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Thomas Ligotti
“Within the strictures of commonsense reality and personal ability, we can choose to do anything we like in this world … with one exception: We cannot choose what any of our choices will be. To do that, we would have to be capable of making ourselves into self-made individuals who can choose what they choose as opposed to being individuals who simply make choices. For instance, we may want to become bodybuilders and choose to do so. But if we do not want to become bodybuilders we cannot make ourselves into someone who does want to be a bodybuilder. For that to happen, there would have to be another self inside us who made us choose to want to become bodybuilders. And inside that self, there would have to be still another self who made that self want to choose to choose to make us want to become bodybuilders.”
Thomas Ligotti, The Conspiracy Against the Human Race: A Contrivance of Horror

Ibrahim Nasrallah
“لم أكن أحب الذين يعودون إلى أوطانهم فقط، كي يموتوا فيه، وكأن أوطانهم لن تعيش إن لم تكن جثثهم تحت ترابها!”
إبراهيم نصر الله, تحت شمس الضحى

Thomas Ligotti
“Isolation, anchoring, distraction, and sublimation are among the wiles we use to keep ourselves from dispelling every illusion that keeps us up and running. Without this cognitive double-dealing, we would be exposed for what we are. It would be like looking into a mirror and for a moment seeing the skull inside our skin looking back at us with its sardonic smile. And beneath the skull—only blackness, nothing. Someone is there, so we feel, and yet no one is there—the uncanny paradox, all the horror in a glimpse. A little piece of our world has been peeled back, and underneath is creaking desolation—a carnival where all the rides are moving but no patrons occupy the seats. We are missing from the world we have made for ourselves. Maybe if we could resolutely gaze wide-eyed at our lives we would come to know what we really are. But that would stop the showy attraction we are inclined to think will run forever.8”
Thomas Ligotti, The Conspiracy Against the Human Race: A Contrivance of Horror

علي سلامة
“لما تقوم الصبح لوحدك
فايق أوى فرحان
والدنيا بتاخدك بالحضن من غير لف ودوران
وإنه كمان مسموح لك تحلم وبدون استئذان
لما تحس بروحك طايرة وبتقرب منك
وقلبك رغم الحزن يقولك مش زعلان منك
وإنك لسه بتقدر تعشق
وإن الكلمة بتطلع سهلة مش غصب عنك
وإن حياتك كلها تفرق عن كام ساعة فاتوا
وإن النقط السودة ف توبك اختفوا أو ماتوا
وإنك حد مصالح روحه وبيحب حياته
إياك تسأل ليه وإزاى وتدور على تفسير
وامسك فيها بعمرك كله وأوعى تسيبها تطير
أصلها حالة جميلة جميلة ومابتحصلش كتير”
علي سلامة

Thomas Ligotti
“We know we are alive and know we will die. We also know we will suffer during our lives before suffering—slowly or quickly—as we draw near to death. This is the knowledge we “enjoy” as the most intelligent organisms to gush from the womb of nature. And being so, we feel shortchanged if there is nothing else for us than to survive, reproduce, and die. We want there to be more to it than that, or to think there is. This is the tragedy: Consciousness has forced us into the paradoxical position of striving to be unself-conscious of what we are—hunks of spoiling flesh on disintegrating bones.”
Thomas Ligotti, The Conspiracy Against the Human Race: A Contrivance of Horror

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