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How did you feel about the ending?

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Ellery (Spoiler alert)
I was so disappointed and mad. As if he would stay with her! A better ending would have been one of them killing the other. Or better - Desi's mom killing Amy. Something unresolved and dark would have been more fitting.
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Sadie Wedel I had mixed feelings as well. I liked the last line that Nick had. I felt like it definitely could have ended more exciting, but I am also sort of glad it didn't have a happy ending. Personally, I think that would have ruined all of the craziness of the story as well as both characters.
Brunda I just finished this book and honestly my first reaction to the ending was to flip the next page and double check if I skipped a chapter. I suppose it was because I had read it almost in one go and wanted more out of it. But yes it made sense for the characters to end up the way they did and I think there is an uncomfortable truth to the ending which left me feeling a bit hollow in the stomach.
Jayna It was so anticlimactic. The book kept building and building and then... nothing...
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Susan Acosta I liked the ending. It wasn't neatly tied up in a bow. It was like real life (in a really MESSED up life). You do what you need to do and "carry on". I thought the ending was on point. In the end they are both narcissistic characters that basically get what they deserve.
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J.L. Whitaker I read this because of the hype around the film, which I didn't see. A friend loaned it to me. I must admit, it was a page turner, but that ending was crap. It reminded me of the 1970s films that were all about character and then just stopped, and the audience would sit there, mouths gaping, wondering what happened to the ending? Did they run out of money or something?

I liked the characterisation in GG and the movement and the structure. But the ending just wasn't satisfying. I don't think as a writer she did her job well enough. The majority of the story telling - yes. Ending - no. I felt a bit cheated.
Martha I had really mixed feelings about it...I felt it was appropriately crazy, in keeping with the overall crazy roller coaster ride of the rest of the book. I thought it was good that the book didn't have a "happy" or semi-happy ending, because that wouldn't have fit quite as well. But it certainly did leave a nasty taste in my mouth.
Judy Lindow
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Christian Schwalbach I felt that the ending was, at first read, a bit abrupt and somewhat implausible, but after finishing the book and thinking about it more, I realized that the ending was a well-done effort to bring the analysis of Amy Dunne's personality full circle. I think people make a mistake in labeling Amy as a Psychopathic character, as she certainly takes the idea of revenge and vengeance overboard, but is not devoid of emotion or human connection. Personally, I put a lot of the blame of shaping Amy's personality on her parents, for creating the cloud of expectation over her from the moment the "Amy" books became successful. This mal-adjudsted upbringing, coupled with vindictive personality traits, made Amy one that was capable of relationship, but walked on a wire regarding happiness and marital satisfaction. Nick has much to be held accountable for also in this case, both with the blatant philandering, but also his 'good ol boy' desire for a 'one of the guys' wife. In my opinion, Nick would have been more happy marrying a naive, "average" female, much like the one he had an affair with, but his and Amy's obviously dysfunctional relationship has a twisted apropos to it, and so the ending is crafted in a way that solidifies this, as they are fated to maintain the craziness , as its all that either of them have known in the paths of marriage.
Xiomara Love it... Is making me wait for AMAZING... Great work Gillian Flynn
Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* I wish the ending was different since she was deplorable, but it does fit.
Cavak One last bit of nasty for me. If Gone Girl didn't have its peculiar character development throughout the entire story, I would have been disappointed. As it is, I feel appropriately robbed, disgusted, and curious by that final cheap shot. It made me feel something when I finished reading it, so it's an ending that works for me!
Mindy Gough Just hated it.
No redemption for any of the characters here.
Was hoping for a more clever twist.
Kortessa Giachanatzi Well, the ending made me feel like "was that all??" I mean, what was Nick really thinking when he accepted Amy back in his life?? Anyway, I don't think it was as climactic as I'd expected..
Donna I loved reading this book, and I couldn't wait to finish it to see how everything would fall in place the way I wanted it to for the characters, but the ending did not give me that. I was so disturbed by it that I had to mentally rewrite it for piece of mind.
Patricia A. Recker Quite disappointed. Just did not expect it.
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