time that the five antediluvian cities arise, the centers of a great civilization, and that kingship is "lowered from heaven." Prior to the first appearance of Oannes, Berossos says, the people of Mesopotamia 'lived in a lawless manner, like the beasts of a field.”
Graham Hancock, Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilization

“If you really observe “suburbia,” it was created from fear or for lack of a better word, the conservative mindset terrified of anything original. Especially terrified of the individual. Thousands of years ago they called it Babylon.”
Chris Morgan (SON)

“What we finally do, out of desperation ... is go on an impossible, or even forbidden, journey or pilgrimage, which from a rational point of view is futile: to find the one wise man, whomever or wherever he may be; and to find from him the secret of eternal life or the secret of adjusting to this life as best we can.”
Herbert Mason, Gilgamesh: A Verse Narrative