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Mae West
“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.”
Mae West, Wit & Wisdom of Mae West

Ernest Hemingway
“All things truly wicked start from innocence.”
Ernest Hemingway

Terry Pratchett
“People couldn't become truly holy, he said, unless they also had the opportunity to be definitively wicked.”
Terry Pratchett, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

G.K. Chesterton
“For children are innocent and love justice, while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer mercy.”
G.K. Chesterton

Oscar Wilde
“Wickedness is a myth invented by good people to account for the curious attractiveness of others.”
Oscar Wilde

Kurt Vonnegut
“My own feeling is that if adultery is wickedness then so is food. Both make me feel so much better afterward.”
Kurt Vonnegut, Hocus Pocus

Jane Austen
“When I look out on such a night as this, I feel as if there could be neither wickedness nor sorrow in the world; and there certainly would be less of both if the sublimity of Nature were more attended to, and people were carried more out of themselves by contemplating such a scene.”
Jane Austen

Lemony Snicket
“It is very difficult to make one's way in this world without being wicked at one time or another, when the world's way is so wicked to being with.”
Lemony Snicket, The Penultimate Peril

Shannon Celebi
“She also understood there was a hole in her heart where her son should be, that she was a wicked, selfish woman for wishing him back.”
Shannon Celebi, Driving Off Bridges

Alasdair Gray
“She also said the wicked people needed love as much as good people and were much better at it.”
Alasdair Gray, Poor Things

Günter Grass
“You are vain and wicked- as a genius should be.”
Günter Grass, The Tin Drum

Jane Austen
“Wickedness is always wickedness, but folly is not always folly.”
Jane Austen, Emma

Thomas Paine
“Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon, than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness, that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind; and, for my part, I sincerely detest it, as I detest everything that is cruel.”
Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason

Thomas Paine
“The most detestable wickedness, the most horrid cruelties, and the greatest miseries, that have afflicted the human race have had their origin in this thing called revelation, or revealed religion. It has been the most dishonourable belief against the character of the divinity, the most destructive to morality, and the peace and happiness of man, that ever was propagated since man began to exist. It is better, far better, that we admitted, if it were possible, a thousand devils to roam at large, and to preach publicly the doctrine of devils, if there were any such, than that we permitted one such impostor and monster as Moses, Joshua, Samuel, and the Bible prophets, to come with the pretended word of God in his mouth, and have credit among us.

Whence arose all the horrid assassinations of whole nations of men, women, and infants, with which the Bible is filled; and the bloody persecutions, and tortures unto death and religious wars, that since that time have laid Europe in blood and ashes; whence arose they, but from this impious thing called revealed religion, and this monstrous belief that God has spoken to man? The lies of the Bible have been the cause of the one, and the lies of the Testament of the other.”
Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason

John Updike
“Wickedness was like food: once you got started it was hard to stop; the gut expanded to take in more and more.”
John Updike, The Witches of Eastwick

Nwaocha Ogechukwu
“No matter how an individual views Satan, whether they believe that he is a real character or that he is just the product of literary scholars and imaginations, no one can deny that each one of us has an aspect of the devil within us. By studying the character and nature of Satan, we learn about ourselves; and the more we know about ourselves, the better we can fight our own personal demons—metaphorical or otherwise—in order to create a better tomorrow”
Nwaocha Ogechukwu

J.E.B. Spredemann
“Isn’t that the way God works? She’d thought. He takes the things in our lives that are ugly, disgusting, and downright wicked, and transforms them into something magnificent.”
J.E.B. Spredemann, An Unforgivable Secret

Toba Beta
“If you think that you're so smart and holy, that means you haven't yet realized that a part of what we experience today...is a result of our stupidity and wickedness in the past.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Oscar Wilde
“In fact, now you mention the subject, I have been very bad in my own small way.
I don't think you should be so proud of that, though I am sure it must have been very pleasant.”
Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

Augustine of Hippo
“I inquired what wickedness is, and I didn't find a substance, but a perversity of will twisted away from the highest substance – You oh God – towards inferior things, rejecting its own inner life and swelling with external matter.”
Augustine of Hippo, Confessions

Dean Koontz
“They said there was no rest for the wicked. In fact, there was rest neither for the virtuous nor the wicked, nor for guys like Billy, who were uncommitted regarding the whole idea of virtue versus wickedness and who were just trying to do their jobs.”
Dean Koontz, Dark Rivers of the Heart

Franny Billingsley
“Are those paper clips?' I'd seen them in catalogs, but the pictures don't do them justice. They're beautiful, in an industrial sort of way.
Eldric poured a clinking waterfall into my palm. 'Aren't they lovely! I can't keep my hands off them. But I give you fair warning: It was a box of paper clips that got me expelled.'
'A box of thousand paper clips,' he said, his long fingers curling, coiling, twisting. 'And a sack of colored glass.'
'Expelled!' I might be a wicked girl who'd think nothing of eating a baby for breakfast, but I'd never allow myself to get expelled. It's far too public.”
Franny Billingsley, Chime

John Stuart Mill
“I have a hundred times heard him say, that all ages and nations have represented their gods as wicked, in a constantly increasing progression; that mankind have gone on adding trait after trait till they reached the most perfect conception of wickedness which the human mind could devise, and have called this God, and prostrated themselves before it.”
John Stuart Mill, Autobiography

Elizabeth Goudge
“I loathe, detest, hate and abominate the block, the gibbet, the rack, the pillory and the faggots with equal passion," said the old man vehemently. "Not only are they devilishly cruel but they are not even common sense. They do not lesson the evil in the world, they increase it, by making those who handle these cruelties as wicked as those who suffer them. No, I'm wrong, more wicked, for there is always some expiation made in the endurance of suffering and none at all in the infliction of it.”
Elizabeth Goudge, The White Witch

D.S. Wrights
“You have not realized yet that both of you are mine, have you?”
D.S. Wrights, The Beast and Me

Judith Ivory
“Yey more and more there seemed a bevy of things she was not supposed to think about and by virtue of trying not to, she hardly thought of anything else.”
Judith Ivory, The Proposition

Neena H. Brar
“When she met Rudra, it was as if she had just awakened to the world and discovered its wonder. She knew a lot about dreams and a little about wickedness.”
Neena H. Brar, Tied to Deceit

Hannah Arendt
“For goodness that is beyond virtue, and
hence beyond temptation, ignorant of the argumentative reasoning by which man fends off temptations and, by this very process, comes to know the ways, of wickedness, is also incapable of
learning the arts of persuading and arguing.”
Hannah Arendt, On Revolution

Trisha North
“Quinn knows what I am talking about… Don’t you Quinn?” His blue eyes looked glazed over like he was possessed by a dark entity as he lunged toward the window and growled, “And it looks like you brought some friends!” He turned his head creepily toward me while his eyes continued to glimmer underneath the iridescent lighting.”
Trisha North, FLAME: Chronicles of a Teenage Caster

“Don’t ruin your own happiness by letting someone’s wickedness hurt you.”
Gift Gugu Mona

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