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Sequoyah The entirety of the book is letting people know that everyone on Wall Street looks the exact same. No one, not even Patrick correctly recognizes anyone. I believe the lawyer had lunch with just another Wall Street yuppie and was oblivious. Same as how he has no clue his own client, Patrick Bateman, is speaking to him.

In regards to the flat, I do believe that he murdered those girls and left them there. Paul Owen's family is probably extremely rich and powerful and hid away any evidence that their son butchered prostitutes in his apartment. The real estate agent obviously knows something is up by her demeanor, and she probably tells Pat to leave the apartment, so she can sale the apartment, as she has probably been paid off by Paul Owen's family.
Elizabeth Ann The whole point of that scene was to force both Bateman and the reader to question whether or not those brutalities actually took place. It makes the us wonder if they were just the fantasies and hallucinations of a psychotic person.
John Hanson Patrick Bateman is a painfully unreliable narrator and much of what he says, thinks or does must be taken with a pinch of salt. We only see through his eyes and he is shown to be wrong a number of times.
Max Mulholland It is apparent throughout the novel that less wealthy, less powerful, less important people (the dry cleaner, his maid, a cab driver, the real estate agent) know that Bateman is a killer but do nothing. It's part of the point that Bateman is making about American greed-showing that the wealthy and powerful can do as they like with no consequence. As for the lawyer having dinner with Paul Owen-he didn't. He had dinner with someone who is of so little consequence to him he can't even remember his name. The lawyer and all the wall street brokers are the same way, they never get anyone's name right because they are such greedy narcissist no one else matters.
Edwin Montesinos I think Patrick Bateman's murders happen between his mind and reality.
Dina In light of my belief that Bateman did indeed commit the murders in the apartment, my interpretation was that the real estate agent was suspicious of Bateman when she saw (actually, stared at) the surgical mask that he was holding. She must've been aware of the terrible smell left in the apartment due to the murders, necessitating the multiple bouquets of flowers to mask any lingering smell. I may be giving the real estate agent too much credit, but I thought that she made the connection that Bateman may have been involved in the brutalities due to his apparent preparedness for the smell of carnage.
Christine Antosca I too thought the same thing when reading the book. Was it real or in his mind.
Jennifer I didn’t think for a second it was in his mind until I read some questions about the book. From the beginning him and his friends use multiple names referring to the same persons. I felt it was because they are all interchangeable Wall Street types and everyone is only paying attention to themselves. Including the lawyer, who could have had lunch with any one of them in London.
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