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A Novel Role-Playing Game
Single Player

Choose your adventurer and dive into a quest of swords, magic, quests and personal advancement.

Your Hero
Novel Kingdom is a small kingdom on the edge of Lake Lexicon. It is ruled by the benevolent Queen Skye. Queen Skye is having some trouble enforcing laws in her kingdom after the death of her husband King Forest. You are a new recruit in the kingdom of Novel. Prove your worth to the kingdom and obtain glory for Her Majesty (with some of your own personal glory thrown in).

A newly minted hero starts nothing but 10 health, the Welcome Basket and a name prefix of Sir/ Lady.

You obtain levels when experience (XP) is achieved. You collect experience points by completing quests and killing monsters.
Levelling up heals your hero fully and increases the HP available by 2 per level.
Total experience needed - maximum health.
LVL 1 - 0 XP - max HP 10
LVL 2 - 5 XP - max HP 12
LVL 3 - 15 XP - max HP 14
LVL 4 - 30 XP - max HP 16
LVL 5 - 45 XP - max HP 18
LVL 6 - 90 XP - max HP 20
LVL 7 - 135 XP - max HP 22
LVL 8 - 225 XP - max HP 24
LVL 9 - 360 XP - max HP 26
LVL 10 - 585 XP - max HP 28
LVL 11 - 945 XP - max HP 30
LVL 12 - 1,530 XP - max HP 32
LVL 13 - 2,475 XP - max HP 34
LVL 14 - 4,005 XP - max HP 36
LVL 15 - 6,480 XP - max HP 38

Book Reserve
The best part about Novel Kingdom is their fabulous research department. They've constructed a Tote of Infinite Books and handed them out to all the new recruits. This allows you to store up any books you've read until you're ready to use them. Just keep them listed at the bottom of your adventure log until they're applied to a task.

Common Abbreviations
AP = Attack points
HP = health points
LVL = Level
NRPG = Novel Role Playing Game
XP = experience

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You have two weapons to battle with. A sword and a magic staff.

These weapons may be levelled up to increase their damage. This process mimics pyramid reading challenges.

Choose which of these weapons - either Magic Staff or Sword - is going to be your weapon of choice and focus on upgrading it consistently throughout the game. Don't stress about neglecting your other weapon. There is only a very limited number of monsters (and all of them are rare) you'll need to attack with your weaker weapon.

Magic Staff
Gain levels for your magic staff by creating taller pyramids of series reads (books don't have to be from the same series, even within a level)
LVL 1: Read 1 book that's #1 in the series.
LVL 2: Add a #1 and #2 in a series.
LVL 3: Add a #1, #2 and #3 in a series.

Gain levels by reading taller pyramids of page numbers. A book that's 350 pages may count for a 300+ book, a 200+ book or a 100+ book.
LVL 1: Read 1 book that's 100+ pages.
LVL 2: Read an additional 1 book that's 100+ pages and 1 book that's 200+ pages.
LVL 3: Read 1 book that's 100+ pages , 1 book that's 200+ pages and 1 book that's 300+ pages.

Attack Power of Magic Staff / Sword = Level of the Weapon + 2 (a universal bonus)
You start your adventure with LVL 0 Weapons -> their Attack Power is 0 + 2 = 2 AP
After you upgrade the weapon to LVL 1 -> Attack power = 1 + 2 = 3 AP

Note: For purposes of advanced monsters the + 2 bonus to the level of your weapon should be considered a modifier and not part of the base attack. However, if something states that it is based off the attack as a whole then the level and all modifiers are considered.

To further upgrade your main weapons you can obtain the Growth Weapon Enhancement Bauble by completing Practice Makes Perfect Quest. The Bauble increases damage each turn in battle by 1 for a single weapon. (First Turn +1, Second Turn +2, Third Turn +3). When calculating values based on attack power of weapon, each round must be re-evaluated.

There are also potions available to increase the power of your weapon for either 1 battle, or for an entire week.

Additional weapons
There are additional weapons you can obtain by completing certain quests. They are used alongside your main weapon:
Spock's lost Plasma weapon (one time use)
Magical Arrow (one time use)
Slingshot (requires a stock of nuts to work) - re-usable

Alternative to attacking with your weapons is casting spells. Currently only used by advanced players.

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                Logo Design by

For players starting January 1st, 2016 and later, the citizens of Novel Kingdom would like to welcome you with your very own handy dandy welcome basket!

• 5 Potion Tokens
• 10 Gold
• 3 Minor Heal Potions
• 1 Time Walking Potion
• 1 Shield Potion
• 1 Mercenary Coupon - Hire one mercenary free for a week
• Up to 15 books read in the 12 months prior to starting

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An example of the start of Mod Hero's adventure.

Level 1 Mod Hero - Level 0 Sword, Level 0 Magic, 10 HP, 0 XP

Level Up Sword
100+ page book - Proper Gauge Hugh Howey 106 Pages
Obtained Level 1 Sword

100+ page book - Casting Off Hugh Howey 122 Pages
200+ page book - One for the Money Janet Evanovich 320 Pages
Obtained Level 2 Sword

Level Up Magic Staff
#1 Series book - Storm Front Jim Butcher
Obtained Level 1 Magic

#1 Series book - The Cove Catherine Coulter
#2 Series book - The Maze Catherine Coulter
Obtained Level 2 Magic

Attack Sewer Rat
Level 1 Mod Hero - Level 2 Sword (4 Attack), Level 2 Magic (4 Attack), 10 HP, 0 XP
Sewer Rat - 3 Attack 5 Health - Reward: 1 Experience

•Hero Attack Sewer Rat with Magic Staff (4 Attack) => Sewer Rat: -4 Health, 1 Health Remaining
•Sewer Rat attacks Hero (3 Attack) => Hero: -3 Health, 7 Health Remaining
•Hero Attack Sewer Rat with Magic Staff (4 Attack) => Sewer Rat: -4 Health, Dead
•Hero: 1 Experience

Sewer Rat: Last Killed: 01/01/2015, Available Next: 01/08/2015
Level 1 Mod Hero - Level 2 Sword, Level 2 Magic, 7 HP, 1 XP

Complete Gather Berries Quest
B Thrown by a Curve Jaci Burton
L The Lies of Locke Lamora Scott Lynch
U Unbreakable Elizabeth Norris
E Eden Sinclair in When Day Breaks Maya Banks

4 XP Letters + 2 XP Complete word = 6 XP
Mod Hero Level Up!

Level 1 Mod Hero - Level 2 Sword, Level 2 Magic, 12 HP, 7 XP

Reserves - Read but not used
Two for the Dough Janet Evanovich
The Darkest Hour Maya Banks

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Questions and Answers will be updated here.

Q: How do I track my progress?
- Create a new topic so you can spread out.
- Keep a summary of your character in your top post so fellow adventurers can come visit you.
- Edit a log post (or add a new one) and add any quests, levels, fights, etc. in a list. (Remember, you can only turn in active quests, turning in the quest gives you the reward. You can recover books from quests that expire before you turn them in and use them on different quests.)
- If you run out of characters in your post, create a new post and link back to the previous one.

Q: What books can I count?
You may count any books read after you start over 100 pages. You may work on any unexpired quests. Expired quests may be worked on using a timewalking potion or a NBRC Gift Card.

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Advice from the Heroes
Here's some advice from our current heroes.


Welcome & Rules - START HERE
Explains what this game is about and its basic rules. You can find some good beginner tips here.

Quests sorted by reward you obtain for their completion or by specific aspects of the game they explore. Categories: Story quests, Simple Quests, Potion Quests, Healing Quests, Midas Quests (gold), Horse Quests, Bunny Quests, Puppy Quests, Pet Rock quests, Pet Quests, House Quests, Cooking Quests, Shield Quests, Spell Quests & Zombie Quests

Monsters sorted by type: Common, Timed, Uncommon and Rare. Another source of rare monsters is Halloween 2017 - "And so it begins...". Halloween monsters have been roaming the realm since 2017 and waiting for you to kill them.

Potions and Healing
Lists effects of different types of Potions & very briefly explains how healing works

Spells *for advanced players*
Explains different sorts of spells & how to learn them and list their casting costs.

Places of interest:
Notice Board
Place where new quests, monsters and events are announced. Subscibe to the thread so you don't miss any update.

The Local Tavern
Place where you can ask Mods whatever is not clear about the game, share cool game tricks with your Fellow Players, brag about your recent conquests or just chill out and have a beer.

The Theatre
Place where you can enjoy some role playing with other heroes of the realm. Place where you report parts of Academy & Acaemy II quests.

Apprenticeship Scheme
Place where newbies can learn from experienced players one on one how to play the game & ask for help if they need it.

Melting Pot - new ideas for quests
Place where players post ideas for new quests, monsters and events. Mods then decide which ones they will use.

Ye Olde FAQ
Place to collect answers from Tavern.

Recommendations for RPG Tasks
A community run place for recommendations on books to meet certain quest goals. Not very helpful. If you need suggestions for certain tasks ask in the tavern. That's a much safer bet.

Local Businesses:
Jack and Jill's Caravan Hill
Jack's Store offers Potions, Cooking ingredients, Garments and Pets. Every month Jack looks for certain types of books, if you meet his requirements that are advertised beforehand in Jack's Classifieds he'll buy those books from you for the fixed price of 3 gold.
Jill works as a dog trainer. Her Training School is the only place where you can train your Puppy.

Jack and Jill's Open Market
Place where players can trade books and magical items among themselves. The description in the first post is no longer up to date. Open Market runs all the time and is a tax-free zone. The restrictions were lifted several years ago, but mods forgot to update the description.

Merek's Mercenaries
Place to hire a mercenary to help you with your questing. Mercenaries stay with you for one week only, then they return to Merek's where you can re-hire them if needed.

Event: The Great White Dragon was an awesome community event. It's been finished in 2016 and is now closed.
Hall of Fame Unused and frankly useless. Mods totally forgot about it and after first use never updated it again.

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Zuzana's guide for beginners

1/ Read Welcome & Rules to get the idea what the NRPG Game is about.

2/ Create your own thread to log your progress.
Create a new topic in the NRPG folder. Set up your thread. Look around and check out other personal threads and choose which set up makes the most sense to you. Be creative.
I'd recommend to reserve several top posts of your thread to track your stats, items in your inventory (potions, drop items, etc.), weapons and their upgrades, pets, buildings, monsters killed and quests you're working on. The second part of your thread will serve as your adventure/ activity log to keep track of your actions (turning in completed quests, killing monsters, leveling up, ...). But do what feels right to you.
Your starting stats are:
Sir/lady [insert name]
Hero: LVL 1| HP: 10/10|| Sword: LVL 0 (AP:2) | Magic Staff: LVL 0 (AP: 2) | XP: 0
next level: LVL 2 - 15 XP - max HP: 12

3/ Sign up here to become an apprentice.
Brings you your own personal advisor and some easy experience points at the start of the game.

4/ Collect your Welcome basket here.
Commentary on the content of your Welcome basket under spoilers
(view spoiler)

5/ Pick out some quests to complete. Start with something easier to get your feet wet.
You can try Academy II for easy XP and the Health Gem and later on The Easter Bilby quest to get a very useful pet to help you with your healing.
Tip: Turn in the quests once you've completed them (not before) & only then log them in your activity log. That way you can shuffle books among unfinished quests and it won't mess up your log entries.

6/ Upgrade your weapon.
To make hunting easier, level up your stronger weapon consistently throughout the game.
I'd recommend to upgrade it in stages: to LVL 3 (allows you to kill Sewer rat in one blow), to LVL 6 (allows you to kill Brown Bat and Drop Bear in two blows) and to LVL 8 (allows you to kill Goblin in one blow and Greater Sewer rat in two blows).

7/ Kill some monsters.
Beginner-friendly monsters you'll battle regularly: Sewer Rat, Goblin, Brown Bat & Drop Bear.
Once you get stronger, branch out to uncommon and rare monsters.

8/ Level up your hero.
Keep track of when you're going to reach the next level of experience. And don't waste the free healing you'll get from it. (view spoiler)

9/ Pick your goals. This game is massive with lots of quests, monsters and many other aspects. At the start it can get overwhelming. My advice is to pace yourself. Pick a long-term goal and figure out a way to obtain it. Once you reach it pick another. This way you'll have much easier time choosing which quests to work on.

Examples of long-term goals:
1st: Kill a Dragon (any dragon) - Pick out which one you'd like to tackle first (based on the reward or just on which one is easiest for you to kill). Figure out what stats your hero needs to successfully attack the dragon. What kind and how many potions would you need to do that? Would you need to hire a mercenary to help? If so which one? etc.
2nd: Kill the rest of the Dragons
3rd: Obtain a shield and all the gems
Or you can start smaller: e.g. Kill an uncommon monster, Obtain your first pet, etc.
The planning phase is fun. Believe me. Don't forget that this is a long game. You don't have to figure out everything in your first week. You have time. The only rule here is to have fun.

10/ Explore on your own.
The game has much more aspects than can be tackled in this guide. This will only get you started. Once you're comfortable with the basic rules, explore the game folder on your own. You'll come across stat enhancing objects, pets, magical items, potions with baffling effects and much more. If you have questions ask in The Local Tavern or bother your mentor - that's what (s)he is here for. ;-)

Note: There are many ways to play this game, this is just one of them. Do what makes sense to you and what brings you the most joy. Cheers!

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Advice from Reva

Have fun. Do the things that you enjoy the most. The nice thing about the quests is that there is something for everyone and that you can go at your own pace.

If you are an occasional reader, you may just enjoy completing the quests. If you are a moderate or heavy reader you may want to combine the quests with combat against the monsters. THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY TO PLAY THIS GAME. Do what floats your boat. ;-)

A wonderful side benefit to this game is the friendly camaraderie of the players. Visit The Tavern often to share brews and the occasional rat stew or drop bear steak with fellow knights and ladies. Ask questions or book recommendations, tell jokes, discuss books youve read, talk about what's happening in your life-- it's all ok. Even if a question has been asked before, don't feel shy about asking for further clarification.


I'm a fairly heavy reader so I decided early on in the game that I would do the quests and go after the monsters.

First: Complete a few of the easy quests to gain experience points and level up Each level increases your Hero's Heath points. The higher the health points, the longer it takes the monster to try and kill him/her.

The Gem of Power and the Green Gem (part of the Shield) each increase the Maximum Heath of your hero by +1 at any level.

Things such as Pet Rock 1 (-1) and The Shield (-1) reduce the strength of a monster's attack on your Hero. The use of The Shield Potion (cost 15 GOLD PER USE) halves the amount of the monster's attack. The Blue Gem (part of the Shield) once activated, reduces a monster's attack in half (1 stroke 1/wk).


Second: Increase your ability to attack monsters.

Start by increasing the attack level of either your sword or staff.

If you read books with lots of pages, then build your sword. If you like to read series, then build your staff. I personally found it faster to level up my staff first -- but you choose.

For example, at level 5 you would need to read at a minimum:

100 200
100 200 300
100 200 300 400
100 200 300 400 500 = 3500 + pages


15 books x 200 pages = 3,000 pages

(if you can find books with 100 - 200 pages it's even faster)

The idea is to raise your weapon so that attacking and killing the common monsters can be done in one stroke -- that way your hero doesn't lose any health points. It's an easy way to gain regular (weekly or more frequently) experience points and useful items such as goblin bones, bats wings and rat tails (used in many of the quests) at no cost.

Increase your combat strength by adding a horse (+1), cat (+2) , puppy (+1 or +2) , slingshot (-1) and baubles (+1, +2, +3...) for either sword or staff (or both). Baubles are most powerful the longer the battle takes (their attack increases +1 with each round.)

An activated Red Gem (part of the Shield) allows you to double your attack power (for either your staff, your sword or your sling) one turn once a calendar month.

Attacking the Dragons yields you ORBS. The Orb of Earth adds +3 to your sword. The Orb of Fire adds +3 to your staff.

Completing the Alchemy Quest allows you to use the Pet Plus Potion which DOUBLES the attack strength of your pets' attack.


Some potions are good for only ONE battle. SOME POTIONS ARE GOOD FOR A WHOLE WEEK.

It's a good strategy to save up your potions -- enough to conduct two or more battles in a row. When you piggy back battles, you benefit from the effects of the longer lasting potions (thus saving potions and/or gold).

The same holds true for the mercenaries which are available for hire. THEY ARE GOOD FOR A WHOLE WEEK.


Third: Recover your health.

The larger monsters can't be killed with just one stroke so you are going to lose Heath points in a battle. You will need MINOR HEAL POTIONS (+5 HP), HEAL POTIONS (+10 HP) and MAJOR HEAL POTIONS (+15 HP) which can be used DURING BATTLES.

You can also hire Mercenaries (with gold and other items) to either increase your attack or increase your health recovery. Lady Ismay is best hired for long Battles. She heals 5 HP after EACH ROUND.

Before or after a battle, you can use Health Points or consume Mouse Balls (requires Falcon + recipe) or Drop Bear Steaks (requires House, Kitchen and recipe).

The ORB OF WATER gives you 1 HP after every battle.
Rocky2 gives you 1 HP after every battle. A Merely Kat Blanket gives you 1 HP after every battle.

If you have a Rabbit you can collect eggs worth 3 HP every Sunday.
If you have a Bed (Requires House first) you can collect 1 HP every Sunday.
If you have Sheets (Requires House and Bed first) you can collect 1-3 HP every Sunday.

Fourth: Read for GOLD

Complete GOLD quests. There are Midas Quests, Quests that only reward you with GOLD and the Monthly Classifieds (found in Jack and Jill's Caravan). Some successful monster attacks also yield GOLD or POTION TOKENS (which can be exchanged for any token).

GOLD can be used in the market to purchase pets, clothing, potions, items and books. Attend the monthly caravan to buy or sell your surplus books and items you may collect. There are some items/potions in the market that can ONLY be purchased with GOLD.

Fifth: Don't forget the Scrounger Hunt

Read books to collect scrounger items. Each book is good for only 1 item so use the shortest books you can find. These items can be turned into Potions. One item buys a Minor Heal Potion which is good for 5 Heal Points It's an easy way to come up with potions you need when gold is scarce or you haven't had time to complete full quests.

Sixth: Keep track of the unassigned books that you are reading. Try not to use a 500 page book if a 250 page book is called for; don't use a Series book #7 when a non-series or series #1 or #2 will do.

Keeping track of characters, events in plots, what's on a cover will allow you to better assign books to quests months after you have read a book.

The more varied the information, the easier it is to shuffle books around. Remember, if you haven't claimed the reward, the books can be reassigned. While some may view this as "Over-the-top", this is the kind of info I keep track of:

Series #7 Cat's Lair (Leopard People, #6) by Christine Feehan Cat's Lair (Leopard People #6) by Christine Feehan Cat's Lair (Leopard People #7) by Christine Feehan Cat's Lair (Leopard People #7) by Christine Feehan Cat's Lair by Christine Feehan (23) 709 pages Read: 25/11/2015 (May 1st 2015) Characters: Eli Perez aka Ridley Cromer, Caterina 'Cat' Benoit, Rafe Cordero, Jake, Emma, Len Tuttle, Setting: Louisianna, Texas (United States), ROMANCE: HORSE6/KITCHEN 10, PARANORMAL, URBAN FANTASY, ATTACK, TRACK, FETCH, KITCHEN7, KITCHEN8, OBEDIENCE 4, OBEDIENCE 5, INT FETCH5, INT FETCH9, COMBAT3, Shifters, , On Cover: City outline, EYE,
(view spoiler)

This should be enough to get you going. ABOVE ALL, HAVE FUN!

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Zuzana's Guide to Healing

What rules have to say about healing: here

My commentary with some tips:

1/ Leveling up your hero
Everytime your hero levels up his health is automatically restored to the new maximum!!! Plan your killings and quests accordingly. Try to spend the most HP before (not after) leveling up, i.e. kill as many monsters as you can and then level up by completing a quest/quests. That way the health you lost in battle is restored and you're ready to fight again.

2/ Healing Potions
Minor Heal Potion - Allows healing up to 5 HP.
Heal Potion - Allows healing up to 10 HP.
Major Heal Potion - Allows healing up to 15 HP.

Used during battle. Obtained by completing regular quests (usually bring you potion(s) and XP) or Scrounger hunts (works like Scavenger hunts - exchange books with certain words in them directly for potions you want). If you have enough gold in your purse you can buy healing potions at Jack's Store.
*For advanced players: Upgraded Kitchen is equipped with a Magical sink unit that drips Healing Potions at a steady rate of 5 HP a week. You need to complete 3 quests to get it: Sticks and Stones may Build a House, Kitchen & The Kitchen That Cleans Itself. It's a huge investments (28 books) and I'd suggest it only to serious players.

3/ Healing by spelling out healing words
It's highly ineffective. One book equals only 1 HP. And it can't be used during battles.
Use a Healing Potion instead - brings you 5 to 15 HP at a much lower cost.

4/ Hire a mercenary who heals
At the moment there is one mercenary with healing abilities - Lady Ysmay. She heals the hero for 5 HP at the end of each round of battle. She's very helpful in longer battles with rare monsters.

5/ Some quests grant healing directly
Quests like A Nap is Always a Good Idea or LVL 3 of Everybody Lies,

6/ Special items & Pets - Bunny, Orb of Water, Rocky the Rock LVL 2, Bed, Sheets & Blanket
If you're new to the game then a bunny is a pet you want to obtain as fast as possible. (It brings you +3 HP every week). You get it by completing The Easter Bilby quest.
After you sufficiently build up your attack power kill the Blue Dragon to obtain the Orb of Water, it heals +1 HP at the end of every battle your hero wins. Killing all 10 Rocks (uncommon monsters) will bring you 10 pebbles you can exchange for Rocky the Pet, it has the same effect as the orb. By completing following quests: Clinomaniac, 1600 Count Rat-Tail Sheets & Merely The Softest you obtain a bed, a LVL 3 sheet and a blanket that will heal you up to 5 HP a week (Note: Building a house is a prerequisite for these quests.)

7/ Health Gems
They grant you + 1 HP maximum health. Very desirable items. You get them by completing Academy & Academy II quests.
*For advanced players: Activated Green Gem (see Shield quests) has the same effect (it's much harder to obtain than regular health gems)

8/ Meals
You need Kitchen & recipes & cooking ingredients to be able to cook your own meals. Meals can be eaten only at rest. If you decide to invest in the Kitchen my advice is to skip recipes and cooking and go directly for Kitchen LVL 2 with its magical dripping sink (see above).

9/ HP Bounce Potion *for advanced players*
Upon using this potion, the next time the HP of your hero (or Miffy) goes below 0, you won't be knocked out but the HP will bounce and go up to the number it would have been below 0. (Example: Hero has 20 HP, Hero uses HP Bounce Potion, Monster attacks for 50 damage, Hero takes 20 damage, bounces, gains 30 hp. Hero has 30 HP).It allows you to temporarily go above your maximum HP. It works for 1 round of the fight only. If you need to use it again in the same fight you need to use another HP Potion.
This potion is a mighty weapon but is relatively scarce. You can get it as a reward for killing following advanced Halloween monsters: Sorcerer, Ghost of Big Heart, Ghost of Woollymark & Ghost of a Baby Book. You can't buy it at the Jack's Store or get it by completing a quest. The only way to replenish it is Magical Pumpkin (you'll get one after defeating all of the Halloween monsters).

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