"In Bed" with Laurie Notaro

Posted by Goodreads on July 5, 2011
Comic writer Laurie Notaro's sarcastic, irreverent, and self-deprecating style makes the quirks of everyday life—a trip to the gynecologist, a flat tire on the highway, or a high school reunion—a riot. Readers proclaim Notaro "laugh-out-loud funny," "a scream," and the always dangerous, "Peed my pants reading this book." Along with wisecracking novels The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club, Autobiography of a Fat Bride, and We Thought You Would Be Prettier, the former newspaper columnist has also ventured into comic fiction with the supernatural novel Spooky Little Girl. Her newest collection of personal essays is It Looked Different on the Model. Notaro shares her favorite books full of sass. Read with caution.

If You Were Here by Jen Lancaster
"Jen Lancaster is one girl that I would never challenge to a kicking fight in a parking lot: a) She is known for her impeccable footwear, and I would not doubt for one minute that Cole Haan has customized loafers for her that shoot pearls out of the toe like bullets and b) her sass is rocket fueled, and a nicely placed kick from her would undoubtedly send me into orbit. She's snappy, sarcastic, and if she unintentionally snags the parking space you had your eye on, just let her take it."

You Don't Sweat Much for a Fat Girl by Celia Rivenbark
"I like to equate Celia's sass to a tall glass of an Arnold Palmer: It goes down sweet and with a smile, but about two seconds afterward the tang arrives and the smile turns a teeny, tiny bit wicked. Reading any of Celia's books is like taking a trip down south in about an instant; she'll greet you, lend you one of her five Snuggies to wear, hand you a cocktail, and within 60 seconds you'll be doubled over as she explains that her friend Randy refers to his GPS as 'that crazy Yankee bitch inside my car.'"

Waking Up in the Land of Glitter by Kathy Cano-Murillo (Goodreads Author)
"If still waters run deep, then a surface ripple or two should serve as a warning that you'd best be wearing some water wings for the choppy ride ahead. Cano-Murillo's creative, crafty characters serve as the kind, nice girls we all strive to be, but one scratch from a foe or rival sends them into full sass mode that can get a bit blistery when a glue gun fight breaks out."

Where's My Wand? by Eric Poole
"The fact that Eric Poole is still alive after his hilarious book was published is a testament to a mother's unconditional love for her son, because my mother would have had me stuffed, mounted, and hung next to her distressed metal Kokopelli on the living room wall if my name was on the cover of that book. In the softest, gentlest, and kindest of ways, Poole recounts his 1970s childhood with an unabashed, honest dose of sass that is too funny not to be true (or someone would have certainly sued him by now). Clearly inheriting the imperious gene from his maternal side, Poole defiantly braves the consequences as he documents his parents' arguments, his flirtation with magic, and position as the zeta dork. And you'll love him for it."

It's All Relative by Wade Rouse
"There's one thing I can say with absolute certainty about Wade Rouse: When faced with a sass target, he aims, shoots, and hits the bull's-eye without mercy. Unfortunately for his family, they walk away riddled for the ribbing, but it's ultimately for a good cause. Rouse is a master at producing a smile, nod, cackle, and horrified gasp in one single sentence; he fully covers the sass spectrum."

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message 1: by Marcia (new)

Marcia Fine Laurie, you're my idol--even if I am old enough to be your mother. I've written 3 satires about Scottsdale (not that there's anything to make fun of)! Your success and creativity and strange view of the world inspire me!
XXXMarcia Fine

message 2: by Shari (new)

Shari Tate It's great how the everyday life can really be the funniest. It is so easy for the rest of us to relate to those experiences which makes it extra funny.

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