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Terry Pratchett
“Listen, Peaches, trickery is what humans are all about," said the voice of Maurice. "They're so keen on tricking one another all the time that they elect governments to do it for them.”
Terry Pratchett, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

Leo Tolstoy
“And not only the pride of intellect, but the stupidity of intellect. And, above all, the dishonesty, yes, the dishonesty of intellect. Yes, indeed, the dishonesty and trickery of intellect.”
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Rick Riordan
“Marvelous,” she said. “Tell me about this tapestry.”
Arachne’s lips curled over her mandibles. “Why do you care? You're about to die.”
“Well, yes,” Annabeth said. “But the way you captured the light is amazing. Did you use real gold thread for the sunbeams?”
Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena

Thomas Paine
“Common sense will tell us, that
the power which hath endeavoured to subdue us, is of all others, the
most improper to defend us.”
Thomas Paine, Common Sense

Criss Jami
“To be honest, one can only feel glad that so many modern iconoclasts consider Christianity to be full of exceptionally hypocritical, religious zealots - it's biblically accurate and a prophecy fulfilled. The old smoke screen is one of Satan's favorite tricks. He conceals the authentic. He has a persistent strategy of targeting those who remind him of Christianity because he fears those who remind him of Christ.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Salman Rushdie
“Don't you know girls have to fool people every day of their lives if they want to get anywhere?”
Salman Rushdie, Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Anthony Liccione
“The darkness always lies.”
Anthony Liccione

Jaymin Eve
“I’m sick of them. I never want to see them again. Except Aros; he smells nice. And Rome; because he’s so strong I’m pretty sure not even Rau can get past him. I don’t need the others. Except Siret. I’m pretty sure he hates me, but he’s really good at catching me like just before I face-plant into something. But the others, I don’t need them. Not at all.” I paused, my brow furrowing, my mouth pursing, and then I quickly blurted, “Except Coen and Yael. Coen is really good at making decisions, and if I leave out Yael he’ll probably hunt me down and haunt me-”
“That's all of them,” Emmy interrupted smoothly.”
Jaymin Eve, Trickery

Richelle E. Goodrich
“I can overlook the lie; what's harder to ignore is the grotesque way it has marred your character.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Slaying Dragons

Henryk Sienkiewicz
“He always smiles, even when contemplating nothing good.”
Henryk Sienkiewicz, In Desert and Wilderness

Richelle E. Goodrich
“Lies don't fit snugly into disguises. Eventually the cloak falls off and you're left staring at the naked truth which is always an uncomfortable situation.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

C. JoyBell C.
“We are all tricked. We think that religion tells us what to believe; but it doesn't, it is telling us what not to believe. Atheism is not the absence of religion; atheism is the most undiluted form of religion: it tells us not to believe in anything at all. Atheists hate the religious and the religious hate atheists, but this is only a deception! We are all deceived! There is only one boat and we are all in it! All at the same time!”
C. JoyBell C.

Lewis Carroll
“I'm sure I'll take you with pleasure!" the Queen said. "Twopence a week, and jam every other day."
Alice couldn't help laughing, as she said, "I don't want you to hire me - and I don't care for jam."
"It's very good jam," said the Queen.
"Well, I don't want any today, at any rate."
"You couldn't have it if you did want it," the Queen said.
"The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday - but never today."
"It must come sometimes to 'jam today'," Alice objected.
"No it can't," said the Queen. "It's jam every other day: today isn't any other day, you know.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Eva Ibbotson
“Stupid women were lured into it and assured they would become young and beautiful if they let themselves be pummeled and pounded and smeared with sticky creams, and have their faces lifted and their stomachs flattened. They paid a lot of money to Madame Olympia, who would put a little bit of magic into the creams and ointments that she used so that at first they did look marvelous. But it was the kind of magic that wore off very quickly, leaving the women even uglier than before so that they would rush back to her and pay her more money and the whole thing would start again.”
Eva Ibbotson, Which Witch?

Criss Jami
“I won't be stuck in traffic 'til I see how rugged my path is
And right now I'm loving how fast my troubles are fasting

No they don't bother me oh realizing I'm psychopathic
A wild beast, baby I'm gladly running after
Yes a thing called peace outlasting any madness

The devil fears me oh he's feeling
Like a fragment of a fraction
No he won't come near me
'Cause his hat trick's out of practice”
Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Patrick Rothfuss
“So much was so easy. Glamour was second nature. It was just making folk see what they wanted to see. Fooling folk was as simple as singing. Tricking folk and telling lies, it was like breathing.

But this? Convincing someone of the truth that they were too twisted to see? How could you even begin?”
Patrick Rothfuss, Rogues

Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay
“কৌশলে স্বার্থসিদ্ধি হয়, কার্যোদ্ধার হয় ― কিন্তু সত্যের প্রতিষ্ঠা হয় না। কৌশলের জন্মদাত্রী বুদ্ধি ― তারই মধ্যে কোথায় যেন অদৃশ্যভাবে অবস্থান করছে ― মিথ্যা। জীবনে যুদ্ধে হোক, সন্ধিতে হোক, বন্ধুত্বে হোক, যেখানে বুদ্ধিকে সর্বস্ব করবে, সেইখানেই মিথ্যা এসে রন্ধ্রপথে শনির মত প্রবেশ করবে। কৌশলে সত্যরক্ষার অধিকার কারও নেই।”
Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay, রাধা

Waheed Ibne Musa
“You know why you can’t assemble enough money?” he said looking at his tin. “Not because you don’t know how to perform, but because you’re ignorant of the style of drawing money out of the people’s pockets. How can you get the tips if you don’t know the tricks? I beheld a busker once that had no talent, but he enchanted people with his words. He often said to the passers-by, ‘Please give generously. I could be out robbing houses…yours, for example.’ Even a cootie-catcher girl busks more than you.”
Waheed Ibne Musa, Johnny Fracture

Alison Miller
“We worked through the “alien abduction” memory and discovered that the “spaceship” was parked in the courtyard of the cult training centre. An insider had been instructed that if the survivor began to remember the ritual abuse, she was to make her remember the alien abduction, so that nobody would believe her account of the ritual abuse. This programme did not work in this case, but you can imagine the larger consequences of such a ruse.”
Alison Miller, Becoming Yourself: Overcoming Mind Control and Ritual Abuse

Erik Valeur
“In this way Fate outplayed the efforts of mortals-simply to amuse itself, one might think.”
Erik Valeur, Det syvende barn

Alison Miller
“In my client who had confessed her “alien abduction” experience, an alter had been instructed that if she began to remember the ritual abuse she was to remember the alien abduction, so that nobody would believe her account of the ritual abuse. This program did not work with us, but you can imagine the larger consequences of such a ruse.
Alison Miller, Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

Erik Bundy
“That demon will trick you faster than a politician with a liquor license.”
Erik Bundy, Magic and Murder Among the Dwarves

Rachel Hartman
“It was hard to fool someone who could tell what you were thinking.”
Rachel Hartman, Seraphina

Denise Domning
“To take command, one must first create the illusion that command is already yours.”
Denise Domning, Winter's Heat

Christopher Byford
“As usual, small towns like this were full of those who needed entertainment and whilst money was difficult to earn, the philosophy of giving the people what they wanted, which Franco lived by, had paid dividends.”
Christopher Byford, Den of Shadows

Daniel Silva
“Why, we're simply going to create an army of a million men. Conjure it up, I'm afraid, completely out of thin air.”
Daniel Silva, The Unlikely Spy

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Per se, a prank is meant to thank.
Rethink and thank the soft spank.
And fill in the blank,
Not even over drank,
Knelt when they made you walk the plank.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, ACross Tic

“Ruric clung to me and shouted, "Your father." Looking down below I saw my father running after us, several alarmed guards trailing him. As I watched, the High Lord's slight demon shape began to shimmer in a remarkable transformation that stretched him out and out and up into a huge and long, black serpentine dragon. It was a glorious sight, one I'd never thought to see. He launched himself gracefully into the air amidst shouted protests from his guards, a large dragon smile on his face that showed more free and delighted emotion than I'd ever seen on his face.
..."His poor guards. An eight-member team set out at a dead run after us. They must be having a hissy fit over my father taking off like that, alone, unguarded. Although I couldn't imagine what could possibly be of threat to a four-ton, fire-breathing dragon.”
Sunny, Lucinda, Dangerously

Ehsan Sehgal
“The trickery conduct, in all affairs, is such a flame of fire that burns the truth and trust; consequently, which becomes impossible to recover.”
Ehsan Sehgal