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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Name:



Elemental Power:


Basic Bio:

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Name: Sean Patrick

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Elemental Power: Lightning


Basic Bio:
Sean grew up with just his dad and brother. He joined the police force to crack down on rogue elementals even through he is an elemental himself. He doesn't believe that all elementals should be judged for the sins of the few bad apples.


Name: Juniper Lennox

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Elemental Power: Unknown


Basic Bio: She was originally left on the steps of a church with no note. She was known as a jane doe baby until the Priest that found her named her Juniper after the tree his wife adored. Juni was adopted when she was three. With her adopted parents encouragement she became one of the cities youngest detectives for elemental crimes.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments awww cute!

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments TBH forgot her name ...

Name: Cora Dragneel

Age: 19

Gender: female

Elemental Power: shadow



Name: Shayne Fernandez

Age: 25

Gender: male

Elemental Power: Fire


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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Glad you like it and no worries! I honestly couldn't remember my guy's name so I just made everything else the same and gave him a new name.)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments okay so where do we start off? I'm thinking my guy is a detective? Oh he could be Sean's partner but they both don't know the other's an elemental?? and then Juniper comes in and tags along?)

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Yeah that would work! Lol we could have it that the captain put her on their team because they feel she is a better detective and that kind of pisses off your dude since he is older and been a detective longer.)

(Also love your girl's last name!)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments lol it could be a three group detective group and of course i'll keep Cora being the captain's daughter idea as well. And hehe i was like meh new names why the hell not! May you start??

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Sounds good to me! Sure! Do want us to start off at the station or the trio going to work on a case???)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Going to work at a case! Yeah just dive in!

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Alrightly!)


"Patrick. Fernandez. You coming?? This case isn't going to solve itself." I call out in a sing song voice as I head to their police cruiser, coffee in hand. My bike parked next to it.

The captain had put them on a case for some rumors of an elemental drug ring going on. A body showed up in one of the rumored hot spots. A human but they had traces of a drug that seem to mix elemental powers with it.

The captain of course wanted me to tag along since I have solved several tough cases.


I roll my eyes hearing Lennox call out to us. I look over my partner shaking my head. "Remind me why the captain teams us up with this kid." I say as I walk with him to our police cruiser.

Don't get me wrong Lennox is a good detective. But she was still young and we all give her shit for it since she had schooled several of the older detectives on several cases.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Shayne

I looked over at Dick and just shrugged my shoulders a bit, smoking one more cigarette just to help calm myself down. I mean that girl is really going to give me a heart attack one of these days, She just goes on off without any back up and it just pisses me off sometimes.

Sure she's the first of her kind and she was in a program to help eliminate rogue elemental... in their own fucking words... What i didn't like was that my instincts of using my powers want to come out but she...

"It's slightly annoying." I tell him and just got in the passengers seat.


I was walking along the sidewalk, wanting to just be around the scenery of the downtown crime. My father liked using me as a third party information sometimes. But of course he has me as a secret and i do things on my own. I'm more or less like a free lancer. I am wearing tight easy to move pants, and a black lace crop top for the night scene.

I look at the sky and the sun was almost completely setting as my red hair flowed against the breeze. I weave my hair into a fish braid that almost reached one hand above my butt. Before i slipped inside one of the clubs i heard was moving around Icyn.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Sean

He shrugs his shoulder and blows out a puff of smoke before telling me it is slightly annoying. He hops in the passenger's seat and I get in the driver's side, turning on the car. We belt up and Lennox taps on the window, which I roll down for her.

"I'll meet you guys there. Try not to get lost." She say before she takes of on her bike, zipping out into the street. I shake my head, pulling out of the parking lot.

"I swear she is going to get herself killed one of these days with that damn bike." I say as I follow the gsp to the downtown crime scene.

Our job was to check out the crime scene and the surrounding area to see if we can pick up on any of the rumors about the elemental drug Icyn.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Shayne

"Woman! We have to be together in the car!" I called out to her when she all of a sudden took off and went in her bike. I pinched the bridge of my nose and just tried to not bust a vein in my temple right now.

"I swear, I just don't know what the hell to do with her anymore." I said just giving up when Dick took off to the street by the time, we got to the crime scene it was already dark. We get out of the car and i use my hands as a heat seeker just to see if there was any traces of that drug.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Juni

I take off my helmet as I arrive at the scene and the guys show up a few minutes later. I climb off my bike and tuck away my helmet before I join them. Patrick locks up the squad car and Fernandez is off searching for clues.

"See anything, hot shot." I say as I start to look around myself, taking note of the area and surrounding builds. A few run down apartment buildings. One of which where the victim was found in the alley and across the street is a shady looking club.

"My vote is to look there for clues. I mean if I was going to get illegal drugs that looks like the spot to do so." I say nodding to the club.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Shayne:

I looked over at her and rolled my eyes a little bit when i felt just the lack of essence from the Icyn, someone tried cleaning up pretty well to cover up any other evidence that might have been elemental.

"No, whoever did this incident did a good job to counterattack anything that was left as evidence of an elemental. Which means that it must be rogue elementals that are involved." I said sighing and looking at the club in front of us.

My eyes redden a little and i notice some flux of temperature in the building, very minimal.

"Probably, Dick you in the mood to dance?" I asked him

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Sean

I chuckle as Shayne asks me if I'm in the mood to dance. "Sure, not with you of course. Don't swing that way." I say and Lennox snickers before I strolls over to us.

"First we need to make you guys look a little less like cops." She says and untuck our shirts. She fixes a few other things so we look more like guys that would be in a club rather then cops.

"Park the cruiser around the corner so it is out of sight and meet us in there." She tells me. She pulls her hair out of a hair clip and shakes it out before unbuttoning her top a little more.

"Come on, Fernandez. We'll meet him in there." She say linking arms with him.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Shayne

I really didn't care if she went ahead and tried to un-cop me. To be honest when i go to the cop bars, the girls that try to hook up with me always think i'm this bad guy that wants to just taunt at the cops. I already don't look like a cop but i digress

I let her just link her arm to mine when he tells Dick to pull the car over. I was kind of glad that i could have a heads up to make a scan of the bar. We walk down the street, I slipped a hundred to the bouncer and he let us cut in the line. Right away you could tell this was an underground club.

The lights were dimmed but the flashing of white and red really just gave this ominous aura.


I was at the bar drinking a whiskey flat with my shadows just tapping into every single shadow that was in the club. I just needed someone that had in hand that Icyn drug and i can have my own little mule.

I tap into a specific shadow and right away i could sense it was a detective, or cop. I get away from the bar and slipped on a lacy black mask. Don't want anyone to recognize me. I slipped towards the middle of the dance floor, and i just started dancing with the music. Blending into the crowd as my shadows continue their search.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Juni

He goes along wit my plan and slips the bouncer a hundred to get us in. Soon we are in the club and it screams shady like I thought. If anyone we going to deal drugs it would be here. I scan the crowd and pull him out onto the dance floor with me.

"Place seems like a pretty good spot to deal Icyn. Low light, hard to see and the place is packed. Not one would be the wiser." I say into his ear as I try to move to the beat with him.


I park the cruiser around the corner and walk back to the club, slipping my way in. I look around the sea of people for my partner and Lennox but come up short. I make my way through the dance floor trying to spot them while keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Shayne

I looked around the crowd and i felt something just tap into me somehow. Almost like if someone poked me but... like inside. I looked around but i couldn't sense no elemental. Well it's not like they're going to willingly show themselves. If we spot them we have to take them in for questioning and if everything goes well to a camp...

i am back into reality when i feel Juni just dance with me. I rolled my eyes and just grabbed her hand and spun her around before i danced with her... pretty graphically but it was club dancing.

"Someone is here... did you feel someone like... tap in you?" I asked against her hear.


I danced in the middle of the dance floor, only humans roaming around in here. And i do count just five rogue elemental. Two fire and the other one was rock , the other seemed to be lightning and water. Well better not push any other buttons or else it could be nasty with all these elementals.

I bumped into a guy and right away i felt like a spark run through my spine when my silver eyes looked up and i see a pair of gold like eyes.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Juni

He spins me around and practically starts dirty dancing with me. Not excatly what I expect but hey we blend in. He leans down to asks me of I felt something tap me. I shrug a little as I dance with him. My arm reahing up to to wrap around the back of his neck.

"Depands on what you mean by tap. To me if felt more like someone proding for info. The elemental kind." I tell him. Someone here just figured out who is who here.


"Sorry." I say as a girl bumps into me. I get this strange vibe as my eyes lock with her silver ones. "Ah... wanna dance?" I offer awkwardly. She was pretty in the blow you away kind of pretty. Rich red hair, tan skin and those eyes like mercury. I couldn't help but get side tracked for a minute.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments (She ain’t tan lol shed light. Shayne is tan)


I momentarily got distracted with how good she was dancing. I almost forgot that we were on mission and not just clubbing. I place my hand on her waist and just spun her around once when I danced to the bear with her.

“Yeah I don’t like not knowing what we’re facing. Usually I have a sense of the elemental we’re dealing with.” I tell her looking up and feeling a fire elemental.

“Split up? Read the club to see who we’re dealing with?”


I looked back at the guy when I realized that he asked me to dance. I didn’t know what to say I mean I had to be focused considering there’s rogues in here but... I mean I do have to blend in some more. Because if I can sense the rogues than maybe I can take a read on the Icyn. But also the guy was kind of cute, even if he was a detective. One wrong move and he’ll know what I am.

“Okay.” I said to him taking a hold of his hand and pulled him towards me. I gently placed my hands on his chest and just dirty danced with him in the club.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Lol my bad half asleep and couldn't remember)


His hand rests on my waist and he spins me around as he dances with me. He wasn't too shabby at it at all. He tells me he doesn't like not knowing what we are facing and he has a sense of the elemental we are dealing with.

He suggest splitting up to read the club and see who we are dealing with. "Sounds good to me." I tell him eying a few suspicious creatures I had a strong feeling were rogue elementals.


She looks back at me and seems to pause for a moment before she says okay. She takes my hand in hers and pulls me towards her. I wrap a hand of her waist as she puts hers on my chest, starting to dance with me to the club music.

Out of the corner of my eyes I sense a lightning elemental. No doubt one of the rogues in question of our case. I keep an eye on him well still dancing with the girl. Got to blend in after all.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Lol it’s okay. It’s a sad day for Mexico :( we lost the cup!!)


I held her hand in a firm grip before she took off like a shooting star. “Remember, minimal elemental exposure please. The last thing we need is for rogues to know about you okay?” I tell her. I mean the public was still really scared of elemental sand having a special one in the department was high risk but high reward as well.

I Just don’t want for this girl to get hurt. I know the pressure is on for her but still safety first. I let go of her hand and disappear into the crowd.


I dance with the guy a little while longer. Just his presence was over whelming and the fact that his hand was touching on my bare waist. I don’t know, there’s this warm light spark that gives me the good goosebumps. And I doubt it’s because of his element. I try my best to not use mine at the moment. Even with the mask I’m wearing I don’t want to be the target of the police.

I am almost forgetting about my job when I sense a light hint of power in the second floor. I force myself to pull away from the guy and give him a mile. “Thanks for the dance.” I say trying to move away.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Aww sorry to hear that :(


He holds my hand in his tightly and tells me to remember to have minimal elemental exposure because we don't want to rogues to know about me. I roll my eyes a little as I look at him with a little look like I'm not stupid.

"Yes, I know." I tell him. He lets go of my hand and disappears into the crowd. I scan around and find a target and stroll over to this shady looking elemental.

"Hey there cutie. Wanna dance?" I say in a flirty, slurry tone. I bat my eyelashes a little with a smile and he looks at me surprised before he nods. I drag him out on the dance warm. I'll try and get him to warm up to me before I start asking about the drugs.


We dance together for a few minutes and I make note of potential elementals. The song ends and she pulls away, giving me a smile. She thanks me for the dance and starts to move away.

"Oh, sure. It was a pleasure." I say with a boyish grin. I spot Lennox not to far way dancing with the rogue lightning elemental. Fernandez is weaving in and out of the crowd looking around.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Cora

I glanced at him and smiled before I disappeared in the crowd. Using my shadow powers to cloak me and my existence right now. The last thing I need was for someone to distract and especially someone with a smile like that.

I take a breath and just fell down into a shadow and just traveled around until I made it to the second floor. I slipped out of a shadow from a big door and just look at the corridor of the hallway. My senses were telling me about a mediocre sense of ice like elemental. I get in front of a door and just opened it slightly when I see a bed post with a girl just laying there out cold with a half used syringe with this light bright blue substance that’s in liquid form.

I go to her side and feel her low heart beat. “Shit.” I hissed thinking I need to take her away

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Juni

I dance with the guy lulling him into a sense of trust that I am just a flirty girl looking for a hit of Icyn. I look up at him with a smile and doe eyes. "So could you hook a girl up. My friends say that you know people who could get me some." I purr stroking my finger along his chest.

He looks at me for a moment and nod a little. He guides me with him down a hallway to a room in the back. The guy freezes as he sees another girl in a room with this girl who looks like she is passed out on a bed.

"What the hell?" He says going for a gun. I roll my eyes and grip his hand turning it hard, turning his body until I wrap my legs around his neck and slam him into the ground. I press down until I am sure he is knocked out.

"I take it you aren't suppose to be here." I say to the girl as I get up.

Black Widow Move

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Cora

"Lennox." I said pin pointing her from the station, she looks pretty up close. I was ready to defend myself if needed to but it looks like she can hold herself pretty well. I looked back at the human girl and just nodded my head.

"Doing some work, she's not doing okay." I tell her taking the human's vitals again when all of a sudden i hear the rumbling of the ground. I waved my hand and let my shadow cover the girl and transport her to the hospital when three guys come in the room.

Guns pointing at us. I wave my hand a shadow wave knocking the guns from their hands before i beamed towards the middle guy wrapping him around as i took out the second guy.


I feel some disturbance in the upper level and i don't like it, I go towards the staircase but i see a giant there just looking at me.

"This section is not for the public." He growled and you could see static just sparking up around him. I gulped and just tried to give him a charismatic smile.

"Really? I just saw my girl go up there and she needs me, she said she hurled." I tell him but immediately he tries to shove an electirc ball at me and i dodge. Great! We can't have a full on elelmental fight here.

My eyes turn red when i heat up one of the sprinkler sets until they go off and the people start swarming outside.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Juni

"Oh that makes sense." I say recognizing her as the captain's daughter. He didn't have her do stuff like this often but I had seen her around one or twice.

She gets the human girl out of here as some goons with guns come in. She takes out two and I take out the other one, sliding under and flipping up to kick him off balance before high kicking him across the jaw. He hits the ground with a thump.

The sprinklers set to go off and I can hear people leaving the club. "And that is our cue to go." I say and get the half used syringe of Icyn for the lab to go over.


I shake my head is chaos kind of breaks out in the club as the sprinkles go off and everyone heads out. I see Fernandez with an elemental and I slip over before I knock the guy out from behind.

"Well so much for trying to get in and out unnoticed." I say with a little chuckle. "Where's Lennox?" I ask him.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Cora

I see her recognize me even with the mask that i had on but at the same time. I'm sure that she wasn't going to say anything. I feel the sprinklers start wetting us all and i honestly didn't care. It looks like we take care of the goons. I started handcuffing them and slipped in a shadow pearl in their wrists.

What i like to keep in tact of moles.

"They'll be outside sitting on the curve. With the girl in the hospital you should have a case against them." I tell her.


I am kind of grateful that my partner came out of nowhere and helped me out. The last thing i want was for my cover to be blown. I didn't want my best friend to be in a difficult place to out me or not.

"She went up there, mouth of the monster." I tell him when i go upstairs and i see an open door. At the door frame I see this stunning red hair girl and her hands are swirling some shadow... A SHADOW ELEMENTAL

"Freeze!" I call out pointing my gun at her when she turns to look at me and she waves her hand to disarm me.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Juni

She uses shadows to do something and tells me they will be outside on the curve. That with the girl in the hospital we should have a case against them. I nod a little.

"Definitely. Thanks for your help. You should get out of here though before-"

Fernandez busts in and sees her, pulling at gun out that she easily swipes away. "It's fine. She's not one of them and just helped us with out case." I tell him and nod my head for her to get out of here.

Patrick comes up behind Fernandez and looks at the girl curiously before he looks at me. "Everything all right here?"

"Everything is fine. We've got three goons to take in and a girl in the hospital with Icyn in her system. We need to get a move on and get a report going." I tell them. "Plus I snagged some evidence." I say with a grin holding up the syringe I wrapped up in a pillowcase for safety.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Cora

I looked back at the girl and didn't attack her partner. I knew who he was, I see him all the time in the station. So i was careful in not hurting him at all. The last thing i need is for my dad's department to be on my ass.

Lennox vouches for me not being a danger to them when she shows them the pillow case and i smiled at her a little bit.

"There's some raw portion of Icy on the drawer, you might need that too." I tell her and just walked by the detective that was already making a deal about them taking in elementals especially ones that aren't labeled. I looked at the guy next to them and in the light i recognize him. He's with them! Patricks! I look away still with my mask on so that the two don't recognize me at least.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Juni

She tells us that there is some raw Icyn in the draw. "Yeah, that would be good to take too." I say with a nod and go to get it carefully. She starts to head out and seems to freeze up a little as she looks in Patricks direction.

"Alright let's get out of here before anyone else shows up." I say pushing the guys out of the room back into the club. Patricks glancing back at the captain's daughter on more time with a confused look. No clue what was going on there but I was staying out of it.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Cora

I smiled and just waved good bye at them before I stepped into a shadow and disappeared from the building. When I re appear in a bathroom stall from the cafe at the other side of the bar. I took off my mask and let my hair fall free when I stepped out and just stood outside he window.

Police cars were showing up along with an ambulance and a fire truck. Standard procedure for when the fire alarm goes off. I go to order a coffee just so I could just blend in the cafe shop. Just wanted to make sure everything else was okay.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Juni

She smiles and disappears before the fire trucks and police show up. "Alright, guys let's do this thing." I say heading outside and flash my badge as I explain what was going on. The other officers on the screen cuff the elementals with the special cuffs and haul them back to the station.

"One of you should go to the hospital to check on the girls and the other can head back with me to give this sample over to the lab." I tell them.

"I can go to the hospital." Patricks says and I nod.

"Alright Fernandez you are with me them." I say and toss him a helmet after I pull my own on.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments I’m at work :( will be spotty)

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (No worries!)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Shayne

“Are you sure it’s the right thing to split?” I asked but it looks like Dick and Lennox were already set to go on ahead and do their own thing. I wasn’t going to fight against it but it’s not like I was just going to just go with everyone’s swing moods.

I just go with her to the bike and catch the helmet in my hands. Oh great I’m going to be in the back. I was putting on the helmet when this scarlet red hair chick catches my eye on the cafe next to us. She looked really familiar even if she was looking at us like all the curious pass bus. I looked at Dick and just gave him a look nod to see the chick. Maybe... I don’t know even with the mask that hair looks too familiar. I let it go and just wrapped my arms around Lennox.

“Let’s go please.” I groaned.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Juni

He catches the helmet and gets on my bike as I fire it up. He wraps his arms around me and groans let's go. "Don't worry, just lean with me and you'll be fine." I tell him before I zip out into the street and head back to the station with him.


He nods over at a café and I see a flash of red hair, like the girl from before. I head that way as they take of in the hopes to maybe talk to the girl. She seemed kind of familiar but I just couldn't figure out why.

I slip into the café and order a cup of coffee, glancing over at the girl when I could without having her notice me looking at her.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Shayne

“I know how to deal with a bike ride Lennox.” I explained to her and just held her by her waist carefully. She wasn’t a fast and a furious kind of girl so it wasn’t like I was being zip lined or anything like that. We rode until we made it back to the station. At this time no one was really around except for the guard downstairs and well the janitors.


I was just making sure that there was no sneaky bastard that was going to sneak in and hurt the girl. I drank my coffee as my shadows just swarmed the area a bit. I didn’t have the tank anymore. I had a light T-shirt on just so that I could pass as normal.

It was working until my shadows notify me of a presence. I looked at the reflection of the window and sure enough. Gold eyes and almost white blonde hair. What is he doing here?! I didn’t phase at all. He doesn’t know who I am. I had a mask on and it was dark.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Juni

He tells me he knows how to deal with a bike and holds onto my waist as we ride. I make it back to the station in no time and I park my bike. The station was pretty abandoned at this point.

"Well shoot. I didn't think it was getting this late that no one would be here." I say taking my helmet off and grab the evidence to go log and turn in.


I can feel her eyes on me for a second and see that they are the seem silver as the girl who danced with me, same one who was wearing a mask. I grab my coffee and sit down across from her.

"So you stuck around, huh." I say sipping my coffee as I look at her.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Cora

He’s a good detective I have to give him that. I didn’t want my cover blown but the more he comes next to me. The more I feel this good spark running down my back. And when he was siting right next to me me there was just something there between us.

“That’s the lamest attempt to pick up a stranger in a cafe.” I tell him just trying to be smooth. If I’m defensive he’ll start digging again.


“Well it was pretty late. We were at the club for probably two hours. Everyone doesn’t work over time like we do.” I tell her when I place the helmet on the hook and walk with her to the elevator. I saw the evidence in the bag and just offered my hand to her.

“You sure you don’t want me to take those to the lab and you get a head start on the report?” I asked hom

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Sean

She looks at me and I get this tingling feeling, kind of like when you zap yourself with static. She tells me this is the lamest attempt to pick up a stranger in a café.

"Well we aren't really strangers, are we? I mean you had some pretty impressive moves back there in the club." I say with a little grin.


He tells me that it is pretty late and not everyone works overtime like we do. He walks with me to the elevator. He sticks out a hand offering to take the evidence to the lab so I can get a head start on the report.

"Nope." I say popping on the p. "Don't think you are getting out of writing up a report too." I tell him. I punch the button for the lab and look at him like are you coming or not.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Cora

I bit my lip a little fighting a ghost of a smirk when he tells me I had good moves back at the club. I took a sip of my coffee before I glanced over to his direction and our eyes meet again. My breath is almost taken away but I keep my composure.

“Hypothetically Speaking Let’s say I am the girl you think you danced with. Why are you stalking me?” I asked him just trying so hard not to be pulled into those eyes.


“I don’t get out of it, I do my work sometimes.” I tell her and just rolled my eyes when she motioned me of what my next move would be. I give her a tiny glare before I go in the elevator and just wait it out until the elevators doors close and it’s just me and her.

“So do you think it’s an elemental that’s doing this illegal drug?” I asked her curiously.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Sean

"Well for starters I'm not staking you per say. More just a general curiosity about why a shadow elemental was at the same place there has been rumors of a drug selling hot spot." I tell her as I sip my coffee looking at her.

"Besides you seem familiar." I add.


He gives me a look and gets in the elevator. He asks me if I think it is an elemental that is doing this illegal drug.

"Oh yeah. This shit is made up of elemental blood and a few other human drugs. Really nasty stuff. Humans get some kind of high off it but for elementals it is The high. Problem is it is really addictive to the point that people OD on the stuff after one or two uses." I tell him and smirk.

"Two months of undercover to find out that little tid bit right there."

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Shayne

“Yeah I went to that seminar that they created for the icyn distribution. It has the same effects as a crack drug but well with a bit of an umph.” I tell her and just smiled a little when she got all bravado with the fact that her case was a pretty solid one.

“Now we’re just focusing on finding out how and who is doing this.” I tell her. If we can just track down who the elemental is maybe we can track it down via lineage or something. My mind still wanders to the shadow girl. It’s been more than one hundred years since the last recording of a shadow elemental.


I looked away from him and just smiled a little bit. “Here I thought you were a good detective, but if your instinct is telling you that I’m somehow a piece to this icyn trouble then I have to take back my opinion of you.” I teased him a little and just took another gulp of my coffee when my shadows notify me of something.

I get up on my feet when I see one of the guys that we handcuffed. A fire elemental start burning up... that raw icyn. My shadow pearl feels slightly cold.

“Go to the red head. Now:” I tell him when I see the cops having a hard time him cooperating. And his temperature is rising! I walk towards the bathroom and shift into my mask and black outfit when I shadowed in. I was on time to block the cops from a fire typhoon the fire guy is creating

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Juni

"Yeah that is the pain in the butt part. I'm hoping that the lab can figure out what kind of blood is being used. I mean it can't just be any elemental blood or else anyone could make it. Well minus the mixing of other human drugs." I say thinking about it.

"What the..." The elevator shakes and screeches to a stop as the lights cut out. "That... is not a good sign." I say squinting to see in the darkness.


I chuckle a little at her teasing. "I don't think you have anything to do with it but at the moment you seem to be pretty in the know about it which is interesting." I tell her. She gets to her feet suddenly and tells me to go to the red head right now.

I turn and see on of the elemental guys we got from the club burning up. I hurry out of the café and tell everyone to get back. The girl appears in her mask again and block the officers from the fire that the guy creates.

"Stand down." I call out to him. My arms glowing as lightning literally runs through my veins.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Cora

I looked at Patrick’s and see him almost losing control of his powers and the last thing I want is for his cover to be blown. I waved my hands and black boxes both me and Patricks when the fire guy literally threw a ball at both of us.

“You’re all traitors to our kind! You work under their rule and hide like the moles you are.” He growls and I throw a shadow blade at rue typhoon he was creating again and he was getting pissed.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Sean

A black box forms around me and I see the girl waving her hand. A ball of fire literally hits it as the guy growls we are traitors to our kind and that we work under their rule and hide like the moles we.

I glare at him pissed and a shadow blade is thrown at him. It just pisses him off more. I shake my head and pull my gun aiming for him. I was filled with elemental neutralizing bullets.

"I will tell you one more time. Stand down or I will shoot." I tell him aiming my gun at him.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Cora

I looked back at Sean and see him so freaking pissed. He is trying his best to just think like a cop but this guy is high already.

“It’s no use Sean he is high.” I tell him realizing that I was using his first name when the guy literally starts hot boxing mt shadow. To the point that we could be sunburn. I puffed out air and tried to absorb the over heat into my shadow.

“Flame on bitches.” He laughs like a freaking joker before he makes a fire dragon and has it attack Sean

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