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is this book disturbing in bits?

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Cam Hoff What's disturbing is how Nabokov is able to write a disturbed pedophile main character as one that isn't entirely revolting...but rather someone with charm and wit that you can almost relate to. Fantastically creepy.
Ly Very. In the first 100 pages I had to take at least 3 breaks to restrain myself from breaking something. I guess I can look at the sinful emotions and desires the same way any taboo love, but this psycho has a way of talking about his dark corners like a bad religion and that creeps me the hell out.
Celina Rose The whole book is disturbing. Nabokov makes you empathize with him in some parts, and when you take a step back you are realizing that you are empathizing with a pedophile. You may also become disturbed when you criticize Lolita for being a brat, but again you realize she's a little girl who is being taken advantage of. Ugh, I did not care for how this book made me feel. I'm glad I'm done reading it, and I don't think I will ever re-read it.
Susan Gernhardt This book is more than disturbing in bits...it is entirely disturbing. Maybe I should have read it when I was a teenager...instead of a grandmother!
Betty Davis This book is extremely sarcastic. From the start he is very very sarcastic and exaggerated... he as the "sufferer" is well aware of the ridiculousness of the situation... If you read this as written it can really open your eyes to the actual suffering and plight of people with sexual preferences that vary from the accepted "norm"... very interesting... yes, it is disturbing but it can be enlightening as well
Jesse Disturbing depends on your moral compass and how you see the world...This was one book I never understood the hype about though. Read it with every intention of suspending the obvious disgust I had regarding the subject to find the value in the book, but when I finished, I was just left feeling like I'd wasted my time. I never felt empathy or sympathy for him. Didn't find him witty either...just pathetic. I read a review below and I think one interesting thing that could come from it is that, despite being a pedophile, it was notable to see you found yourself finding him endearing at points...I just never saw that in him personally.
Amber It's disturbing in its entirety. And it is also a beautiful piece of writing.
Newly Wardell Yep it is. But I think that is the point. You have this guy obviously sexualizing a child's behavior to gratify himself. The book is called Lolita but it's not really about the girl. Its about a guy who feels like he it is perfectly okay to treat a child like a personal toilet because she is alone in the world. It's okay because he's in love. He is so blinded by his "love" for her, it doesn't matter that she cant feel anything for him. maybe I just read it wrong. I'd re-read it if it didn't creep me out so much.
Raya P Morrison It's disturbing how many people find Humbert's actions revolting, but fail to see how manipulative, self-aware and sadistic Lolita really is.
TJL It's pretty disturbing. It's an excellently written book but it's pretty hard to get through because of just how sick the protagonist is.
Igor Tokmovtsev I am 45 and heard about this book since I was a teenager. Gave it a read (In Russian) and just could not continue, just did not feel right while reading it..................so decided not to waste time finishing it.
Leilani I think any book with this subject matter is going to be dangerously traumatic if you have ever been the victim of childhood sexual abuse, even if you don't remember it. It could recover repressed memories from childhood and lead to a mental breakdown.
When I started reading it as a teen I just thought HH was pathetic and stupid and couldn't relate to him in the slightest, so I didn't continue reading it.
Cris This book is straight-out pornography. All the skillful writing and lavish reviews don't change that.
Mikey L Disturbance comes from the ethnic moral. Wow, when it comes to ethics... Anyway, disturbing in an interesting way. You just can't deny this fiction's importance.
If anybody notices, Nabokov is trying to show some abstract things, far beyond the taboos of sexual ethics. Otherwise, this master would not write a five hundred thousand word fiction for some pedophile and some cute little loli.
Grace Disturbing, witty, nauseating, and tragic. all of the above.
Croatoan616 Indeed, wonderfully disturbing and chilling.
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Ines the book is never explicit, but some of the implications made by the narrator suggest very disturbing events
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Virginia Nichols It is a work of complete fiction that is laugh-out-loud funny. Unfortunately, in recent years, some have begun to judge it as though it is a true account...all the delicious sarcasm is lost on them. Some people open this book looking for disturbance, and that is what they find.
Timothy Morrison uyes, it is supposed to be so.
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