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message 1: by Fran, Moderator (last edited Nov 23, 2013 05:28PM) (new)

Fran | 11193 comments What is the Pick-It-For-Me Challenge?

The Pick-It-For-Me Challenge (PIFM) is a reading challenge where each participant gives and receives book recommendations based on a given a set of rules. The assignment method and book selection rules change each month so it’s always new and always different.

After signups are closed, I'll put your names and any extra info I’ve required into the super secret PIFM randomizer and select someone for you to choose for. This will get posted along with the rules for the month.

While you're doing your picks, someone else is doing picks for you. Once you receive them, you pick a book off the list and get reading. To complete the challenge, you only have to read 1 (one) book but many of us end up reading more because we just can't resist a list of books to read.

In order to participate you need to either HAVE YOUR PROFILE SET TO PUBLIC (preferable), or make the person who will be giving you recommendations your friend. On top of that, I strongly recommend keeping your bookshelves updated; otherwise you might end up with a recommendation that you have already read.

Everything gets done in this thread so be sure to come back often!!!


1. Check the publishing date of the book before recommending it. To check the publishing date, from your pickee's to-read or similar shelf choose shelf settings, select "date pub" from the drop down selections and save/close the menu.

2. Check pickee's personalized shelves, especially their exclusive shelves - it could be very helpful in recommending something they want to read. A personalized shelf is one that a member has labeled themselves, for example, 'to read next', 'can't wait to read', 'favorites'.

3. Look at your pickee's 'read' shelf and see what genres they have recently read the most. That might help in choosing something they are interested in reading right now.

4. Please make sure the books you choose for your pickee are not on their 'read' shelf. Just because it isn't rated doesn't mean it wasn't read. Sometimes the reader may choose not to rate a book.

5. Although Buddy Reads are no longer going to be offered as a category, if there is a recommendation that you give your pickee that you would like to read with them, please feel free to suggest a Buddy Read with them. You can PM each other and discuss it.

6. If your pickee reads lots of books in a genre you are not familiar with (erotic romance, GLBT, YA, etc.), feel free to contact either Fran, Dee, Jane or the month's organizer and they can try to point you in the right direction for recommendations.

7. If possible, try to include a shorter book, a longer book, a new addition to their 'to-read' shelf, and and older book from their 'to-read' shelf. This gives them a variety of options to choose from. You can sort the shelves by many features - ratings, date read, date added, date published, #of pages and many other items from the shelf settings as described in tip #1. And they can be sorted by ascending or descending order as well.

8. Please choose at least 4 new titles for your pickee. These should be brand new to them and not found on any of their shelves. Part of the fun of this challenge is discovering new books to read, adding new titles to the ever-expanding tbr shelf. The remaining 4 titles should come from your pickee's tbr or preferred shelves.

Sign ups will remain open until November 23rd (6 pm EST).

You’ll have until November 26th (9 pm EST) to make your recommendations.
The re-picks will be assigned afterwards.

Please do not start reading your book(s) until the first of the month. You then have the entire month to read your pick(s) and give some feedback.

If you’re new please read the PIFM Guidelines and FAQ. If you have any questions that are not addressed there, please feel free to ask!

***Please add a new comment rather than updating a previous post or your progress will likely be missed. It is also very helpful if you add more information like "I finished another pick" or "I finished my third book for this challenge" and mention if your pick was a buddy read. Thanks!***

message 2: by Fran, Moderator (last edited Nov 20, 2013 05:06AM) (new)


Please sign up in this thread with the answer to the following question:

What are your plans for December?

A. Staying home with my family/friends

B. Going on a short getaway, a long weekend

C. Planning a longer trip

***If you have a preferred shelf, please list it along with your pick!***

message 3: by Fran, Moderator (last edited Nov 23, 2013 06:02PM) (new)

Fran | 11193 comments *


A. Home
Nancy H
Mary Ann
miss butterfly

B. Short trip
Diane ~Firefly~

c. Long Trip
Amy J


message 4: by Fran, Moderator (last edited Nov 23, 2013 02:43PM) (new)

Fran | 11193 comments December is a time when many of us get a few days off. Maybe longer for some of us. School is out, holidays are celebrated, families gather, or head for a destination spot. Just getting to sleep late for a few days can feel like a vacation! What are your plans?

Picking Rules

1. Amusement Park/Disneyworld- Choose a fairy tale retelling or a book with humor in it.

2. Safari - Choose a book with an animal on the cover or in the story. Maybe a shifter romance?

3. Gambling/Vegas - Choose a book where an MC takes a chance on love and/or tries to win the girl's/guy's heart.

4. Staycation - Choose a shorter book and/or a story centered around a family or group of friends hanging out together.

5. Beach/Tropical Island - Choose a book with a HOT cover and/or a steamy story.

6. Dude Ranch - Choose a Western/Cowboy romance or a book with several 'dudes'.

7. NYC for the ball drop - Choose a Holiday romance or a new to them author for your pickee.

8. Honeymoon - Choose a romance book with a sweet, innocent, virginal character. Or the first book in a series you think your pickee would love.

message 5: by Fran, Moderator (last edited Nov 25, 2013 07:47AM) (new)

Fran | 11193 comments December Matches

*Please remember to recommend at least 4 books from your pickees tbr/preferred shelves and at least 4 new to them books*

Please pick for the person below you. The last person in a group picks for the first person on that group. For example, in the "A" group, Angela will pick for Katie and in the 'B/C" group, Fran picks for Ashley.

A Group

Dee to read 2013 arcs to review
Brandilyn rrrc mng choices
MountainKat to read asap
Crystal December
Zara rrrc-pifm-challenge
Elke on deck shelf
beppy to-read-soon
Nancy H
Victoria pick-it-for-me
Mary Ann tbr-owned-kindle-books
Yz the Whyz
miss butterfly (private profile)
Lauren 2013-pifm
Arena on deck
Logan on deck
Carrie soonish or up next

B and C groups

KarenH can't wait to read
Amy J
Diane Firefly
Sallie(shuga) Rrr -meet&greet shelf
Fran PIFM shelf

Their own group


Another awesome group

Nadine books-on-deck-to-read
Gigi rrr-pickforme

message 6: by Fran, Moderator (new)

Fran | 11193 comments *

message 7: by Ty (new)

Ty  | 1943 comments in! long trip!

message 8: by ❆ Crystal ❆ (last edited Nov 20, 2013 06:31AM) (new)

❆ Crystal ❆ (crystal_wright) In in - Staying Home. Please choose from my December shelf.... December

message 9: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 7316 comments A ;)

message 10: by ~Leslie~ (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1934 comments I'm a C - planning a longer trip home to New Orleans to be with my kids and other family!

message 11: by Skandia (new)

Skandia (sfgirl) | 962 comments I'm staying home this year.

message 12: by Gea (new)

Gea (gea89) | 545 comments A. Staying home with my family/friends

message 13: by ZaraS (last edited Nov 22, 2013 06:32PM) (new)

ZaraS  *book reviewer | 932 comments I'm an A. Staying at home with family and friends.

Please use my: RRRC PIFM Challenge list. Thanks

message 14: by Fran, Moderator (last edited Nov 21, 2013 04:51AM) (new)

Fran | 11193 comments I'm an C...going to take the kids to visit their
Great-Grandma in Florida :) She's 94!

Please us my PIFM shelf

message 15: by Elke (last edited Nov 20, 2013 08:10AM) (new)

Elke (ejurca) | 1810 comments I am in!! Please also pick from my "on deck" shelf!

A: staying home with family and friends!

message 16: by Katie (new)

Katie | 2083 comments A for me. :)

message 17: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (elizabeth_greece) | 1916 comments A for me, as well!

message 18: by SandyC (new)

SandyC (sandyc88) | 1281 comments I'm in! Staying home. :-)

message 19: by Sallie(GeorgiaGirl) (last edited Nov 20, 2013 09:57AM) (new)

Sallie(GeorgiaGirl) (shuga) | 1091 comments Long trip....going home to Atlanta, Georgia
Please use my Rrr -meet&greet shelf

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1089 comments I'm in. Definitely staying home with family.
Please use my my link text

message 21: by Daffodil (new)

Daffodil (daffodil--ripcranberry) | 1058 comments Staying Home.

message 22: by Nancy H (new)

Nancy H | 963 comments Staying home and hosting lots of family coming for all the holidays!

message 23: by Larissa (new)

Larissa | 138 comments A (:

message 24: by ~KarenH~, Moderator (new)

~KarenH~ | 7538 comments I'm a B - spending Christmas with family, but doing it at my sister's house about 50 miles away and staying there for a couple of days.

Please pick from my cant-wait-to-read shelf. Thanks!

message 25: by Lacy (new)

Lacy (lacy_stewart) | 1873 comments Staying home!!

message 26: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne (esmerelda1) | 2071 comments I'm in and I'm an A!

message 27: by Alicia (new)

Alicia (aliciaelizabeth) | 7 comments Staying home!

message 28: by Isa (new)

Isa Jones (Jo&Isalovebooks Blog) | 106 comments Can I still get in this one?? I'm staying home :(((

message 29: by Ty (new)

Ty  | 1943 comments Isa wrote: "Can I still get in this one?? I'm staying home :((("

yep. Sign ups will remain open until November 23rd (9 pm EST).

message 30: by Nichole (new)

Nichole | 1010 comments I'm in! I'm staying home for Christmas since it's in the middle of the week. But I'm going to the in-laws for the weekend after. So you can put me in either A or B. Whatever you need!

message 31: by Christina (new)

Christina  | 273 comments Ok, I'm in. We will be staying home. Would love to go for a long weekend, but with my husband working in retail, it's impossible.

message 32: by Erin (new)

Erin (erin-b) I'm in. A for me, staying at home.

message 33: by Breann (new)

Breann | 0 comments Home for me :)

message 34: by Fran, Moderator (new)

Fran | 11193 comments Nichole wrote: "I'm in! I'm staying home for Christmas since it's in the middle of the week. But I'm going to the in-laws for the weekend after. So you can put me in either A or B. Whatever you need!"

It doesn't have to be for the holidays, any time in December....I am going to put you in B- thanks!

message 35: by Fran, Moderator (new)

Fran | 11193 comments If the A group gets too large I will split them up and add them to B and C when I randomize :)

message 36: by ⚜️Trea (new)

⚜️Trea (duskrider3740) I'm in, and I am planning on staying at home with family, so I think that puts me in Group A. Please use my Pick It For Me shelf!

message 37: by Fran, Moderator (new)

Fran | 11193 comments Maybe I will shake things up and have one group pick for the never know ;)

message 38: by Penney (new)

Penney (pschoener) | 3553 comments I'm in! Home

message 39: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 449 comments Im in C.

message 40: by April (new)

April  | 4 comments This sounds so much fun. I will be staying with my family would love to have a reading challenge over the holidays.

message 41: by Carla (new)

Carla (carlacollette) | 347 comments I'm in and I guess "A" applies, although there will be many hours of driving around Michigan for visits to relatives.

Kitten ~♥️ MM series ~ (wineandbookme) | 164 comments I'm in! Home chilling.

message 43: by Jaime (new)

Jaime Mccurley (jaimemccrl4) | 76 comments Staying home this year! My baby's first Christmas :) So excited..

message 44: by Isha (new)

Isha | 500 comments I'm in! I'll be staying home with family this year

message 45: by Yz the Whyz, Moderator (new)

Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 9327 comments Staying home - A

message 46: by Fran, Moderator (new)

Fran | 11193 comments Shane wrote: "This sounds so much fun. I will be staying with my family would love to have a reading challenge over the holidays."

It is a lot of fun - welcome Shane!

message 47: by Grace (new)

Grace | 1352 comments A. Staying home with my family/friends

message 48: by Mary Ann (new)

Mary Ann (mgilbert1112) | 167 comments I'm in and I'm A-staying home with the family!
Please use my TBR-Owned Kindle Books shelf. Thanks!

message 49: by Joyce (new)

Joyce (eternity21) | 724 comments I am in I'm an A

message 50: by Brandilyn (last edited Nov 21, 2013 05:06AM) (new)

Brandilyn (brandilynrc) | 869 comments In.

I am an A...

Please use my 2103-read-by-31-dec shelf

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