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Mathematics (from Greek μάθημα máthēma, “knowledge, study, learning”) is the study of topics such as quantity (numbers), structure, space, and change.

Mathematicians seek out patterns and use them to formulate new conjectures. Mathematicians resolve the truth or falsity of conjectures by mathematical proof. When mathematical structures are good models of real phenomena, then mathematical reasoning can provide insight or predictions about nature. Through the use of abstraction and logic, mathematics developed from counting, calculation, measurement, and the systematic study of the shapes and mo

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Skin in the Game: The Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life
Enchantress of Numbers
Zenn Diagram
Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction
Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One's Looking)
La realtà non è come ci appare: La struttura elementare delle cose
Data, A Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match
The Mathematics of Love: Patterns, Proofs, and the Search for the Ultimate Equation
Ada's Algorithm: How Lord Byron's Daughter Ada Lovelace Launched the Digital Age
Mastering Bitcoin
Peg + Cat: The Race Car Problem
Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension
7 Ate 9
Nabokov's Favorite Word Is Mauve: What the Numbers Reveal About the Classics, Bestsellers, and Our Own Writing
Grokking Algorithms An Illustrated Guide For Programmers and Other Curious People
A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra)
Algebra - The Very Basics
Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code
Why Information Grows: The Evolution of Order, from Atoms to Economies
The Imitation Game
A Field Guide to Lies: Critical Thinking in the Information Age
Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think
Secret Coders (Secret Coders, #1)
Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel
Finding Zero: A Mathematician's Odyssey to Uncover the Origins of Numbers
Einstein's Dice and Schrödinger's Cat: How Two Great Minds Battled Quantum Randomness to Create a Unified Theory of Physics
Twinderella, a Fractioned Fairy Tale
Paths & Portals (Secret Coders, #2)
The Hueys in None the Number: A Counting Adventure
Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students' Potential Through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching
The World Is Not a Rectangle: A Portrait of Architect Zaha Hadid
Flora and the Chicks: A Counting Book by Molly Idle
The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day
Numerical Methods in Engineering & Science (with Programs in C,C++ &MATLAB)
How to Bake Pi: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics
Ten Pigs: An Epic Bath Adventure
This Idea Must Die: Scientific Theories That Are Blocking Progress
The Theoretical Minimum: What You Need to Know to Start Doing Physics (Theoretical Minimum #1)
Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma
Baby Bear Counts One
Secrets & Sequences (Secret Coders #3)
The Norm Chronicles: Stories and Numbers About Danger and Death
Complexity: A Very Short Introduction
You Are Now Less Dumb: How to Conquer Mob Mentality, How to Buy Happiness, and All the Other Ways to Outsmart Yourself
Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know(r)
Peg + Cat: The Pizza Problem
Beyond Infinity: An Expedition to the Outer Limits of Mathematics
Animals by the Numbers: A Book of Infographics
Ice Cream Summer
Counting with Barefoot Critters
The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos
Calculating the Cosmos: How Mathematics Unveils the Universe
A Doubter's Almanac
The Case Of The Claymore Diamond (The Math Inspectors #1)
Data Science For Dummies
ONE Very Big Bear
Fluke: The Maths and Myths of Coincidence
One Word from Sophia
Quantum Computing Since Democritus
Circle, Square, Moose
Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes
Goodnight, Numbers
Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine
Quantum Mechanics: The Theoretical Minimum (Theoretical Minimum #2)
Cheers for a Dozen Ears: A Summer Crop of Counting
101 Things I Learned ® in Engineering School
The Grapes of Math: How Life Reflects Numbers and Numbers Reflect Life
A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age
An Introduction to Statistical Learning: With Applications in R
The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World
Love, Triangle
Everyday Calculus: Discovering the Hidden Math All Around Us
Step Right Up: How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World about Kindness
Counting Crows
Shape Shift
Giant Pumpkin Suite
Information Theory: A Tutorial Introduction
Absolutely One Thing (Charlie and Lola)
A Cabinet of Philosophical Curiosities: A Collection of Puzzles, Oddities, Riddles, and Dilemmas
Burn Math Class: And Reinvent Mathematics for Yourself
Libellus de Numeros (Magicae Mathematica #1)
How Much Does a Ladybug Weigh?
The Math Myth: And Other STEM Delusions
Cosmosapiens: Human Evolution from the Origin of the Universe
Outdoor Math: Fun Activities for Every Season
My Search for Ramanujan: How I Learned to Count
A Line Can Be . . .
Symmetry: A Very Short Introduction
The Cookie Fiasco (Elephant & Piggie Like Reading!, #1)
Place Value
Spooky Action at a Distance: The Phenomenon That Reimagines Space and Time—and What It Means for Black Holes, the Big Bang, and Theories of Everything
Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis
Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty
Liz Learns a Lesson (The Critter Club, #3)
Investment Science
Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All

Roman Payne
The ‘Muse’ is not an artistic mystery, but a mathematical equation. The gift are those ideas you think of as you drift to sleep. The giver is that one you think of when you first awake.
Roman Payne

George Gordon Byron
I know that two and two make four - and should be glad to prove it too if I could - though I must say if by any sort of process I could convert 2 and 2 into five it would give me much greater pleasure.
George Gordon Byron

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