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May 21, 2019


PRIMORDIAL YOUTH - The Early Poems: '96 - '99 PRIMORDIAL YOUTH - The Early Poems: '96 - '99 - OUT NOW!

Poems (and paintings) from the fragile mind of a messed-up young man battling with depression.

This book’s my equivalent of a scratchy-sounding bootleg early-recordings album. I don’t even feel as though I wrote the poems in this book, as they were penned at the height of my depression between the ages of twenty and twenty-three. (I’m now an old codger of forty-three.) The poems are presented in their original typewriter-written form on scraps of paper; spelling mistakes, warts and all.

Unlike my other books, Primordial Youth is only available as a paperback edition and only available from Amazon. However, if you would like a free pdf copy in exchange for an honest review, then just let me know.

Get a copy:
Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1093959002/...
Amazon.co.uk: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/109395900...

Thanks, as ever, to everyone’s continued support of my work. Peace and blessings to you all.
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May 14, 2019

A Review of Invasion Not Imminent


Coley Portions is a good mate of mine who I’ve known for many years. He’s the original “indie artist”. Musician. Writer. Poet. Comedy writer and performer. Children’s author. Visual Artist. Doodler. Circus skills performer. Costume-wearer. The list goes on. Anyone who’s ever known Coley will tell you he’s the most creative person they’ve ever met.

Although some of his work has been floating around on YouTube and other online platforms for a while, it is only recently that he’s started to add his immense back catalogue of albums, artworks, writings etc. to this ‘ere interweb thingy. Hopefully that means more and more people will start to find out about the genius of Coley Portions. Starting with this ‘ere book!

So… on to the book: “Invasion Not Imminent”; Coley Portions' first official book release. What is this book? Quite simply, it’s a book of doodles, drawings and poems from Coley’s many sketchbooks. All of which contain a good dose of Coley’s unmistakable humour. If I had to liken the works in this book to well-known names, I guess it would be a combination of Vic Reeves, Noel Fielding, Ted Chippington, Spike Milligan and Tim Vine (“Who?” ask the non-Brits reading this review), but above all, Coley Portions is doing his own thing. As he always has and always will.

In “Invasion Not Imminent” you will find a drawing of some grave stones, each one engraved with names and dates like: “Beryl Patel: 1905 – 2006” and “Beryl Chopra: 1900 – 2008”. You’ll then read the caption underneath that says: “Ancient Indian Beryl Site.”

In “Invasion Not Imminent” you will find a drawing captioned “Misheard L.P. Titles”. The drawing displays an Oat Cake Commuter.

In “Invasion Not Imminent” you will find poems about Coley’s favourite cup, “why did the dodo die dad?”, a “grotty, mottled bottle (that) was spotted bobbling by a yacht” and gardening with Socrates and The Fonz.

You’ll also find a retaliation against Comic Sans font snobbery, a badger on a ladder, Jesus walking on the warthog and Bellender Carlisle. I guarantee you this book will have you smiling from start to finish.

This book is only available as a handmade copy from Coley Portions himself. Get a copy here: https://coleyportions.wordpress.com/d...

Check out Coley Portions’ new album “All Those Ghastly Cavities” here: https://coleyportions1.bandcamp.com/a...

And if you’re in the UK and happen to be going to Blyth Power Festival this year (2019), then be sure to check out Coley’s gig.

Oh, and one more thing. Be sure to check out John Cooper Clarke reading Coley Portions' poem “Politicow” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK_il...

(Yes, when Coley met John Cooper Clarke last year, he had the audacity to ask Cooper Clarke to read his poem! Me? Jealous? Nah…)
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April 2, 2019


Underdogs Unite by Harry Whitewolf Check out these three new performances of poems from my book Underdogs Unite:

NOTFLIX AND CHILLS: https://soundcloud.com/harry-whitewol...

THE MODERN CAESARS: https://soundcloud.com/harry-whitewol...

SELFIE: https://soundcloud.com/harry-whitewol...

Hope you enjoy. :)
Many thanks!
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Published on April 02, 2019 09:34 Tags: harry-whitewolf, poems, poetry, soundcloud, underdogs-unite

April 1, 2019


OMG! Have you guys heard the news? Goodreads will soon be no more! Following in the footsteps of Google Plus, it has been announced today that Amazon is planning to shut down its Goodreads site; due to the fact that not enough people read books nowadays. So, what am I and all of the other thousands of authors (and readers) supposed to do now? Reviews of our books, our reviews of others’ books, blog posts, author profiles, groups, sarcastic comments, fake ratings, uploaded photos of members’ snazzy new bookcases for people to ooh and ahh over… all of it will be gone! Forever! I’m in such a state of disbelief, I’ve had to pinch and punch myself.

And what a date to choose to announce the news!
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Published on April 01, 2019 04:29 Tags: april-1, goodreads, shut-down

February 23, 2019


The latest unexciting news at camp Whitewolf is I have no new book coming out and it’s not coming out soon.

If you would not like a free copy of the new book I haven’t written, just let me know. All I ask in return is that you don’t write a review on Goodreads.

Read the book’s blurb to not find out more:

“This roller-coaster, laugh-a-minute, thrill-seeking and horrifying book has not been written and never will be. By not reading the book, you cannot know what reading the book is like and by reading the book that has not been written, you will still not know what reading the book is like. A must-not-read for one and all.”

So, please don’t read the book I haven’t written. You never know, it might not win a prestigious award one day.

Thank you,

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Published on February 23, 2019 09:55

December 10, 2018


Are you still wondering what to buy your sister’s mate’s cousin for Christmas? Maybe you’re trying to decide whether you should give money to charity instead of buying presents this year. Well, by buying The Anti-Austerity Anthology, you get a great present and a donation to food bank charities in one!

OK, sales pitch over. But as we proceed towards the end of the year, it feels like a good time to recap the success our anthology has had and to announce that we raised over £260 from sales in the first two months. This first payment was recently made to a very worthy UK food bank charity. Massive thanks to everyone who bought a copy.

The anthology was released in September – two years after Rupert Dreyfus conceived the idea, which should show how much hard work was put into it. Edited by Dreyfus, myself and Mike Robbins, the book contains short stories, poetry, essays (and even comedic advertisements) by some of the indie author scene’s most talented and radical writers. Not only does the anthology address the injustices of austerity, it also showcases a diverse range of writerly talent.

It’s hard to get any indie release noticed. It’s even harder to get it to sell. Especially when your budget is a crumpled tenner you found down the back of the sofa and a pack of Benson and Hedges. So, we, the editors and contributors, were overjoyed to see how well the book sold upon its release and how well received it was in reviews. We can’t thank the outspoken journalist Steve Topple enough for writing a fabulous foreword for the anthology and for helping us to gain some exposure for it. You can read his article about The Anti-Austerity Anthology in The Canary here

Also, I was chuffed to see Steve talk to none other than George Galloway about the anthology on their online Topple/Galloway show. You can watch the video (26 minutes in) here I don’t agree with all of Galloway’s points of view, but I do agree with most of them and he’s one of the few politicians, along with his old mate Jeremy Corbyn, who I’ve had a lot of respect for (no pun intended) over the years.

The anthology also had a little Twitter storm around it upon its release. News of the anthology was retweeted by the writer and political commentator Harry Leslie Smith Penguin-published author Kit de Waal bought a copy. And the book reached number 3 in Amazon UK’s anthologies and was consistently in the top five for a good couple of weeks.

Reviewers have said:

“It is thoughtful. It is frustrated. It is funny. It is angry. It is intelligent. It is inspirational. It is heartbreaking. It is real.”

“It's no easy feat to pull together an assortment of genres and writing styles with a political message and not have the activism trump the art. Kudos to all involved.”

“I strongly recommend the book.”

“This book is the unmissable book of 2018. Never mind all those books on Trump or whatever else you've been reading! This book is iconic in it's mix of authors and styles, in their determination to slay the monster that is austerity, leaving no shadowy excuses behind which it can hide. It is a potent example of how the arts can agitate for change. It also works towards improving the lot of people struggling under such a cruel regime, by donating the proceeds to food bank charities.”

And here’s what I say: Buy this book. By doing so, you will be helping to raise awareness of the injustices of austerity, you will be helping to raise awareness of fantastic indie authors and most importantly, you will be helping to raise money for food bank charities.

Amazon.com: http://a.co/d/cNgbRq0

Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.eu/d/8mkwSAm

If you don’t want to buy on Amazon, you can buy the book from any good bookshop by giving the ISBN number: 1724577964

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with this project, everyone who has bought a copy of the book and everyone who has supported us.

Wishing you all a wonderful festive time.

Spread the love.

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September 1, 2018

The Canary's Article About Our Book For Charity.

The Anti-Austerity Anthology, our newly-released book for food bank charities, which I co-edited and contributed to, has been featured in The Canary!

Check out the article by Steve Topple, who wrote the foreword to the anthology here

For those of you who don't know, The Canary is a well-known news media outlet in the UK, which has the purpose "to disrupt the status quo of the UK and international journalism, by creating content that compels audiences to view the world differently".

And a big thank you to everyone who has been supporting and promoting the book. At the time of writing, the anthology is number 4 in Anthologies on Amazon, UK. So it looks like we're going to be making a big wad of cash for charity.

If you want to retweet The Canary article, you can do so here


Amazon.com: http://a.co/d/19D9ymP

Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.eu/d/fw8tPF9


Amazon.com: http://a.co/d/3YQJ6zb

Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.eu/d/9gt11YR

Keep on loving one another,

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August 27, 2018

The Anti-Austerity Anthology - a book for charity - OUT NOW!

I’ve been busy editing this book with authors Rupert Dreyfus and Mike Robbins for some time, and we are very pleased to announce that The Anti-Austerity Anthology is now available!

All proceeds from this book will go to food bank charities, so you will not just be getting to read a cracking collection of short stories, poems and essays by purchasing a copy, you will also be giving to a very worthwhile cause.

We’re chuffed that we have a blinding foreword by journalist and activist Steve Topple, who has regularly written for The Canary, The Independent, Morning Star and other publications. You’ll also find powerful poems by the likes of Bradford Middleton, M. J. Black and Andy Carrington, a hilarious and hard-hitting story by Rupert Dreyfus, an emotional and thought-provoking story by Riya Anne Polcastro, a humorous horror tale by Rebecca Gransden, a poignant essay by Mike Robbins and many, many more fantastic and passionate works by some of the indie author scene’s most talented and radical writers. As for my own contributions, the anthology includes some pieces I’ve published elsewhere as well as four spanking brand-new poems! Woohoo!

And let’s not forget the main point of doing this book, other than giving all proceeds to charity: austerity is still a cancer on society that’s continuing to spread. The divide between the rich and the poor is widening all the time. The contributors of this book are standing up and making a noise about the draconian nature of modern austerity, so by buying a copy, telling your friends and spreading the word, you’ll be a part of The Anti-Austerity Collective yourselves. Never give up hope, y’all!

Thank you to every one of the mightily talented contributors of this book. And thank you to all who are taking a stand against austerity.

You can find the Kindle and paperback editions of The Anti-Austerity Anthology here:


Amazon.com: http://a.co/d/19D9ymP

Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.eu/d/fw8tPF9


Amazon.com: http://a.co/d/3YQJ6zb

Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.eu/d/9gt11YR


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June 17, 2018

New Kids' Book, New Covers and Other Updates

It's been nearly half a year since my last blog post, which shows how busy I've been in the offline world in 2018. First off: my alter-ego Mr. Wolf is releasing a new kids' book in the next couple of months, and the old kids' books covers have now been replaced. So here are the new covers, including the forthcoming book Mr. Zumpo's Amazing Zoo of Unusual Animals...

If you're a Goodreads regular in my circle, you may have noticed I'm now on GR about a tenth of the time I have been over the last few years. I'm sure I'll be back at some point to badger you all and make crap jokes, but real life's been keeping me too busy to put too much mind to social media. Sorry to those friends I have neglected, and the indie authors whose books I've promised to read... I'll get there!

My time has been taken up with work of one kind or another. I am now a full-time content writer for a U.S. based company, so I've been having to focus and work hard - and learn all those wacky Americanisms I don't know! - in these early stages. On top of that, I seem to now have constant illustration jobs on the go, and am currently illustrating three books. Somehow or other, I've also become the lyricist for a rock band! But that story can wait for another time.

In between more-than-full-time work, there's trying to cram in the creative projects. I'm afraid that you're going to have a long wait for any new poetry, as I've hit a dry phase at present, but there are other projects on the go. Apart from the new Mr. Wolf children's book, I've been busy collaboratively editing an anthology for charity, which we'll have official news of soon, and I've been working on my first proper novel for the last year or so - and I fear it might take another year or so before it's ready.

Get ready for a Great Whitewolf Giveaway next week. If there are books of mine which you have not yet read, then this will be your chance!

Keep sticking it to The Man and keep loving each other,

Harry. x
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January 11, 2018

Illustration Services Now Available!

Forget the bull, it’s time for a plug…

Do you need affordable cartoon illustrations? If so, check out my portfolio and my rates here

Do you not need illustrations? Well, why not check out my portfolio anyway?

In this day and age of digital art, my endearing hand-drawn illustrations can really stand out, so if my style of drawing is for you, please get in touch!

I recently completed the illustrations for the children’s book: Heckrington Peck and Friends by Graham Knight, from which the above two illustrations are from. It was was great fun to do, and it made me realise that I enjoy illustrating books more than any other type of illustration work (particularly children’s books, as I feel my style of drawing suits that genre, and my own illustration-heroes are the likes of Quentin Blake, Albert Uderzo and Tony Ross).

Whilst I enjoy drawing for any project, I think I like illustrating kids’ books the most because:

a) I love bringing to life someone’s character. And when I write my own kids’ books, I always feel that they’re incomplete until I have brought the characters into the physical visual world.

b) I’m just a big kid myself.

I’ve worked as a part-time freelance illustrator, on and off, for over twenty years, and have provided drawings for catalogues, greeting cards, poetry books, company logos and more. For several years, I also ran cartoon workshops at various arts centres and libraries throughout the UK, including two popular events for The Big Draw Festival - the world’s biggest celebration of drawing.

I’m currently looking to secure more permanent work, so if you have a kids’ book that needs illustrating, or any other book or project, please consider hiring me!

If you were previously unaware that I also write children’s books under the name of Mr. Wolf, you won’t know that you can read my book The Top Secret Cheese for FREE on my website:


My kids’ books are very humorous, and plenty of adult readers enjoy them, so if you’re a big kid, maybe you’ll give them a go.

Oh, and one last thing: Mr. Wolf’s long-awaited new book Mr. Zumpo’s Amazing Zoo of Unusual Animals will be out later this year!

Thanks for your interest!


A.K.A. Mr. Wolf.
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