Charles Nelson

This has been a difficult book to get through...out of sheer boredom. I'm about a third of the way through...the biologist is just reaching the lighthouse. Does this get any better?

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Ben Hathaway The first 40% is soul-destroyingly dull. It improves marginally in patches but remains for the most part consistent in experience to going on holiday with a group of elderly Germans to a wallpaper convention in Northern England.
Gautam I don't understand how you've found the first half of the book so boring, its gripping to say the least. The entire tower story is chilling and scary, I couldn't stop reading for hours.
Trevor Baluski I don't agree with many of the assessments that this was a boring book. I actually found it fascinating. The wonder lies in truly connecting with the Biologist. I feel that you are simply bored because Annihilation seems to be extremely special interest. You need to share parts of your character with the Biologist, be it the scientific curiousity or the fascination with nature. You simply couldn't connect to the Biologist in the way that makes the book enjoyable. I myself read it in a mere 3 hours. Not due to it being short, simply because I became so engrossed with the Biologist's descriptions of the world around her and her reactions to it. She is a very specific type of person and I firmly believe you have to be similar to that kind of person to enjoy Annihilation.
Lisa I was blown away by this and the next two books. It's not the traditional narrative, to be sure, but I couldn't stop reading.
Andrew Kim Can't believe they've made a movie based on this book... they must have some awesome script writers because this was garbage
Eric McElyea Well this is an ambiguous book, the excitement in it is accepting the ambiguity and letting yourself proceed through it with the same lack of knowledge that the protagonist has. If you want to be slapped in the face with easy to digest sci-fi/fantasy action its probably not a book for you.
Bill Coe The first 1/3 is boring but then it gets worse. Give it up.
Stephanie I'm surprised the first third could be described as boring! That said, if you found the first third boring, then you'll probably find the rest of it boring as well.
Cameron Vetter Only slightly better, it remains boring throughout the whole book.
Sara she finds something very interesting and the book mildly increases in interest
Normandy The novel indicates the biologist's husband that went on the 11th expedition died of cancer. I am here to assure you he died of boredom.
Russell Marcontell No, not really. The second book is even worse.
[Name Redacted] No, it doesn't get any better. And you were at about the 1/2 way mark.
Lou NO! It's a slog all the way through.
Rachel I read this in one sitting. Found it fast paced and super interesting, and scary at times. I know this is a year later, but for all those of you that found it boring, what is your top pick for a scifi book you actually find exciting/engaging? (not trying to pick a fight, I’m honestly curious)
Rick I've read all three books. It can be slow going at times, and I think his editor should have trimmed a lot of the excess and repetitive description, analogy, etc. to move things along a bit better. After finishing the third book, I'm hoping he will write at least one more because there are a lot of loose ends that need tidying up. I saw the movie "Annihilation" by the way, and unfortunately they've just cannibalized the bits they wanted to make the movie; it bears almost no resemblance to the first book.
Laura Shimel This is so fascinating. It seems people either love this novel or hate it. I admit I found it a difficult read, not necessarily because it was boring but more because it required my absolute attention as a reader. Typically, I don't want to read about individual blades of grass in a description of a meadow, but in Annihilation those blades of grass could potentially be killers so I had to read about them. I did finish the book and found it to be brilliant, but I can't relate to the people who said it was thrilling.
Rachel Intruiguing writing and setting drew me along, but no pay off, no satisfaction. Will probably not continue.
John It really doesn't. After seeing the movie trailer (which looked awesome!), I went back and skimmed through the book. It was still boring. Looking forward to the movie, though.
Mary Dugan In a word, no. About 2/3 of the way through, I started skimming.
Pratheep Ravysandirane This is one of the most boring reads ever
MARIE WHITMAN As they say, there's no accounting for taste. While events get weirder, the style and cadence don't change. I found the book engaging, but you're not less of a reader/person if it's not your cup of tea. I'm a big believer in the motto "Life's too short", so unless you have to read it, it's not worth it if you find it a slog.
Andre Maruska This is a book I say it is hard to read and even worse to understand but I end up loving it. You will have to read all books and later stop and think about everything that happened. It is not a book that gives you all the answers but once you start to find them, it becomes a really interesting book. A very different kind of book from everything I was used to read. A tip, find the book on Reddit and check, after you finish reading all of them, the discussions. It is really worth it.
Megan I hope you finished it. I've been listening to the audiobook and that's helped me get in to it. I think if I tried reading it, I'd feel like you. But it's like having her sit down and read her experiences to me!
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